Saturday, August 30, 2014

They Said What Again?

Sometimes there are comments that make you wonder what people were they thinking or even if they were thinking at all.  This week we had several good ones, but below are the best:

Minimum Wage - Chris Gluck of Wine Vault & Bistro should stick to his business and stay out politics, because I don’t know if he actual has a successful business, but his comment this week about the minimum wage was a good one.  Chris was asked questions about the ordinance and he said, “We have a tip pool system here that encourages wait staff to pitch in and help other wait staff,” thus meaning he knows he pays low wages to some of his staff, but he should not increase it, because he has his other staff do it for him. Though, the gem was when Chris said, “Maybe Todd [Gloria] needs to open up a restaurant,” which only could mean he would like Todd to see what it is like to pay these higher wages and run a business.  Um, maybe Chris should live on his low wage salary he offers his own employees and see what it is like for them?

Minimum Wage – I understand this was from a week ago, but these comments were to good not to add to this post.  During the debate amongst the city council members the sage of the city council shared his words of wisdom.  Scott Sherman told us he has to work two jobs now as a councilmember that is paid $75,386 a year to survive.  I guess he thinks those making minimum wage working 40-hours a week that work all 52-weeks make $18,720 don't need to survive.  Scott commented at 1:25 on the city broadcast of his speech saying, "1.50 an hour more will not raise people out of poverty” admitting minimum wage is poverty and the increase is not even enough to live on.  Though, he then capped off his glorious speech saying something along the lines that if the minimum wage is increased, then businesses will let people go and those released will have to go on public assistance.  Does Scott not know that people earning minimum wage are on public assistance now and the government is subsidizing these low wage businesses?  As a person that does not like when government taxes anything, then he should want businesses not to shift their cost onto us, the taxpayers.

Paid Sick Days - This weekend did not come soon enough for this next double take victim.  Eric Lund is the general manager of the East County Chamber of Commerce.  It seems he didn’t want to take a back seat to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce over the state soon passage of paid sick day legislation.  Eric stepped up and provided us with a classic to end the week.  Eric said to the UT San Diego, “It’s just bad for business. It’s bad for employees,” because Eric thinks being paid to stay home sick is not a good for an employee, but coming in sick or staying home unpaid is so much better.  Does Eric have paid sick time?

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