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Chelsea’s Law: Saldana Supported the Concept, but Abstained because Fletcher Left Out the Funding

From the Saldaña campaign:

Chelsea’s Law: Saldana Supported the Concept, but Abstained because Fletcher Left Out the Funding

It’s wrong to give victims of sexual predators false hope

“I regret that Mr. Peters has decided to use such a painful issue for many families to score
political points” Saldaña said.

“While I have never lost a child, a member of my own family was a victim of sexual violence
and I have seen firsthand the long-term emotional and physical devastation brought by violent
sexual predators. My heart goes out to the family of Chelsea.”

“The animal who did this to Chelsea King will spend the rest of his life in jail - and rightfully
so,” Saldaña said

“As I said on the floor of the Assembly, I strongly supported the direction that Assemblyman
Fletcher was taking the bill. But, as I feared, the bill still has not been implemented because it
failed to identify a secure funding source. I wished it had been a better bill because I believe that
victims deserve the best, most effective policy-making."

“I didn’t vote against it because I strongly support the bill’s intent. But, in good conscience, I
couldn’t vote for it because I think it would have been wrong to give false hope to victims of
these violent sexual predators.”

Saldaña was joined by two of her female colleagues, Budget Chair Noreen Evans and Rules
Chair Nancy Skinner in abstaining from the bill.

More Bipartisan Leaders Endorse Dave Roberts for Supervisor

From the Roberts campaign:

More Bipartisan Leaders Endorse Dave Roberts for Supervisor

(San Diego, CA)  Two more North San Diego County Leaders, Escondido Councilwoman Olga Diaz and former Carlsbad Councilwoman Norine Sigafoose, today announced their endorsements of Dave Roberts for Third District County Supervisor.

Diaz and Sigafoose join a growing list of over 110 bipartisan leaders and key organizations that are supporting Dave Roberts for Supervisor.

"I have known Dave Roberts for some time and watched him work on local community issues to solve problems," said Councilwoman Diaz.  "Dave is a leader who pulls people together and seeks consensus solutions. I know that he is a family man and has the high moral ethics needed to serve on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Dave will be a friend to all residents of the City of Escondido when he is elected to the Third District seat."

"I am so happy to endorse you and really believe in you," said businesswoman and former Carlsbad Councilwoman Norine Sigafoose.  Sigafoose has served on North County Transit District Board of Directors and is the Past Chair of San Diego County's Consolidated Transportation Services Agency.

Roberts launched his campaign for Third District Supervisor on January 10, 2012, and the primary election is on June 5, 2012.

"When I launched my campaign for County Supervisor, I promised to work in a nonpartisan fashion for all parts of the Third District and the County to improve our region's quality of life," said Roberts upon announcing his next major endorsements. "Having the strong support of Councilwomen Diaz and Sigafoose is gratifying.  I have worked to support North San Diego County in bringing the Sprinter train to operation and through my community service work with Lions Clubs International.  And I work closely with former Councilwoman Sigafoose on public and private transportation alternatives for seniors, disabled, veterans and other residents."

For more information about Dave's campaign for the Board of Supervisors, visit his web site at

Peters Campaign Calls On Lori Saldaña to Explain Her Refusal to Support Stiffer Penalties for Violent Sexual Offenders

From the Peters campaign:

Peters Campaign Calls On Lori Saldaña to Explain Her Refusal to Support Stiffer Penalties for Violent Sexual Offenders

San Diego, CA – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today called on candidate Lori Saldaña to explain to the voters why in 2010 she did not vote to protect our children from society’s worst predators: violent sexual offenders. Saldaña was the only San Diego legislator who twice failed to vote for Chelsea’s Law (AB 1844), which was introduced by Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher in 2010 following the brutal rapes and murders of San Diego teenagers Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. 

“Earlier this month, I had the chance to hear Brent King speak; he walked us through the day they lost Chelsea. As a dad, I can’t imagine the horror of losing a child this way,” Peters said. “Chelsea's Law puts the very worst offenders -- those who commit violent sex acts against children -- away for good. It's an incredibly important piece of legislation and it deserved everyone's support.” 

“How could someone not support a law to keep predators who commit violent sexual offenses against children off the streets?” asked Peters’ Campaign Manager Robert Dempsey. “This law was so needed, and so celebrated when it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, that very few noticed that only one San Diego legislator, Lori Saldaña, didn’t see its value. The voters deserve to know why she turned her back on children, and on young women like Chelsea and Amber,” Dempsey said. 

Fletcher, who is running for Mayor, raised the issue at a speaking engagement last week before the Political Honors Society at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU). While talking to students about the need for greater bipartisanship, Fletcher pointed to Chelsea’s Law, which was supported by Republicans and Democrats, but not Saldaña. By the time the bill reached its final reading, 55 Assemblymembers had signed on as co-authors including Democrats Marty Block and Mary Salas.

