Saturday, September 22, 2007

KLSD Dumped from AM 1360 by October 15th

Rumors that Clear Channel San Diego was going to drop KLSD progressive talk format from AM 1360 apparently are coming true. is reporting today that Scott Tempesta (aka Scooter) who is the producer of the Stacy Taylor morning show was fired on Friday.[Link] All indications are "AM 1360 is preparing to shift programming, most likely Monday, Oct. 15. A new set of call letters are expected to used."[Link]

Despite the best efforts of activists to show their continued support for KLSD, it appears that AM 1360 will become an all sports station within the next couple of weeks. As for the progressive talk format and Air America radio here in San Diego, it doesn't appear that right now it is going to move to another station.

So much for Being a "Compassionate Conservative"

President Bush this morning is his weekly radio address vowed to veto a bill to expand health insurance coverage for children.[Link]

WTF Mr President! We can spend $1 billion every three days in Iraq, but we can't spend $35 billion over 5 years to cover 6.6 million children. Come on Mr. President, try for once to be the compassionate conservative you claim to be!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Maybe, the UT is not so Conservative?

A week ago last Wednesday, Media Matters for America a progressive media watchdog published a report on the political balance of op-ed pages for the nation's newspapers.[Link] According to the summary of the report "Conservative syndicated columnists reach millions more than progressive columnists." That sixty percent of the nation's newspapers print more conservative columnist every week than they do progressive columnists.[Link] According to Media Matters, however, their own research shows that the Union-Tribune has more centrist columnists than they have either conservative or progressive columnists on their op-ed pages.[Link]

Now, I'm not one to quibble with the research that Media Matters has done regarding op-ed pages, but I can tell you that when it comes to covering local stories pertaining to any number of progressive issues, the UT has a decisive conservative slant. Don't believe me, then ask any number of local Democratic candidates who have sat down with the editorial board regarding endorsements.

Busby Set to Endorse Leibham in CA-50

Got a tip that sometime in the very near future, Francine Busby will be announcing her endorsement of Nick Leibham for the Democratic nomination in the 50th district. The field has been slowly clearing for a while now, with Michael Wray opting against a run and John Lee Evans running for School Board. Steve Schechter has also filed FEC paperwork to run in the district, but this endorsement would line up the one major recognizable Democratic face in the district behind Leibham. Putting to rest any remaining speculation that she might run again, much of the drama is likely over in the primary, leaving now more than a year of Bilbray-hunting. The district has a Partisan Voter Index of R+5, but Charlie Cook considers the district competitive more than 13 months out, rating it yesterday as Likely Republican in his new Competitive House Race Chart.

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Republican are Cry Babies

I watched the Jerry Sanders news conference and was reminded of something: Susan Golding's pathetic breakdown on TV in the Mayoral election against Peter Navarro. Made me think, what a bunch of cry babies.

Republican Conference Announces They Are Out Of Step With Mainstrean America

Republican Western States Leadership Conference is being held this week in San Diego. As with either political party, this conference, like most political party conferences is a place where the party has a whole bunch of speeches, strategy sessions and a campaign school about how much greater their party is then the other one.

The point of this posting is at this conference it seems the extremes of the Republican Party got another major dose of reality. Republican Stephen M. Kinney, a pollster with Public Opinion Strategies told the crowd that the Republican Party is no longer in line with mainstream America. He said across the board, except in one area mainstream American views the Democratic Party in a greater light, including holding down government spending. The only area where mainstream America has a higher regard for Republicans, this is a kicker, get this, morality. Yes, total shocker...

Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's gets that his own party is out of touch with reality, which is why he is doing this whole post partisan political thing and beating them up. Read the Sacramento Bee article about his speech a few weeks back.

So, the next time you see a Republican, please give them a big hug, because they really do need it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kevin Faulconer: How to Win Friends and Influence People

I guess some people are still unhappy with Kevin Faulconer's flip flop on an alcohol ban on at the beach.

Grandma What have you Gone and Done?

I saw this story on the AP wire this afternoon that I wanted to share it. A controversy is brewing in Kansas City, as the mayor named 73-year old grandmother to the city's park board. However, Francis Semler's appointment has rightly drawn fire from both the National Council of La Raza and the NAACP for her membership in local Kansas chapter of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps. [Link] Both La Raza and the NAACP are now threatening to pull their respective national conventions that are scheduled to be held there in 2009 (La Raza) and 2010 (NAACP). This could cost the city upwards of $15 million dollars in convention business.

