Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dave Roberts responds to Steve Danon's hypocrisy on Slush Funds at the County Board of Supervisors:


"The rules and regulations of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program must be revised to include more public transparency.  The application process must also be revised, with strict guidelines.

I support a total ban on gifts of any kind to supervisors or their staff members.

In my view, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program is a valuable program that reinvests tax dollars back into our communities.  The fund ultimately benefits families who pay the taxes that fund the program.

I think the taxpayers deserve to see improvements to their parks, libraries and youth programs from this tax money, instead of sending more money into a black hole in Sacramento.

It is the height of hypocrisy that career politician Steve Danon would call today for termination of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program which provides critical funding to programs in our neighborhoods.

Danon has worked at the County for a number of years in senior policy making positions for two Supervisors and never once has he been on record advising the Board of Supervisors to terminate the program.

Danon has spent virtually his entire professional career on the public payroll enjoying all of the perks and privileges at the taxpayers' expense.

Over the last three years, while he has been campaigning for public office on a full-time basis, Danon has been one of the highest paid staffers on the entire Federal Government payroll, making more than the chief of staff to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

For Danon to now call for the end of a program that benefits Girl and Boy Scouts, senior programs, libraries, parks, animal shelters, the arts and culture is disingenuous and a smokescreen to cover up his own failed record of living off of the generosity of the taxpayers for decades."

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