Saturday, May 26, 2012

California Democratic Council endorses Lori Saldaña for Congress

SAN DIEGO - A statewide association of Democratic Clubs and County Committees, The California Democratic Council (CDC), has endorsed Lori Saldaña in her race to unseat Brian Bilbray in the newly-drawn 52nd Congressional District.

“Congratulations to Lori Saldana, who received 79% of the votes of delegates residing in her district,” said CDC spokesperson Michael McQuary.

During the month of April, the California Democratic Council conducted the first ever online endorsement process for congressional, state assembly, and state senate races throughout California.
Over 1,000 delegates representing more than 19,000 members of more than 400 Democratic affiliated clubs participated in the endorsement process. Thirty-three candidates successfully completed the process resulting in an official endorsement of the California Democratic Council.

Saldaña was delighted with the endorsement.

“The CDC is one of the premier progressive organizations in California,” Saldaña said. “I am extremely grateful to the delegates for expressing their faith in my candidacy.”

California Democratic Council (CDC) ensures every California Democrat is served by a visible, organized, broadly-based geographic Democratic club that reaches out year-round to its community; recruits quality Democratic candidates for every appointed and elected position in its purview; and supports those officials in advocating for Democratic Party values both as candidates and in their sworn public roles.

The CDC helps Democratic clubs communicate their policy messages and positions on issues in a democratic manner and at the appropriate level to provide information and guidance to appointed and elected officials and candidates.

This endorsement underscores Saldaña’s support among grassroots Democratic activists in her district. She has also received the support of all of the regional Democratic clubs who have endorsed in the 52nd primary, as well as the backing of the San Diego Democratic Women’s Club and the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego.


RJ Hernandez is Top Pick for Women's Group


SAN DIEGO – May 14, 2012 – State Assembly Candidate Ruben (RJ) Hernandez has achieved backing from the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States, the National Organization for Women (NOW) after receiving support from Congressman and Mayoral Candidate Bob Filner at a Cinco de Mayo fundraiser last week. NOW has successfully lobbied the federal government, as well as state and local policymakers, to make laws protecting equal rights for women.

“I'm honored to have the endorsement of the National Organization for Women and stand with them as they fight for equal pay, affordable health care, reproductive rights, educational opportunities, and human rights for women both here in California and around the world,” Hernandez says.

Hernandez earned a great advantage with NOW’s endorsement, as women make up 54 percent of District 77, with more than 75 percent of households having female voters. Increasingly moderate and Hispanic, the region is also at the core of key population shifts, voting for Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama in 2008. The businessman is showing he can compete with rivals for North County as a representative who stands by women in the workplace, education, healthcare, and other instrumental areas of life.

The National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter, and the Poway, Black Mountain and Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Clubs signed on board with him since the state party endorsed Hernandez in February. Other key supporters include the Latino Legislative Caucus and the San Diego Young Democrats.

Hernandez is out to claim a region comprised of Poway, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Valley, Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Tierrasanta, Kearny Mesa, and North and East Clairemont. Find out more about District 77 and RJ Hernandez at


Friday, May 25, 2012

Int’l Association of Fire Fighters Endorses Scott Peters for Congress


Peters is the only Democrat in the 52nd Backed by Public Safety Professionals

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of another international association: The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).  IAFF joins the San Diego City Fire Fighters Association and former City of San Diego Fire Chief Jeff Bowman in backing Peters, making him the only Democratic candidate in the race for the 52nd Congressional District to be backed by public safety professionals.

“While on the City Council, Scott got new fire and police stations built and boosted public safety budgets to reduce emergency response times, all without raising taxes,” said MaryAnne Pintar, Peters Campaign Communications Director.

“They know first-hand that when it comes to public safety, Scott gets it and gets it done for them, and for the communities they risk their lives to protect,” she said.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, IAFF represents more than 300,000 full-time professional fire fighters and paramedics who protect 85 percent of the nation’s population.

For a complete list of Scott’s endorsements, go to


Have a Wonderful Memorial Day

Dear Friends,

Memorial Day is a time to remember the courage and sacrifice of the brave men and women who have served and protected our country. I am proud to have served in a variety of capacities for the U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon and in Germany from 1980 - 1989.  I helped to create the TRICARE military healthcare system for our fighting forces, their families and retirees, and believe we must continue to do all that we can to support our troops and their families as well as our veterans.  My family and I want to wish you and your family well on this important holiday weekend.


