Friday, May 25, 2012

Floundering, Peters attempts to buy election with personal wealth


Scott Peters Gives campaign $1.25 million of his own money

SAN DIEGO - The most recent FEC filing report shows that Scott Peters, who is consistently trailed in the polls, has poured $1.25 million of his own money into his campaign in the last two weeks. 

Upon hearing the news Joe Kocurek, Lori Saldaña's Communications Director, reacted:

"This is outrageous," Kocurek said. "This blatant attempt to purchase the election is an insult to the democratic process."

Kocurek said that Peters' personal wealth is estimated to be around a quarter of a billion dollars.

"Congress shouldn't be a exclusive privilege of the 1%, he said. “San Diego is not for sale and I have faith that the voters will not let Peters buy this election.”

Kocurek said that, in stark contrast to Mr. Peters’ campaign finances, Lori Saldaña's campaign is supported by small dollar donors and grassroots supporters, not personal wealth,” Kocurek said.

“Discounting Peter's own personal contribution, Ms. Saldaña outraised Mr. Peters by nearly $30,000 this filing period."


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