Semler said she would not resign and that it was, "the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." [Link] She claims that she only joined the Minutemen because the Federal Government's failure to enforce the immigration laws. Last Friday the Kansas chapter of the Minutemen announced that they are going to hold their two day conference in Kansas City scheduled for this December. The conference is expected to drawn 300 people. I wonder if they'll have a screening of Birth of A Nation in the evening?

UT has Pickup Loren Nancarrow Assault Story

As first reported yesterday here on San Diego Politico. 10News weatherman Loren Nancarrow had a confrontation with a union activist Tuesday afternoon were he proceeded to commit assault and battery on the activist. This afternoon the UT finally pickup the story and confirms that Loren Nancarrow was cited for misdemeanor battery by Harbor Police. [Link] I could easily imagine this story being ignored by the UT had it not been for the video being available on YouTube.

Odd Display of Emotion

OK, I completely respect the decision of the Mayor to sign the Resolution in support of the brief on Marriage Equality. He did the right thing, without a doubt. But, did anyone else think his tears were odd? Why would you cry because you did the right thing? I could see crying if you vetoed it, and your heart said you shouldn't. Was he crying because his daughter is a lesbian? Or maybe because this may cost him the Republican nomination for Mayor? Someone help me out here...

Another One Jumps into the Race for City Attorney

As reported in the VOSD yesterday, “Deputy District Attorney William Gentry has declared his intentions to run for San Diego city attorney in 2008, according to the city clerk.” [Link] William Gentry joins South Bay resident and attorney Dan Coffey as challengers to City Attorney Mike Aguirre next year.

VOSD also mentions that Mr. Gentry is most likely a Republican since he has contributed this year to the San Diego County GOP. [Link] I asked a friend of mine last night to check the voter file and it does appear Mr. Gentry is a registered Republican. So, I suspect that he’ll be receiving checks soon for the Spanos family soon.

It will be interesting to see who else decides to join the race for City Attorney. The name I keep hearing is that of former superintendent of San Diego City Schools and current member of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Alan Bersin is considering a run for City Attorney.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fireworks, and It Isn't Even the 4th of July

Those of you who missed last night's 5 p.m. 10News broadcast, missed some excitement right at the start of the weather segment. The beauty of live TV!

Weatherman Loren Nancarrow grabbed a protestor shouting "," and threw him towards the bay.

From what I have heard, the Harbor Police were called out. They issued a citation to Nancarrow for battery.

The behind the camera workers at Channel 10 have been fighting for a fair contract for more than two years. The station, which had operated under a fair contract for 52 years since KGTV's inception, is refusing to negotiate in good faith.

The Dismantling of the Fair Employment and Housing Commission

From State Senator Sheila Kuehl:
This is my sixth essay for 2007 and I’m departing from my essays on the 2007-08 Budget to write about the plan to dismantle the enforcement abilities of the Fair Employment and Housing Commission by the Schwarzenegger administration. As you read this essay, the Commission is scheduled to meet to approve a comprehensive and destructive plan put forth by Secretary of Consumer Affairs Rosario Marin.

Visit my website at to read my previous essays. For those of you who received this essay by forwarding, it is written by California State Senator Sheila Kuehl. If you wish to subscribe to receive these essays on a continuing basis, (no charge), please send an e-mail to, titled “subscribe”.

Enforcement of all State Civil Rights Laws
The Commission is entrusted with the enforcement of all the various civil rights laws in the state. Employees, renters, home buyers, and consumers of all types are protected against discrimination in several of California’s statutes. These laws are nothing but empty shells without the enforcement provided by the opportunity to go to the Fair Employment and Housing Commission for enforcement. Cases filed with the Commission are heard by a panel of Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) specifically trained and assigned for these duties.

Moving the Commission Staff and Doing Away With Judges
Secretary Marin has decided, in order to save such a miniscule amount of money it would be referred to as “budget dust”, to move the Commission staff to Sacramento and do away with the cadre of ALJs who hear the cases. Instead, she will throw all these cases to the more general Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), a catchall for the enforcement of all general laws.

Why This Change is Bad for Civil Rights Enforcement
A little 1992, with the support of Pete Wilson’s administration, the Legislature specifically authorized the Commission to hire its own ALJs. This was done because the OAH, which had been hearing cases and which Secretary Marin and the Schwarzenegger administration want to put back in charge, had proven to be both uneconomical and inexpedient, not to mention highly ineffective, because the legal staff of the Fair Employment and Housing Commission had been required to revise and rewrite over 90% of all OAH decisions in this area as incorrect on both the law and Commission policy. At the time the Legislature found it shocking that hearing officers knew so little about the area and wrote such ill-informed opinions. One decision would have overruled the Commission’s own regulations. Another allowed an employer to ban all women from his workplace.