Floundering, Peters attempts to buy election with personal wealth


Scott Peters Gives campaign $1.25 million of his own money

SAN DIEGO - The most recent FEC filing report shows that Scott Peters, who is consistently trailed in the polls, has poured $1.25 million of his own money into his campaign in the last two weeks. 

Upon hearing the news Joe Kocurek, Lori Saldaña's Communications Director, reacted:

"This is outrageous," Kocurek said. "This blatant attempt to purchase the election is an insult to the democratic process."

Kocurek said that Peters' personal wealth is estimated to be around a quarter of a billion dollars.

"Congress shouldn't be a exclusive privilege of the 1%, he said. “San Diego is not for sale and I have faith that the voters will not let Peters buy this election.”

Kocurek said that, in stark contrast to Mr. Peters’ campaign finances, Lori Saldaña's campaign is supported by small dollar donors and grassroots supporters, not personal wealth,” Kocurek said.

“Discounting Peter's own personal contribution, Ms. Saldaña outraised Mr. Peters by nearly $30,000 this filing period."


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two More International Worker Advocacy Associations Back Scott Peters for Congress!


San Diego -- Two more international worker advocacy associations have endorsed Scott Peters for Congress in the new 52nd Congressional District, the campaign announced today. The Teamsters and the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers have added their names to the very long list of worker advocates backing Peters in his bid to unseat entrenched Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray. They join the AFL-CIO, the National Education Association, Service Employees International, and dozens of others.

“Members of these organizations have decades-long histories of supporting and advocating on behalf of middle-class Americans,” Peters said. “I’m proud to have their confidence and look forward to fighting for these hard-working men and women and their families in Washington.” 

The International Association of Teamsters boasts 1.4 million members worldwide. It is organized under 21 different divisions that that include almost every occupation imaginable in the both professional and non-professional, private and public sectors.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers represents about 70,000 workers in the construction, shipbuilding, railroad, manufacturing, mining, and emergency medical service industries throughout the United States and Canada.

For a complete list of Scott’s endorsements, go to

Dave Roberts responds to Steve Danon's hypocrisy on Slush Funds at the County Board of Supervisors:


"The rules and regulations of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program must be revised to include more public transparency.  The application process must also be revised, with strict guidelines.

I support a total ban on gifts of any kind to supervisors or their staff members.

In my view, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program is a valuable program that reinvests tax dollars back into our communities.  The fund ultimately benefits families who pay the taxes that fund the program.

I think the taxpayers deserve to see improvements to their parks, libraries and youth programs from this tax money, instead of sending more money into a black hole in Sacramento.

It is the height of hypocrisy that career politician Steve Danon would call today for termination of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program which provides critical funding to programs in our neighborhoods.

Danon has worked at the County for a number of years in senior policy making positions for two Supervisors and never once has he been on record advising the Board of Supervisors to terminate the program.

Danon has spent virtually his entire professional career on the public payroll enjoying all of the perks and privileges at the taxpayers' expense.

Over the last three years, while he has been campaigning for public office on a full-time basis, Danon has been one of the highest paid staffers on the entire Federal Government payroll, making more than the chief of staff to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

For Danon to now call for the end of a program that benefits Girl and Boy Scouts, senior programs, libraries, parks, animal shelters, the arts and culture is disingenuous and a smokescreen to cover up his own failed record of living off of the generosity of the taxpayers for decades."

U-T San Diego Endorses Scott Peters

Peters is "the stronger candidate" of the two Democratic Challengers to Bilbray ~ U-T San Diego Editorial

San Diego – In a surprise dual endorsement yesterday, U-T San Diego endorsed a runoff between Scott Peters and Brian Bilbray in the primary election for the new 52nd Congressional District, calling Peters “the stronger candidate” between the two Democrats challenging entrenched Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray.

The editorial said that while the Editorial Board has “generally supported Bilbray in the past…his “high-profile stance” and “opposition to comprehensive immigration reforms continues to give us pause.”

Of Peters, the write up said, “we have been impressed in recent years with his ability to work in bipartisan fashion to get things done.” The editorial also noted influential business and public safety leaders that have endorsed Peters over Bilbray.

“Our campaign has said from the beginning that it is going to take more than just Democrats or Republicans to win this seat,” said Campaign Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar. “Only Scott brings the broad-base of support, and the bi-partisan, consensus-building reputation needed to take to win a district whose voters span the political spectrum, and still leans slightly Republican.”