During his talk at PLNU, Fletcher said Chelsea’s Law was “an example of something where we had a problem that we had to solve. Not solving it was not an option, because young girls were dying.….But there are a lot of people in politics who….just want to play games…I’ll give you an example from here…The only San Diegan not to support our effort was Lori Saldaña.”

He went on to say that Saldaña, “didn’t have any constructive suggestions on how to make it better. She just said, well, I just want to be against it.” A video of his remarks can be viewed here.

Saldaña had the chance to support this important legislation twice, once in June 2010 during the Assembly passage of the measure, and again in August 2010. Both times she did not cast a vote.

“If Ms. Saldaña genuinely disagreed with the law, then she should have had the courage to cast a ‘no’ vote,” Dempsey said. “If she wanted to make it better, then she should have worked with Assemblymember Fletcher and Senator Leno and the other members who stood with the King family and worked around the clock to craft good legislation. But she didn’t; she took a walk, and turned her back on our kids. The voters need to hear why.”  

State Senator Mark Leno (D- San Francisco), who at the time chaired the State Senate Public Safety Committee, worked closely with Fletcher to craft the bi-partisan bill that was hailed as a “rare display of bipartisanship.”

Key elements of AB 1844 are:

• Increased prison sentences, including life without parole, for the worst offenders of violent, criminal acts against children, with terms varying depending upon the age of the victim.

• Increased parole terms for offenders who target children under the age of 14.

• Bans registered offenders from entering parks where children congregate without written permission from a parole officer, if the person is on parole, or from the chief administrative official of the park.

• Creates a system for assessing paroled sexual predators so those who pose the greatest risk of reoffending can be matched with the highest levels of supervision and surveillance.

For more information about Scott Peters for Congress, go to


On June 3, 2010, when the measure came before the Assembly, Saldana did not vote on it. Later, in an interview with the San Diego Union Tribune, she claimed she did not vote on the measure so she could better influence the measure to help it overcome anticipated resistance in the Senate Public Safety Committee. Yet, no public record or transcript of Saldana testifying before the Public Safety Committee, or any other committee through which the bill traveled, can be located.

Then, on August 30, when the bill came back to the Assembly for a vote to concur with Senate amendments, Saldana claimed she did not vote for it back in June because she was concerned about the cost. On this day, she again failed to vote for the measure.

(The California Channel, “Assembly Floor Session 2/3,”08/30/2010,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scott Peters’ tax stonewalling, water use shows Romney-esque disconnect

From the Saldaña campaign:

Scott Peters’ tax stonewalling, water use shows Romney-esque disconnect

SAN DIEGO - After weeks of scathing criticism over his failure to release his taxes to the public, Congressional Candidate Scott Peters is now facing renewed questions about his lack of understanding for plight of ordinary citizens and his dubious distinction as San Diego’s biggest water waster.

“Peters’ intransigence on releasing his taxes and his profligate use of scarce public resources indicates that Mr. Peters believes that the rules just don’t apply to him,” said Joe Kocurek, a spokesperson for Lori Saldaña, “And like Mitt Romney- he thinks he can just walk away from his own record.”

Peters used more than a million gallons of water in 2007 on his extensive landscaping in the midst of an 8-year drought, while simultaneously urging ordinary San Diegans to cut back on their water use.

Peters’ water-use was about eight times that of the average San Diegan, and is estimated to be the equivalent to taking a non-stop 7-month shower

“It’s outrageous to squander scarce public resources like water just because you can afford to, while calling on everybody else to sacrifice, ” the spokesperson said.

Peters, whose vast personal wealth is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has been dogged for months to release his tax returns to give the public a clear idea of what percentage of his income is paid in taxes. He has steadfastly refused to do so, leading to speculation that he – like Mitt Romney – pays a lower tax rate than most Americans.

“This fits a pattern of serial hypocrisy,” Kocurek said

“Apparently, Mr. Peters subscribes to the “Romney Doctrine”: Shared sacrifice for everyone - except the 1%."

Democratic candidate Lori Saldaña released her taxes on March 3, and challenged the other contenders for the 52nd Congressional District to do the same. So far, Saldaña is the only candidate to do so.

Lori Saldaña is the Democratic frontrunner in the race to unseat Republican Brian Bilbray in California's newly-drawn 52nd Congressional District, which includes the cities of San Diego, Poway and Coronado.


Debate set for 49th Congressional District

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


From the Roberts Campaign:


(San Diego) -Terry Cox, widow of Staff Sergeant Andrew A. Cox, U.S.A. retired and Edith Smith, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Vincent M. Smith, USMC retired, sent a unique testimonial letter to Dave Roberts, candidate for Third District County Supervisor.

