Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saldaña is in!

According to the San Diego News Network, Lori Saldaña is in the race for the seat currently held by Ron Roberts (#4) on the County Board of Supervisors.

So how does this change things? A lot.

Has good name recognition and already represents most of the 4th District through her current position in the state assembly. She hasn’t had a real race since her first but she’s proven that she can do what needs to be done to win. If she hires Remer, who almost tanked her first run, this race goes from a slam dunk to competitive. His record last time out wasn’t encouraging, but hopefully Saldaña can overcome his shortcoming and pull this one out.

Unlike Donna who I think is done. Frye can’t raise money, can‘t assemble a real campaign team, and can’t help out her CoS Steve Hadley in his run for her seat if she is distracted by her own race. Sure there are die-hard Donna supporters who would believe her if she said the moon was made of cheese, but they are too few and unorganized in general to pull off a race against someone like Lori.

And the same goes for Sheila. She has an even smaller base to work from and, without a solid from Labor, will have an even harder time of it. IMHO, she should stay at the Board of Education because the 3-2 voting block that passed the PLAs is too fragile to allow freelancing.

Will go to a runoff after June with Saldaña and the Republican who challenges Roberts. This guy has made many enemies over the years and isn’t loved by his side.