The newly drawn 52nd Congressional District is a classic swing district - a third Republican, a third Democrat and a third other.  It supported candidate Obama by 12 percentage points in 2008, but also candidate Meg Whitman by eight points in 2010. It is impossible for any candidate to win this seat without broad-based support across party lines.

Peters, the first Democrat elected to represent City Council District One, is the only candidate in this race with demonstrated ability to win in a swing district like this one, which is one of the reasons San Diego’s leading progressive newsweekly, CityBeat has also endorsed Peters. 

Also, today, a writer for the very progressive OB Rag had this to say:  “Scott Peters has a reputation for being a consensus builder; for being someone who can work to resolve complex differences and achieve results. Lori Saldaña has a reputation for being combative and divisive. The last thing San Diego needs in a representative in Congress is someone who will further divide this county. We already have one of those. We don’t need another.”

“Our campaign has said from the beginning that it is going to take more than just Democrats or Republicans to win this seat,” said Campaign Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar. “Only Scott brings the broad-base of support, and the bi-partisan, consensus-building reputation needed to take to win a district whose voters span the political spectrum, and still leans slightly Republican.”

The newly drawn 52nd Congressional District is a classic swing district - a third Republican, a third Democrat and a third other.  It supported candidate Obama by 12 percentage points in 2008, but also candidate Meg Whitman by eight points in 2010. 

For more information, go to

Just Say No to Wildfire Recovery Rate Increases

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently held hearings to evaluate a request by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) that could result in rate increases to recover costs from wildfires not covered by insurance.

SDG&E says it had $1.1 billion in insurance coverage in 2007 but has incurred $62 million in costs beyond that from 2007's San Diego County wildfires. As much as $400 million could be added to that from several hundred lawsuits still in process, the utility said.

The request before the California Public Utilities Commission is to establish a mechanism to increase rates to recover those kinds of costs. I recently testified before the Commission in opposition to this request.

SDG&E provides a high-demand service that must be provided at a regulated, reasonable cost. Few businesses in our region are faced with the public decisions that utilities must make. Public utilities must answer to ratepayers and stockholders in the face of government oversight and public scrutiny.

Yet without a doubt, the end result must be that the ratepayers come first. The CPUC is charged with protecting the public from decisions that are not in their best interests. And the request before the Commission does not serve the public interest. Ratepayers expect the clean and fast delivery of service that SDG&E provides. But they also have the right to expect that they will be treated fairly - not as a financial failsafe in the event of mistakes such as equipment failure or lack of brush clearing.    And like all businesses, utilities must be held accountable.  Otherwise, should we expect that we will be in another hearing in two years over similar issues?

No one expects any utility to be perfect. But we do expect them to own up, just like we would, when they make mistakes. We expect them to rebuild just as we would. And we expect them to do it by tightening their belts, making spending adjustments and attending to the bottom line.

SDG&E would be better served - and more admired - by taking their lumps and moving on without raising the rates of the hard working people of San Diego County.  Just say "no" to wildfire recovery rate increases.

Dave Roberts is the Deputy Mayor of the City of Solana Beach and is a candidate for Board of Supervisors in the Third District.

Community and Education Leaders Call for a Solution to Lay-off Crisis at San Diego Unified School District


Amid continued budget challenges, both sides must re-commit to finding best solution for students and teachers

Community leaders will join Lorena Gonzalez to discuss the teacher layoff crisis facing San Diego Unified School District. As our schools face the dire prospect of losing one-in-five teachers next year and crippling cuts to nursing, custodial, bus and other vital support services, all parties must take another look at resolving this crisis.

Leaders will call on both the school district and teachers to overcome the current impasse and begin talking with a renewed commitment to providing the best possible education to our students in dire economic times. In the face of this funding crisis, we must come together and continue a productive dialogue in order to find solutions, while respecting our teachers and giving our students the best we can.

Lorena Gonzalez, Secretary-Treasurer/CEO, San Diego Labor Council; David Valladolid, Parent Institute for Quality Education; Cindy Marten, Principal, Central Elementary School in City Heights; Sandy Mattson, Parent Leader, McKinley Elementary School; Linda LeGerrette, Cesar Chavez Service Club; Philip Liburd, NAACP.  All will be available to speak with media.

