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DA Dumanis posts signs on State property (illegally we're sure)

These were taken near City College:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Scott Peters Will Fight to Protect Social Security and Medicare, Strengthen Them for Future Generations

Scott Peters Will Fight to Protect Social Security and Medicare, Strengthen Them for Future Generations

San Diego, CA – Today the Scott Peters for Congress campaign set the record straight about his plans to strengthen Social Security and Medicare after his Democratic opponent grossly misrepresented his position.   

“We’ve got to balance the budget, but we’ve got to do it the right way.  Simply put – we can’t let Washington try to balance the budget on the backs of seniors and the middle-class.  We must protect Social Security and Medicare.  Period.  It’s a right seniors have earned after a lifetime of hard work and paying into the system.”  

“We’ve got to get back on the road towards a balanced budget, but it’s going to require a new approach -- like eliminating corporate loopholes that defy common sense.  It’s time to end taxpayer subsidies to the oil companies – at a time when they’ve never been more profitable.”  Peters said. “Protecting critical priorities while finding new and innovative ways to balance the budget -- that was my record on the city council, it’s my record with the Port Commission, and that’s the type of approach I’ll bring to Congress.” 

While with the City Council, Peters set in motion a plan that reduced the overall cost of the pension program while preserving the benefits already paid for by city employees.  Protecting and strengthening programs like Social Security and Medicare will require a similar approach. “I’m the only candidate in this race that has actually fought to save pensions for employees and partnered with workers to strengthen benefits, while reducing their overall cost.” 

Peters added, “I’ve taken this same approach on the Port Commission. When we were faced with a budget deficit, we cut our workforce by 15%, without layoffs or litigation, mostly through eliminating unnecessary management and executive positions and by combining departments.  We’re actually saving and creating more jobs and it’s costing less money. I’m really proud of this accomplishment, and it’s exactly the approach that would bring results in Washington.”

“When you compare Scott’s record of accomplishment to the Saldaña campaign’s trail of lies and misinformation, the choice is clear,” said Peters Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar. “Lori Saldaña’s false accusation regarding Scott’s position on Social Security and Medicare is just plain wrong; and frankly, her decision to misrepresent the truth on this both pathetic and sad. We're taking our message directly to the voters, and we’re confident they’ll know which candidate will fight for them, and more significantly, which candidate actually gets results. Scott is the candidate who not only gets it, but gets it done,” she said.


Lori Saldaña calls on Scott Peters to explain why he is hiding intent to slash Social Security, Medicare.

Lori Saldaña calls on Scott Peters to explain why he is hiding intent to slash Social Security, Medicare.

Peters' mailer misleads voters into believing he can be trusted to protect Social Security and Medicare, but he's busted by earlier interview on KUSI.

SAN DIEGO - Corporate Democrat Scott Peters has revealed that he's not much different than Republican Brian Bilbray when it comes to radical cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare - or his willingness to conceal that fact from voters.

Scott Peters' first political mailer hit mailboxes this week vaguely asserting "We need results that responsibly reduce the deficit and protect Social Security and Medicare."

But in a televised KUSI interview, Peters revealed his belief that seniors who rely on  Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are appropriate sacrifices on the altar of 'deficit reduction'.

Peters: "Everyone has to give up something."

Anchor: "So are you in favor of cuts to entitlement programs- Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare?"

Peters: "Yeah, I favor a balanced approach."

Democratic frontrunner Lori Saldaña says Peters needs to come clean about his attempts to mislead the voters about his stance on these programs.

"Scott Peters made a public statement that contradicts what he's now delivering to voters' mailboxes," Saldaña said. "He needs to explain to voters why he is hiding his intent to slash Medicare and Social Security, rather than protect them."

"How is cutting programs that keep seniors alive and out of poverty 'balanced'?" Saldaña asked.

Republican Brian Bilbray tried employing a similar political slight-of-hand in his own mailers featuring clip art photos of smiling seniors with headlines declaring "Congressman Brian Bilbray is Protecting the Promise of Medicare" and ''Congressman Brian Bilbray is working to "Protect Medicare for All Taxpayers".

