Friday, September 11, 2009

Unity on the Governor’s race

This is from the CDP Chair John Burton:

Not long ago, I wrote you about next year’s governor’s race. The California Democratic Party’s Statewide Officers, Regional Directors and Caucus Chairs and I had concluded that our gubernatorial candidates should not seek the party’s pre-primary endorsement.

The Party sent letters to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Jerry Brown urging them to avoid dividing the Party – and draining Party resources – during the primary season.

Attorney General Brown and Mayor Newsom have since responded. Both of them have agreed in writing that they will not pursue the Party’s pre-primary endorsement so long as other Democratic gubernatorial candidates play by the same rules.

Of course, the Party will send the same letter to, and make the same request of, any other Democrats who may enter the gubernatorial primary field.

As you doubtless recall, the Party gave its pre-primary endorsement in the 2006 gubernatorial election and spent all its money to help our candidate win the primary. The day after the primary, Republicans began to attack the Democratic nominee, but our coffers were empty and we had no resources to respond in kind.

Next year, our nominee will almost certainly face off with a multimillionaire who is able to self-fund his or her campaign.

We must conserve our money and energy now for next year, when we will elect a Democratic governor. The California Democratic Party is delighted that Mayor Newsom and Attorney General Brown agree with this course of action.

Peace and friendship,