Thursday, May 24, 2012                      
11:30 a.m.
United Labor Center, 3737 Camino del Rio Drive South, San Diego, CA 92108

Patrick Pierce
619-807-0850 Cell

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council
3737 Camino del Rio South, #403, San Diego, CA 92108
619-228-8101 Office
# # #

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

San Diego Janitors Return to UTC On The Last Day of Negotiations with Contractors

San Diego Janitors Return to UTC On The Last Day of Negotiations with Contractors

San Diego, CA - As contract expiration looms, San Diego janitors will march once again at UTC – home to some of the wealthiest biotech companies and commercial real estate properties -- to take on the same companies that helped settle contracts throughout the state but who are not stepping up to the plate for hard working janitors here in San Diego.  Throughout Southern California, USWW janitors will be doing solidarity actions at companies like The Irvine Company and Alexandria Real Estate Equity that insist on withholding health care solutions for our San Diego janitors and their families.

“Last week we fasted, held prayer vigils, and protested for our families.  As parents, grandparents and spouses, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for them.  If we have to keep marching at UTC, downtown San Diego, La Jolla or the Suburbs, we will.  We will not be held back any further,” says Martha Gomez, a janitor at Ilumina for 4 years and member of the bargaining committee.

For the past couple of months, San Diego janitors have been negotiating a contract that includes a modest wage increase and family health care for janitors and their families.  In cities like Los Angeles and Orange County, and others in Northern California, companies like The Irvine Company and Alexandria Real Estate Equity already offer those janitors a family medical plan.  San Diego has fallen behind the rest of the state.

In 2012, 30,000 of USWW’s 40,000 members’ collective bargaining contracts expire, including the 1,800 office, tech and biotech janitors from San Diego and Inland Empire counties which are set to expire on May 30th.

            WHAT:               March & Rally by SD Janitors for Health Care at UTC

            WHEN:             Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | 12PM

            WHERE:             UTC, Corner of Executive Dr. and Towne Center Dr.

            WHO:               SD Janitors, community members & religious leaders.

Contact:  Martín Terrones, (310) 597-1011

Rally for Homeowner Bill of Rights Tomorrow

Rally for Homeowner Bill of Rights

Home of Africa Bravo

3086 Clay Ave. San Diego, CA 92113

Homeowners, activists and local families will be joined by staff of area legislators and Congressman Bob Filner in calling upon the California Legislature to stand up to big banks and support the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, a landmark package of bills to protect families against improper and unfair foreclosure. Please arrive at 2pm. Event will start promptly at 2:30pm.

Rally Tonight with Bob Filner, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, and Donna Frye


This is it -- time to get fired up and ready to go for Election Day! In two weeks, with your help, San Diego will be a big step closer to electing a Democratic mayor for the first time in two decades.

Join mayoral candidate Bob Filner, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, former San Diego City Councilmember Donna Frye, and other special guests for a rally tomorrow to take back City Hall.

The event on Wednesday, May 23, will begin at 4:30 p.m. at Rich's, located at 1051 University Ave. in Hillcrest (92103). The ticket price of $20 will support Bob Filner's mayoral campaign in the final stretch of the primary election race. A $250 contribution will include a VIP photo op with Newsom and Filner at 5:40 p.m.

This will be the last mayoral rally before June 5, so don't miss it! For details, call the campaign at (619) 231-6200 or email

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Justice for Janitors Rally and March

EMERGENCY Rally & March in UTC area

Based on janitors negotiations right now, Tomorrow WED is now an emergency ACTION.

All participation Welcome, Community Leaders Especially needed here- This is now the most urgent event please attend.

Wednesday May 23 at 12 noon / Miercoles 23 de mayo de 2012 – 12pm

Emergency March at UTC / Marcha de Emergencia en UTC


9200 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

Intersection of Towne Centre Drive & La Jolla Village Drive
Wear your hats, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes!

Democracy for America Endorses Lori Saldaña


Chair Jim Dean, Governor Howard Dean cite Saldaña’s integrity and outstanding progressive accomplishments

SAN DIEGO – Solidifying her position as the progressive Democratic frontrunner, Democracy for America (DFA), the grassroots organization founded by former Presidential candidate Howard Dean and his brother Jim Dean, has endorsed Lori Saldaña in her bid to represent the people of the 52nd Congressional district.

Democracy for America has over one million members nationwide.

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America: “What can't we say about Lori Saldana? She's got great instincts and really showcases the core values of the progressive movement. California's 52 District needs a representative who isn't afraid to do what's right and dig in to strengthen the middle class - and I know that is exactly what Lori will do."

Howard Dean: "Lori is the progressive Democrat we need to face the extremists in Congress. She is fiercely principled and willing to ruffle a few feathers to do what is right,” Governor Dean said.

“Lori was named to the first "Dean Dozen" in 2004 along with Barack Obama because I saw in her the combination of integrity, solid progressive values, a background in activism and the perspective of an establishment outsider.