But the mailers conceal the fact that he voted twice to dismantle Medicare and turn it into a voucher system, a scheme that would effectively gut the program and leave seniors without enough money to cover their healthcare costs.

"Voters are seeing very little difference between Peters and Bilbray these days," Saldaña said.

Lori Saldaña is running against Bilbray and Peters to represent the 52nd Congressional District.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Poll Shows Saldaña Swamping Peters

New Poll Shows Saldaña Swamping Peters

Saldaña leads Peters nearly 3 to 1 among Democrats, garnering 38% of their support while Peters get just 14%. She also beats Peters among independent voters by 6 points, 16% to 10%

A recent survey conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) shows that Democrat Lori Saldaña is leading the field among Democratic contenders, including Scott Peters, and moves to within a statistical dead heat of Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray when voters learn more about her.

In the new open primary system (where the top two candidates regardless of political party qualify into the General Election), these results show that Saldaña not only has a strong opportunity to move onto the General Election as one of the top-two vote-getters, but that Bilbray is vulnerable to Saldaña in the General Election if she succeeds in getting out her messages and putting forth a strong and sustained campaign.

In the first query, before voters heard anything about the candidates other than their ballot designations, Saldaña runs second only to incumbent Bilbray among the 10- candidate field. In fact, she is out front of her leading Democratic contender, Scott Peters, by eight points, 18 percent to 10 percent. While the better-known Bilbray leads with 32 percent of the vote, no other candidate—Democrat, Republican, or non-partisan—earns more than two percent of the vote (31% of voters are undecided).

As shown in the figure below, in the first vote, Saldaña garners 38 percent of the vote among Democrats, while Peters earns just 14 percent—for a nearly 3-to-1 advantage among Democrats. She also bests Peters by six points with independent voters, 16 percent to 10 percent—with nearly half (43%) still undecided.


Saldaña takes a commanding lead over Peters after voters learn more her. Moreover, she is now in a statistical dead heat with Bilbray. After voters hear positive information about the five leading contenders, her share of the vote jumps from 18 percent to 29 percent. Peters earns just seven percent—giving Saldaña a 22-point lead. Meanwhile Bilbray’s support is little changed at 30 percent—statistically equal to Saldaña at 29 percent. This finding shows that, not only can Saldaña defeat Peters on the way to the General Election, but that she can also defeat Bilbray with a strong and sustained campaign that gets out front and outcommunicates the incumbent.

• After hearing the positive additional information, Saldaña earns 54 percent of the Democratic vote, to just nine percent for Peters—for a substantial 45 point lead.

• She also nearly doubles her support among independents, from 16 percent to 30 percent.

This gives her an 11-point lead among independents over Bilbray (who earns 19% of their vote) and 15 points over Peters (who earns 15% of the independent vote).

Saldaña holds her support even when voters hear negative information about her. After negative information about the leading candidates, Saldaña remains tied with Bilbray, each with 28 percent of the vote. She leads Peters by 22 points—with Peters now earning jut six percent of the vote.

The survey results clearly show that Saldaña is in a solid position to defeat Peters in the June primary. However, it also reveals that Bilbray is vulnerable. While Bilbray is familiar to three out of four voters, he fails to earn even one-third of the vote in the first balloting. Far lesser known at this time, Saldaña gains ground on Bilbray when voters learn more about her. In fact, Bilbray fails to pull out front of Saldaña after voters are introduced to her background and positions, and he fails to take the lead after voters hear negative information about the leading candidates, including Saldaña and Bilbray.

Furthermore, this survey was conducted among likely June voters in anticipation of the primary election. The November electorate may be as much as eight points less Republican, and a less Republican electorate should favor Saldaña all the more. If Saldaña has a well-funded campaign, she will emerge out of the primary as a serious challenger to Bilbray in November.


Filner: I have decided not to attend today's mayoral debate...

From Filner's Facebook page:

I have decided not to attend today's mayoral debate because there is a no more fitting image of what is wrong with San Diego than Bridgepoint hosting a private mayoral forum. You need to look no further to see the power of special interests in dictating the actions of City Hall. 