The Advent of ALJs for Civil Rights
After the establishment of specific ALJs for these cases, the Commission, over the years this has been in place, has approved 92% of all decisions. This has saved quite a bit of money over the years. During the current Administration, the staff of the Commission, including the legal staff, has been reduced every year, down to a little more than half of what it had been. Even so, the Commission has maintained its workload, as have the ALJs.

Dispute between Schwarzenegger Admin. and FEHC
Secretary Marin has made no secret of her animosity toward the Executive and Legal Affairs Secretary of the Commission, Ann M. Noel. Ms Noel’s major flaw has been her steady insistence on the enforcement of civil rights law, even in the face of great diminution of the staff. The Secretary attempted to replace Ms. Noel with a woman who couldn’t even answer the first question asked of her: “Do you know the difference between FEHA and the ADA?” Answer: “Well, I know one of them is federal.”

The Move is Contrary to Legislative Intent
The Legislature intended that civil rights enforcement be given a high priority and that the staff and ALJs be specifically trained for the adjudications. In moving the office to Sacramento, allegedly to give it more “oversight” and to “save money”, the Administration is dismantling civil rights enforcement in California. Eliminating Commission ALJs and returning to reliance on OAH is a substantial policy change, inefficient and contrary to legislative intent. The move and the diminution of staff would also controvert the goal of expedient drafting of regulations, given that drafting regulations is one of the functions of the ALJs, and there would be only one FEHC staff person available to do these tasks. The Secretary’s office has already overseen a good deal of foot dragging on regulations concerning sexual harassment and the workplace treatment of people with disabilities.

What to Do
A letter was sent to Secretary Marin signed by Senate Pro Temps Perata, Speaker Nunez, myself, and the chairs of Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Labor Committee, Senate Budget Committee, Assembly Labor Committee, Assembly Judiciary Committee, Assembly Budget Committee, Latino Legislative Caucus, Legislative Black Caucus, API Legislative Caucus and the Legislative LGBT Caucus. So far, there has been no response. If you are concerned, email Secretary Rosario Marin at or the Governor’s Cabinet Secretary, Dan Dunmoyer at

Judge Forces Bilbray, Hunter, Issa to Disclose Soledad Cross Records

U.S. Judge John Bates in the DC District Court ruled yesterday that Representatives Bilbray, Hunter and Issa must provide some of their official documents to a Jewish Veterans group who filed suit last year. The veterans group is attempting to demonstrate that federal seizure of the land was designed to advance a religious goal.

The New York Sun runs through the decision:

Judge Bates said that by sponsoring a bill to federalize the cross, Messrs. Bilbray, Hunter, and Issa opened themselves up to the demand for records. "These members in particular had every reason to suspect that their words and deeds as the Act's sponsors would be the subject of post-enactment scrutiny; they played a high-profile role in the federal government's acquisition of a large Latin cross that had been the subject of extensive prior litigation, made numerous public statements, and boasted of their role in campaign literature," the judge wrote. "This Court's case-specific ruling allowing discovery from these three Members neither works an injustice to them nor opens a proverbial can of worms for legislators generally." Judge Bates's ruling was something of a split decision. He said the legislators were entitled to withhold records pertaining to "legislative acts" but had to disclose records about attempts they made to convince executive branch officials to seize the land by public domain. The judge also said records of contacts with local officials, citizens' groups, and the press might constitute "political activities" that are not protected from subpoena.

The ruling could reveal interesting insights or may land with a dull thud once the surrendered documents are reviewed. And while this is a case-specific ruling which does not directly carry precedent, it does mean that legislators in the future will not be able to count on the Speech and Debate clause as definite protection.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Carl DeMaio Sells Private Think Tank

Voice of San Diego reported yesterday that Carl DeMaio is selling his private think tank for an undisclosed amount to Thompson Publishing Holding Co. What exactly will that mean for the Performance Institute?

Well, don’t worry about Carl he has his own plan for the future, which includes running for the District 5 City Council seat. Let’s just hope that he is not as successful with his next venture as he was with his first.

Voting on Paper

This morning's UT reports that with the decertification of the electronic voter machines by Sec. State Debra Bowen paper ballots will be used here in San Diego County. I'm glad to see this happen. After seeing the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, I sure had my doubts about the security of electronic voting confirmed.

UPDATE: Monday's CQ reports that bill HR-811 which is scheduled to come to a vote this week in the House is now facing stiff opposition from within the Democratic caucus. The bill would require a paper record for every vote cast nationwide beginning next year. I don't know why this bill is facing opposition from within the caucus?