“Eight years later, she has an outstanding legislative record on the issues Democrats care about: green jobs, single-payer healthcare, protecting the social safety net and marriage equality. If you want a government that the supports a healthy, expanding middle class, we need people like Lori Saldana in Washington; that’ s why I have given her my endorsement for Congress."

Lori Saldaña: "I'm thrilled. I've known Howard and Jim for many years and we have always stood for the same thing, encouraging active grassroots participation in our democratic process. Democracy for America members helped me in my efforts to serve the State of California, and their support will be essential in my run for Congress."

Democracy for America adds to Saldaña local and national progressive support including:

• Former City Councilmember Donna Frye

• City Councilmember Marti Emerald

• School Board Trustee Richard Barrera

• Former President of the San Diego Democratic Club, Stephen Whitburn

• Former President of the San Diego Democratic Club, Andrea Villa

• Former San Diego Democratic Party Chair Kennan Kaeder

• School Board President John Lee Evans

• San Diego Chapter of Democracy for America

• The Progressive Change Campaign Committee



Monday, May 21, 2012

I finally got noticed!

So after all that money and endorsements she's still dead last. But she showed up to the NBC debate and began attacking everyone because at this point what else does she have. I mean Bob Filner's beating her so you gotta go some where. Now I know she wanted to be the establishment candidate but at this point no one wants one. Maybe her campaign will change up these last 15 days and but her as someone who has been fighting corruption but then that opens up to how ineffective she has been in those endeavors and how she seems to target specific people of a certain political party (Democrats) and ethnicity (Latino) so we'll see how that goes...

When IEs Misfire, Take 2.1

It looks like there was more than one mailing into D1 bashing Kostrinsky and promoting Sherman. Multiple mailings into the wrong district coming from a pro-business group sounds like bad business to me unless I'm the consultant or mail house that made a tidy sum from this screw up.

When it comes to organizing business and educating voters, Lincoln Club members can take heart knowing that their monies went to benefiting a few businesses and educating the right voters about the wrong candidates.

Keep it up guys! Cheers!

Fiesta del Sol, Solana Beach, June 2 and 3.

Fiesta del Sol, an annual Solana Beach community celebration, has become one of the largest festivals in San Diego County. The free event returns the weekend of June 2 and 3.

The 33nd annual fiesta will take place adjacent to Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach within the area bordered by South Sierra Avenue and Acacia Avenue. The two-day event opens each morning at 9 a.m. with the arts & crafts fair and closes each evening at 9 p.m. after the conclusion of the last musical performance.

Among the many attractions will be a wide range of continuous live musical performers booked by the famed Belly Up Tavern, plus an eclectic array of arts and crafts exhibits, merchant booths, children’s activities, a gourmet food truck court and an adults-only beer and wine beverage garden.

This year the Chamber has partnered with a software company, Antengo. Antengo will provide the users of its APP with all the points of interest (stage times, parking, etc.), and most importantly, a listing of participating merchants who are offering “Fiesta Deals” in their stores during the Festival. All merchants displaying the Antengo/Fiesta poster in the window will be participants.

Coaster and Amtrak are both offering two-for-one deals on tickets and the Chamber is giving away “goodie bags” to the first 150 persons who come by train or bike to help make the event the launch of a “car-free vacation” program.

There is plenty of free parking in shuttle lots on Stevens Avenue and lots along south Sierra – which will have PediCabs available.

For more information, check out the official Fiesta del Sol website at

When IEs Misfire, Take 2

Word on the street is that the Lincoln Club has started launching their oversized mail pieces to voters. Alas, much like our last IE misfire, pieces meant for one mailing universe have gone to another. This time it was two mailings: San Diego City Council District 7 pieces have landed in Ditsrict 1 and vice-versa.

Residents of Tierrasanta may be surprised to discover that Ray Ellis is also running in D7 and La Jollans may wonder who Scott Sherman is.

People, this is not rocket science. Maybe TJ is getting lazy or the consultants they hired don't care about the details. DETAILS MATTER! IT's a waste of money but it's a waste of Republican money. Lightner and Kostrinsky draw a lucky break on this one.

Vargas endorsed by New Democrat Coalition PAC

Sen. Juan Vargas' campaign for CD 51 reports an endorsement from the New Democrat Coalition PAC, "a group of 42 House members from across the United States" with an "agenda that focuses on job creation, education reform, and energizing the U.S. economy by investing in technology and encouraging innovation." Vargas, a Democrat, currently represents SD 40.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The San Diego Mayoral race: Two weeks left

The cards above have been found littering downtown this weekend.