Read my full statement here: Filner Spurns Forum, Denounces Bridgepoint’s Veterans Exploitation

San Diego, CA – Hours before the start of the Chamber of Commerce and Bridgepoint Education Mayoral Forum at the “Sunroad” Building, U.S. Congressman and Mayoral candidate Bob Filner issued a statement denouncing the predatory practices of Bridgepoint and their taxpayer-funded targeting of veterans and their G.I. Bill funds. 

Below is Filner’s statement regarding Bridgepoint and the undue power of special interests in City Hall:

“I have decided not to attend today's forum because there is a no more fitting image of what is wrong with San Diego then Bridgepoint Education hosting a private Mayoral Forum. You need to look no further to see the power of special interests in dictating the actions of City Hall.”

“Bridgepoint Education, which is currently under investigation by the Department of Education, receives over 80% of its funding from public dollars, and explicitly targets veterans for their G.I. Bill benefits. The company spends more on recruitment than instruction at an almost 3-to-1 margin, and bears the distinction of a 63% dropout rate, well above the national average. As the past Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I find these actions deplorable and a blatant abuse of public dollars.”

“My opponent, Nathan Fletcher, has publicly lauded Bridgepoint Education as a “success story,” and the company has responded in kind by donating close to 40,000 dollars to his campaign, including maximum donations from every member of Bridgepoint’s executive leadership. I find it hard to believe that as a veteran himself, Nathan can support an organization that is exploiting the benefits of our nation’s brave men and women.”

As Mayor, I will ensure that there are no more special interests, and that the focus of city government remains committed to protecting our veterans and the honest working men and women of San Diego.”


Stop Human Trafficking Community Forum Tonight

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Curious Case of Carl DeMaio

In reading today's article in the San Diego City Beat on Carl DeMaio (and its an excellent article by the way), I can't help but reminisce about the rise of this peculiar San Diego politician, and wonder about his next steps.

Now, I've been involved in San Diego politics in one way or another since 1998, when I graduated from college, and decided, "hey, I want to work in politics." So, from 1998 to 2000, I worked as an intern for a political consultant, then worked on various campaigns.  The most I ever made in the business was a $1000 per month stipend.  Seriously.  So, like a lot of my brethren, I left politics and went to law school.  But I still was involved in politics at the volunteer level, and have been since real life took over.

It was in this later period, around 2002 or 2003, that I first recall seeing Carl DeMaio.  And, in fact, that was probably around the time he first moved here.  DeMaio's business apparently brought him to the shores of America's Finest City, though that much isn't entirely clear.  What is clear is that DeMaio's business was of the think tank variety, and had deep D.C. ties.

Now, at the time that DeMaio showed up, San Diego was well on its way to becoming the Enron of the West.  Unbeknownst to anyone, the City of San Diego cut a deal with its pension board to simultaneously raid the pension fund, while at the same time increasing benefits to the current retirees.  Now, this was done mostly on Susan Golding's watch, and its not entirely clear who knew what, but Dick Murphy, then mayor, was completely and totally unprepared to handle the crisis.  So, when DeMaio showed up, he appeared to be one of those good-government types that San Diego seems to breed.  

I'm not going into details (read the San Diego City Beat article), but what was not known was the extent to which DeMaio would try to change San Diego politics, and specifically, the San Diego Republican Party.  Quickly, DeMaio used his connections with the national GOP, and his think tank status to advocate against unions, and attack the City Council on economic issues.  Despite his sexual orientation, he became the City Council Member for one of the most conservative districts in the City.     

DeMaio, it seems, is completely different.  His brand of conservatism is confrontational, uncompromising, and in many cases, downright rude.  This is in stark contrast to the typical San Diego Republican who tend to be socially liberal(ish), and consensus builders.  Now, there were Republicans like Duncan Hunter, Duke Cunningham, and Darrel Issa who were pretty confrontational, but most San Diego Republicans were guys like Jerry Sanders.  But not it seems that the rank and file of the San Diego Republican Party, want their candidates to be more confrontational.  

