Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Valentine's Day tell local officials to lead with their Hearts!

Livable Wages: The Heart of San Diego's Vision for New Development

Good, middle-class jobs paying livable wages should be the heart of San Diego's plan for future development. Yet Mayor Jerry Sanders has removed the vision of livable wages from a proposed update of the General Plan, our city's guideline for development decisions. A council committee agreed with CPI and restored livable wages as a goal, but the battle is not over; the full council will vote on March 3rd. Join CPI, Progressive San Diego and countless other organizations and send a letter to your local officials.

Send Mayor Sanders and the City Council a Valentine's message, click here. Tell them we want a city that values workers and expects new developments to help build the middle class.

Floyd Morrow Pulls Nomination Papers for Mayor

I just received confirmation that former city councilman and former San Diego County Democratic Party chair, Floyd Morrow has pulled nomination papers to run for mayor. So now Morrow (D) and Steve Francis (R) look to challenge Mayor Sanders (R). At the very least, it is good to see that Sanders will not have the luxury of just waltzing his way through the process. We can hope for some strong debates between all sides.

Progressive San Diego Endorsement for the 78th A.D.

Progressive San Diego
"A United Voice for San Diego Progressives"

After much consideration and deliberation, Progressive San Diego is proud to announce our endorsement for the 78th Assembly District Democratic primary: Marty Block and Arlie Ricasa through the primary.

We are fortunate to have several candidates running in this race who have a commitment to PSD's ideals and philosophy. Of these candidates, Marty Block and Arlie Ricasa stood out as having demonstrated a long and successful track record on progressive issues. We believe that either candidate will be excellent legislators who will be able to promote a progressive agenda for the people of San Diego and California.

Progressive San diego will re-evaluate the race after the primary to decide who we will endorse in the general election.

To learn more about our endorsements please visit

San Diego County Community Coalition Summit

"Division is the opposite of multiplication"
Join leaders in San Diego's Progressive Community as we unify for common causes.
Sunday, February 17 @ 6:00p.m.
Joyce Beers Community Center (3900 Vermont St., 92103 Trader Joe's Shopping Center)
To find out more go to: San Diego Community Coalition or contact:

Unite and Explore:
The environment, alternative media, peace campaigns, universal health care, poverty, women's rights, joint letter writing campaigns, blogging, justice, clean elections, and others.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dumanis and Kolendar to endorse this Jan Goldsmith?

The following was forwarded to me earlier this evening:

The Voice of San Diego reported this evening that city attorney candidate Jan Goldsmith will announce tomorrow the dual endorsement of Sheriff Bill Kolender and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Last week, the Reader broke a story about 1986 allegations against Goldsmith for Domestic Violence. I am outraged – as all women should be – that our area’s top law enforcement officials would endorse an individual with a history of domestic violence who, if elected, would run the city’s Domestic Violence and Special Victims Unit. Tell Sheriff Kolender, DA Dumanis to “Break the Silence” and speak out against Domestic Violence as they endorse Judge Goldsmith. Thursday February 14th at noon at City Hall.

Unnecessary roughness
By Matt Potter Published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008 , San Diego reader
Jostling in the race for San Diego city attorney is becoming more pronounced as the major candidates lining up against incumbent Mike Aguirre seek to gain advantage. Likely to play a role in the campaign are documents from the 1986 divorce case of one prospective contender, superior court judge and ex-Poway mayor Jan Goldsmith, whose wife Christine accused him of turning “a minor disagreement into a major altercation.” According to a signed statement by Christine dated April 15, 1986, Goldsmith “began yelling and screaming at me in obviously uncontrolled anger. He then gave me a hard shove in the chest and cocked his fist in an extremely threatening manner. All of this appeared in front of the children causing them to be extremely upset and telling their father not to hit their mother. He then began throwing items off the kitchen counter in his continuing rage. I could not leave at that time without further aggravating the situation and exposing myself to potentially further harm.” The next day, she said, she slept at her sister’s house with the children. “I am afraid to go back to the house the Respondent is still there as I feel his anger may once again get the best of him and he may, in fact, cause physical danger to myself and irreparable harm to both myself and our minor children.” The couple later reconciled and Christine dropped the divorce action against her husband, but the story may resonate during the upcoming campaign; part of the city attorney’s responsibilities include running the Domestic Violence and Special Victims Unit. Both Goldsmiths are judges; she was appointed in 1987, he in 1998. In a statement issued by his campaign consultant this week, Goldsmith and his wife noted that they have been married 33 years and said, “At about the 12-year mark — in 1986 — we had our only serious marital problem and were faced with whether to work it out or terminate the marriage. We decided to work it out. We went through several months of counseling and made lasting adjustments in the way we communicate.” He added, “No relationship is without its defining moment. We are by no means ashamed of the way we responded to our defining moment 21 years ago. In fact, we are proud of the way we responded and how our relationship has grown and continues to grow in our 34th year of marriage

Wednesday - Quick Hits

Mortgage meltdown continues, county median home price drops to lowest level in four years as almost half the home sold last month sold for a loss. UT

Federal Appeals Court heard arguments yesterday from Teamsters Union, environmental, and safety groups opposing Bush administration's plan to allow Mexican trucks on U.S. highways. UT

Port Commission grants third extension to negotiations between Chula Vista and Gaylord Entertainment over bayfront development. UT

Still shut out from the municipal bond market, city borrows another $150 million from private lenders. UT

Vista approves plans from Super Target to be built by 2009. UT NCTimes

Peters to Run for City Attorney

The UT is reporting this morning that councilmember Scott Peters will definitely run for city attorney and former Superintendent of City Schools Alan Bersin will not run. The decision came about following a weekend meeting between the two.
Bersin and Peters, who are friends, made a joint decision after discussing their options at a meeting Saturday in which they reviewed the results of a poll commissioned by Bersin, said the attendee, who spoke on condition of anonymity because neither man had authorized a public comment. [Link]
Peters joins an already crowded field of candidates who all seek to defeat incumbent City Attorney Mike Aguirre. His entry into the race provides an opportunity for Democrats who are dismayed by Aguirre erratic behavior to support a candidate that has a good opportunity to win the seat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday - Quick Hits

Bridge between PETCO and Convention Center to get a second look. UT

SDSU receives $1.25 million to fight heart disease. UT

Santa Ysabel casino has fallen behind in its payments to the county for sheriff and fire protection. UT

Poway Unified toughens policy regarding hate and harassment of students. UT NCTimes

Coachella Valley trailer park that is home to migrant workers is placed under trusteeship by federal judge. UT

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday - Quick Hits

No deadly shootings involving San Diego Sheriff deputies in 2007. UT

Now that the Balboa Theater has been restored and re-opened, thoughts turn to California Theater as it goes on the auction block this Wednesday. UT

SANDAG is deciding whether to place on the ballot for voters approval a host environmental projects. UT

Students collect signatures for ballot measure that would freeze fees at UC and CSU campuses. UT