Dumanis is still in the race and, although she shows no sign of winning, shows that she can still make an impact through taking votes away from Filner.

Downtown is an interesting place where Democratic residents seem to believe that Bonnie is “a Democrat at heart” and it is OK to support her. This line is an old one and her actions have spoken louder than her heart. However, Filner hasn’t done much to defend his brand beyond the deepest blue parts of the city.

What Filner does have in his favor is that most voters know where he is coming from. Dumanis has never recovered from her hesitancy in supporting Proposition B among Republicans and most voters still don’t know anything about her, illegal sign postings notwithstanding. This is why she can still do her party a favor and take votes from Filner the longer she stays in the race. They are few in number but they have the potential to swing this election. And Dumanis is all about moving up the ladder.

While we have a Republican with a “Democratic heart” bleeding support from the only Democrat in the race, San Diegans are blessed with another Republican who, through mailings, is attacking from the left the former Republican now independent candidate who also appears to have a “Democratic heart.”

This is how you know that DeMaio must be terrified even though he is a solid for coming in first in June. His career (only in San Diego would it even have been possible) has been guided by the star that is the Mayor’s office. To have that crowning achievement stolen by a former Republican is heresy and must be dealt with by any means necessary. Because when you base your reality on ignoring key facts of existence the only solutions that make sense are the fantastic. DeMaio going after Fletcher from the left is batty on the face it but may gain traction from most of our citizens caring more about American Idol than the upcoming election.

What Demaio needs is Filner face-off. This scenario allows DeMaio to fight a classic Left-Right battle with an electorate that tilts his way and an opponent who may not have the resources to pull off what should be a moderately easy win. The “Downtown establishment” would suck it up and go with DeMaio and many of the larger political names may grudgingly go with Filner for fear of a DeMaio victory. Demaio taking Filner down would establish him as the new rising star for Republicans nationally. Were DeMaio to lose to Filner, he could shift blame to the national climate (assuming Obama wins), the registration numbers (San Diego is Democratic in registration), Labor (why not) or anything else and still have a place in the local political establishment.

If DeMaio draws Fletcher then he is in for the fight of his life. Democrats who have been lukewarm behind Filner would go rabid for Fletcher; he fits the Kenndy-esque image Democrats have been conditioned to fall in line after. What ever is left of Dumanis and Filner operations would line up against DeMaio. Under this scenario, it is difficult to see Fletcher losing. Were DeMaio to lose to Fletcher, his career in San Diego would be over because this loss would cut deep into the Republican Party base and his cult of followers. I predict he would have to move to Arizona and rebuild there because I don’t know how he would recover locally.

But Fletcher, like Dumanis, suffers from political inconsistencies and reputation for backroom dealing. This is what makes attacks on the both of them from a policy standpoint effective. DeMaio and Filner are known politically and you would have some idea of what direction they would like to steer the municipal ship.  Dumanis wants to stay put and Fletcher wants to stay the course; neither of which seem wise as the storm clouds of economic uncertainty gather.

We’re entering a critical time for campaigns. With two weeks remaining, this is when campaigns break from the pack or get broken in the process. Get your popcorn out. This promises to be a game-changer.

Cease and Desist Letter Sent to Peters’ Campaign

News Release
Ajay Kwatra

Cease and Desist Letter Sent to Peters’ Campaign

SAN DIEGO – A cease and desist order has been sent to Scott Peters’ congressional campaign after a local woman found her image was illegally used in the candidate's negative campaign materials.

A photo of La Jolla resident Anita Simons was widely disseminated without her permission on a Peters campaign door hanger accompanied by accusations against another Congressional candidate, Lori Saldaña.

“It was bad enough to see my photo on a hit piece of Peters’, but even worse were the unsavory claims Peters was making about Ms. Saldaña,” Simons said. "This implied to my friends and neighbors that I somehow supported Peters’ claims.”

The photo was taken on private property and was distributed without permission. Simons’ attorney, Ajay Kwatra, sent a demand Friday for the Peters campaign to cease and desist from the use of Simons’ likeness on any campaign materials.

“Like many of my fellow citizens, I’m sick of all the campaign hit pieces,” Simons said. “It’s obvious to me that the more money a candidate has, the more slick hit pieces they will mail out.”

“That’s one of the reasons I support Ms. Saldaña who wants to reverse Citizens United and get money out of politics.”