As a Democrat, I'm somewhat pleased by this. I'm tired of seeing Democrats get their asses kicked by the likes Tom Shepard (the political consultant for many Republican candidates of the nonconfrontational type).  After all, San Diego is becoming more and more Democratic every year.  The more in-your-face the Republican, the more likely San Diegans will vote for the other guy.

This change in the San Diego Republican Party is most visible in the defection of Nathan Fletcher (who had several businessmen follow suit).  Fletcher was, in many ways, the ideal San Diego Republican - conservative on economic issues but not an asshole about it, veteran of the Iraq War (as a Marine, no less), well-connected (wife worked for George W. Bush), and a deal-maker.  Heck, Fletcher is such a nice guy he got the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans (the Republican gay group) over DeMaio and Dumanis, and he's the ONLY STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN IN THE RACE.  He even got Pete Wilson's endorsement. 

But for some reason, this classic-San Diego-but-perhaps-more-conservative Republican was not endorsed by the San Diego Republican Party.  Carl DeMaio was. Overwhelmingly. With Fletcher now leaving the GOP - does the San Diego Republican Party change forever?  Or will it return to its roots?  Only time will tell.

Stop rate hikes at the ballot box

Sick and tired of rising health insurance and HMO rates?

Now you can do something about it.

Join me in supporting a ballot measure to rein in excessive health insurance rate hikes. We need your signature to get this ballot measure on the November ballot.

Click here to download and sign the petition.

Health insurers and HMOs are making record profits. Rates have gone up 153% on average since 2002. In May, four health insurers will raise rates yet again -- up to 20% for four million Californians. Just yesterday a couple called my office to complain that their rates will have gone up 65% since the fall of 2010, when their 20% rate increase takes effect on May 1st.

And I have no authority to stop it. None.

Unlike 35 other states, in California there is no authority to reject excessive health insurance and HMO rate increases. As rates have skyrocketed in California over the past few years, two million Californians have lost their coverage.

Health insurers and HMOs have used their influence to block state legislation I sponsored over the last six years to close this loophole, including most recently blocking Assembly Bill 52. Now the nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog has proposed this ballot measure to give the voters a chance to decide.

The ballot measure will require health insurers and HMOs to publicly justify their rates, and get permission before rate hikes take effect. It needs your signature to reach the November ballot.

Help us put this critical measure on the ballot, what some have called the "missing piece of federal health care reform." This is action we can take now, as we continue to work towards single payer universal health care.

Join me, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and over 500,000 of your fellow Californians who have already signed on to demand that health insurance companies justify their rates.

There are just three weeks to go, and we need another 295,000 signatures to be sure we reach the ballot in November. Can you help us finish the job?

Please click here to download and sign the petition and add your name to the list of Californians demanding health insurance rate reform.

Thank you,
Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner

So You Want to Run for School Board

So You Want to Run for School Board

Run Women Run presents May 15 workshop

Many women start their political careers by running for school board because of the important role that schools play in the lives of their children. For example, Congresswoman Susan Davis and former State Senator Dede Alpert both served on their local school boards. An education system that prepares our children for the future is clearly an essential part of a democracy, and school boards are the closest government entity to their constituents. Significant budget cuts to K-12 education over the last few years have made the job of school board member even more challenging-and important.

At this program (open to both women and men), the panelists will go behind the scenes to explore the nuts and bolts of what it takes to run and win, the different types of school boards, the responsibilities and time commitment, and the lessons that they've learned. This workshop is being held on Tuesday, May 15, from 6-8 p.m. at HeraHub, 9710 Scranton Road, San Diego.

The panelists are:
Dede Alpert, former California State Senator and former member, Solana Beach School District Board of Education
Penny Rantfle, member, Poway Unified School District Board of Education
Carol Skiljan, member, Encinitas Union School District Board of Education

The fee to attend is $25 for Run Women Run members and $35 for others. For more information or to register, go to

Run Women Run was founded in 2008 to inspire, mentor, train and support women in public office in state and local government. It is a nonpartisan membership organization that provides campaign training, technical assistance and hands-on volunteer help.

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Filner Calls on U.S. Navy to Honor Legacy of Lt. Harvey Milk

From the Filner campaign:

Filner Calls on U.S. Navy to Honor Legacy of Lt. Harvey Milk

San Diego, CA – U.S. Congressman and Mayoral candidate Bob Filner recently called on the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to name a U.S. Naval vessel after LGBT activist Harvey Milk. Below is Filner’s statement regarding the request:

          “Naming a ship after the late civil rights activist and Navy Officer Harvey Milk, would be a great tribute to Milk's support for equality and in keeping with effort to promote equality in our military after the recent repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. While Harvey Milk is most widely known for fighting for equality, his career in public service began in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. That's why, this week, I urged the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to name the next appropriate ship after Harvey Milk.
                “It is fitting that San Diego is helping to lead the efforts to recognize Milk's legacy. Harvey Milk was stationed in San Diego as a Naval Dive Instructor in 1954, and the city's LGBT population has played a significant role in advocating for equality. I will continue to work with the GLBT Historic Task Force of San Diego County to promote the legacy of our nation’s first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk.
            “Throughout my career, I have been an advocate for advancing the rights of the LGBT community. In Congress, I was proud to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In my campaign for Mayor, I am honored to have the support of Senator Christine Kehoe, San Diego’s first LGBT elected official, Assemblymember Toni Atkins, and the San Diego Democrats for Equality. To truly honor Harvey Milk, we must continue to push for equality for all Americans.”



From the Saldaña campaign:


Becomes First Candidate to Sign Statement Against Arming Dangerous People

Washington, D.C. - The Brady Campaign and its network of California Chapters today announced endorsement of Lori Saldaña for election to Congress in California’s 52nd Congressional District.  The primary will be held on June 5, 2012.

As a former California Assembly Member representing the San Diego Area, Ms. Saldaña repeatedly proved her commitment to strong gun laws and to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people by earning a 100% voting record with the Brady Campaign.

In 2010, she showed her leadership on public safety issues by authoring legislation to ban the carrying of openly displayed handguns in public.  “Lori Saldaña saw the threat to law enforcement officers and to communities across California from people openly carrying their handguns in coffee shops, restaurants and other public places,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  “She stood up to the gun lobby and their dangerous vision of America.”

Ms. Saldaña also became the first California candidate to sign Brady’s Statement of Principle Against Arming Dangerous People.  The Statement was unveiled last week when 32 victims and survivors held a press conference on Capitol Hill urging Congress to take action to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and to reject U.S. Senate bills that the Brady Campaign has dubbed the “George Zimmerman Armed Vigilante Acts”. 

The STATEMENT reads:

I believe that these people should not be able to buy, own or carry a gun anywhere in our nation:

∙         Convicted felons

∙         Convicted domestic abusers

∙         Terrorists

∙         People found to be dangerously mentally ill.

“We are thrilled to endorse Lori Saldaña and we think she’ll make a great Member of Congress,” said Dr. Dallas Stout, President of the California Brady Chapters.  “In the state legislature, she was a real champion on our issue. She stood up for our communities and for the victims and survivors of gun violence.”

Saldaña’s opponent, Rep. Brian Bilbray, repeatedly has voted in lock-step with the NRA and has earned an “A” rating from the group.  Last fall, over the strong objections of the California Police Chiefs Association, Rep. Bilbray co-sponsored and voted for HR 822, referred to by the Brady Campaign as the “George Zimmerman Armed Vigilante Act.”

If enacted, HR 822 would force states to let thousands of dangerous people like Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, carry loaded, hidden handguns from Times Square to Topeka, from Maine to California. It would allow tens of thousands of concealed carry permit holders, including many with violent backgrounds similar to Zimmerman’s, to take their guns and their “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality just about anywhere they go.  Currently, California does not allow anyone from other states to carry loaded, hidden guns on California streets.

“Rep. Bilbray should be ashamed of himself for voting to nullify California’s strong gun laws and allow armed and dangerous people to carry guns in California communities,” said Gross.  “He should have listened to the police chiefs throughout his state.  Instead he chose to subscribe to the gun lobby’s dangerous and paranoid vision that you need to be armed to the teeth wherever you go.”


The Brady Campaign is the nation’s largest citizen’s lobby to prevent gun violence. We represent the voice of the overwhelming majority of Americans who are tired of living with the constant tragedy of gun violence and are in favor of strong laws and policies that will save lives.  We are the light that exposes politicians who are putting the American people at risk, so the American people can hold them accountable for decisions and actions that undermine public safety.

We are driven by the focused vision of a nation where all Americans are safe at home, at work, at school, and in our communities.

Dan Gross is the President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Center. A photo and more information about Dan Gross is available here.

For more insight on gun violence prevention, follow The Brady Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

Peters Calls for ‘Investing in America’ to Create Jobs, Boost the Economy

From the Peters campaign:

Watch video of Scott talking about jobs and the economy from this morning on KUSI here.

Peters Calls for ‘Investing in America’ to Create Jobs, Boost the Economy

San Diego, CA – Today, Scott Peters, candidate for the 52nd Congressional District, called for more national investment in infrastructure, education and scientific research as a way to create more jobs and boost the economy. He said his strategy for investing in America will be a top priority when he’s elected to Congress.

“What San Diegans, and all Americans, really care about is how they’re going to pay their own bills, and send their kids to college, and hopefully save enough for retirement,” he said. “Congress should be focused on keeping our economy moving in the right direction and creating the steady, good-paying jobs that support our middle class and enable working families to invest in their own futures.”

Peters said that in today’s faster, global, “brainpowered economy,” our economic future depends on making smart investments, and when he gets to Congress, they will be his priorities.

They include:

- Investing in our national infrastructure such as highways and bridges, making our power grid smarter and more efficient through broadband and wireless, and connecting our ports to the national highway and rail systems to increase trade;

- Investing in higher education grants and financial aid so every student that qualifies, and wants to go to college can afford it; and establishing our community colleges as job training and placement centers for those who choose a path  other than a four-year degree;

- Investing in scientific research by ensuring consistent and adequate funding for the National Institutes for Health, for example, which helps support much of work being done at the Salk, Scripps and the Burnham Institute and others here in San Diego.

Finally, Peters said that we must reform our tax code to help balance the nation’s budget so we can afford these important investments. For starters, he said, we should be incentivizing companies to build and expand here at home, rather than abroad. And we must stop subsidizing profitable oil companies.

“We have to end immediately subsidies to profitable corporations like the large oil companies who are making record profits,” Peters said. “That profitable oil companies are being subsidized by taxpayers, when middle class Americans are struggling, makes absolutely no sense” he said. “We do have to get on a road toward a balanced the budget, but we've got to do it the right way, and not on the backs of seniors and the middle-class.”

Peters is the only candidate in the race for the 52nd Congressional Distrct who has a proven track record as a bipartisan leader who can forge the consensus needed to get important job-creating, civic projects moving. He has credibility with the business community, labor leaders, and environmental advocates, who trust his consensus-building, problem-solving style. No other candidate in this race can make that claim.

As a member of the City Council, and as a Port Commissioner, Peters helped support and create tens of thousands of local jobs.  As a Councilmember and member of the Citizens Task Force, he helped create and implement the plan for Petco Park and the redevelopment of East Village which created 19,000 new jobs.  He jumpstarted the stalled construction of Highway 56 which created new construction jobs, revitalized the neighborhood of Bird Rock which sparked dozens of new businesses and hundreds of jobs, and more recently, fought to protect 3,500 manufacturing jobs at Solar Turbines.

Here is a link to Scott talking about these priorities on KUSI news this morning. For more information about Scott's campaign to get Congress working for us again, go to


Mayor Sanders Needs to Release All Information Regarding the Sherman Heights Wal-Mart Project Permits and Campaign Contributions

From the Labor Council:

Mayor Sanders Needs to Release All Information Regarding the Sherman Heights Wal-Mart Project Permits and Campaign Contributions

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer Lorena Gonzalez and President Mickey Kasparian made the following joint statement in response to the Wal-Mart de Mexico permit scandal:

“In light of the Wal-Mart de Mexico permit scandal, we call today on the Mayor's office to release all documents, calendars, e-mails and staff directives related to approval of plans and permits for Wal-Mart's proposed store in Sherman Heights. Likewise, we call on Wal-Mart and the Mayor to release any and all communication, calendars, and phone logs related to Wal-Mart’s decision to donate to the Mayor’s pension reform ballot initiative.

“A review of public records finds that plans for the site's development were approved in August 2011 and made public August 26th, 2011.

“Campaign reports show that Wal-Mart made a $20,000 donation to the Comprehensive Pension Reform for San Diego campaign on August 19th, 2011. It is unclear what interest Wal-Mart has in public employee pension reform.

“Citizens of San Diego need to know what happened to prompt a major donation and plan approval so close together. Even the appearance of quid pro quo presents a major crisis of confidence for the city's and Wal-Mart’s leadership and must be addressed.”

San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council
The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO includes 134 affiliated labor groups in the region with a membership of more than 192,000 working families.  Founded in 1891, the Labor Council advocates for more jobs, better jobs and better lives for all of San Diego’s workers – union and non-union.


From the Roberts Campaign:


(San Diego)  Seeking a candidate who is determined to strengthen the county's firefighting forces and compliment the city's forces, the San Diego City Firefighters today announced their endorsement of Dave Roberts for Third District County Supervisor.

The San Diego City Firefighters represent over 800 men and women who serve to protect the public from fire danger throughout the City of San Diego.

"Dave Roberts has made fire protection and the public's safety a top priority," said Frank De Clercq, President of the San Diego City Firefighters.  "We believe that Dave is the most qualified candidate in the race for Third District County Supervisor. He will be the best representative for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day."
"I will work hard to strengthen the county's firefighting capabilities," said Roberts.  "Firefighters are our first-responders and our first line of defense in the event of a wildfire. They need the manpower and the equipment to do their job.  I strongly support the men and women in firefighting who put their lives on the line every day to protect our local communities and our entire region."

Dave Roberts helped build a Fortune 500 company in San Diego, is a two-term councilmember and Deputy Mayor of the City of Solana Beach.  He has been a regional leader on the Del Mar/Encinitas/Rancho Santa Fe/Solana Beach Fire Consolidated Management Executive Committee, which has saved all four communities hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and expanded service in all areas.

More than 110 bipartisan leaders and key organizations are supporting Roberts including, retiring incumbent Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, former Bush Administration Secretary of Veterans Affairs Lt. General Jim Peake (retired), former White House Physician Rear Admiral (retired) Connie Mariano, Wives of Disabled Veterans, the Pala Band of Mission Indians, the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters and Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley, to name only a few.

For more information, visit his web site at

OB Rag: The Fletcher Flim Flam

Jim Miller at the OB Rag has the real story about Fletcher.

Click here for the OB Rag article.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Huseo delivers the Assembly Democrats' Weekly Address Honoring Earth Day

The English address is 1:52.
The Spanish address is 2:40.

Hello, this is Assemblyman Ben Hueso, member of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife.

This week our country and the rest of the world celebrates being environmentally conscious by honoring Earth Day.

The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970 when over 20 million Americans from all walks of life participated. It is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the landmark Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

As a member of the State Assembly, quality of life issues such as neighborhood livability and protecting the environment are one of my top priorities. Before becoming an Assemblymember, I served on the California Coastal Commission, where I helped protect California's coastal resources and

I'm honored to represent communities along the coast of California and remain committed to strengthening cross-national relationships in order to protect our environment.
Pollution does not have borders. Our health depends on us facing this reality.
Long time anthropologist and conservationist Jane Goodall once said, "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

In participating in Earth Day celebrations and spreading the knowledge of protecting our most precious natural resources, we take steps towards building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come.

I encourage everyone to walk, bike and play outside to experience the beauty of California and the nature around us.

We must take this opportunity to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and recommit ourselves to the responsibility of being environmentally conscious for a better tomorrow for all people.

Again this is Assemblymember Ben Hueso.
Thank you for listening.