In the letter, Cox and Smith tell the story of how Roberts as an aide over two decades ago had helped "plain ordinary citizens" weed through the government bureaucracy to get "real" help for their severely disabled veteran husbands who had lost medical benefits and needed assistance rectifying an inequity military families.

"Terry and I took our husbands' unjust situation direct to the U.S. Congress and met Dave," said Smith.  "He worked tirelessly with the Department of Defense and a bipartisan group of Members of Congress to obtain successful passage of legislation that helped thousands of military retirees.  Through the years we have remained friends and watched Dave continue to serve others in need."

The legislation Roberts worked on closed a loophole that forced 100 percent disabled military retirees under the age of 65 into the Medicare system - knocking them out of the military's earned healthcare benefit.  Roberts successfully helped pass legislation that allowed disabled retired military to keep their earned military medical benefits as a supplement to Medicare.

"Little things often make a difference in the lives of many," said Cox.  "We want the voters of San Diego to know that Dave's custom of listening to plain ordinary citizens and getting things accomplished in a nonpartisan way is good for all of us!"

Roberts has also been endorsed by former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs under President George W. Bush, Lt. General James R. Peake (retired), U.S. Navy Surgeon General (retired) Harold Koenig, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (retired) Edward D. Martin, and by incumbent Supervisor Pam Slater-Price who is retiring and crossed party lines to support Roberts.

Previously, Roberts served on the U.S. House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee staff and worked in the Pentagon.  Dave Roberts help build a Fortune 500 company in San Diego, is a two-term councilmember and Deputy Mayor of the City of Solana Beach.

For more information, visit his web site at

Ducheny endorsed by the California Teamster's Council

From the Ducheny campaign:

Former Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny's campaign for CD 51 has announced an endorsement from the California Teamster's Council. Ducheny, a Democrat, served six years in the Assembly beginning in 1994 and eight years in the Senate beginning in 2002.

Monday, April 16, 2012

One Week Later, Saldaña Still Fails to Explain Luxury Junkets

From the Peters campaign:

One Week Later, Saldaña Still Fails to Explain Luxury Junkets

Details Still Lacking on $39K in Travel/Gifts from Special Interests

San Diego, CA – One week ago today, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign called on candidate Lori Saldaña to release her expense reports, receipts, itineraries, agendas, correspondence and all other information pertaining to the more than $39,000 in gifts and trips she received from well-funded special interests while serving as a member of the California State Legislature.

Her response last week was that despite staying in five-star accommodations and having her own personal wait staff, the trips were not at all luxurious because she spent one day visiting a swine farm.

“The only response Lori Saldaña provided last week was that she needed a luxury resort and personal butler funded by special interests in order to gain first-hand experience in the science of swine ‘methane recapture’,” said Peters Campaign Manager Robert Dempsey. “That answer hardly passes the smell test and Lori Saldaña needs to come clean about exactly how she spent her time – other than the swine farm – and why such opulent trappings were required on a fact-finding mission.”

Saldaña accepted the majority of the $39,000 in the form of lavish trips to exotic destinations. She traveled to places such as Vietnam, China and Chile where she stayed at posh hotels, enjoyed expensive meals and even had her own personal wait service during a stay in Argentina. These luxurious junkets were funded by oil, gas and utility companies such as Chevron, Pacific Gas and Electric, AT&T and Sempra Energy. All of these corporations wanted her support for legislation that affected their bottom lines. And, she voted in their favor, both before and after the opulent travel.

“Lori Saldaña should release all documentation related to these expenses and explain to the voters how this isn’t a blatant conflict of interest,” he added.

From 2005 through 2009, Saldaña reported receiving $22,058 in travel as gifts, including a 2006 trip to South America. During the trip she stayed at exclusive hotels such as the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, and the five-star Ritz-Carlton in Santiago Chile. While staying at the spectacular Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires, she even had her own personal butler to attend to her.

The 2006 South America trip was paid for by an organization funded by Chevron, AT&T, Sempra Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Comcast and Northern Star Natural Gas. She was joined on the trip by representatives from oil, gas and electricity companies and others.


Obama’s call for Romney to releases taxes echoes Saldaña’s challenge to Scott Peters, Brian Bilbray

From the Saldaña campaign:


Obama’s call for Romney to releases taxes echoes Saldaña’s challenge to Scott Peters, Brian Bilbray

“It’s time to come clean, gentlemen”

SAN DIEGO – Democratic frontrunner, Lori Saldaña’s said that President Obama’s call for Republican Mitt Romney to release his taxes echoes her own repeated challenge to Scott Peters and Brian Bilbray to make their tax public.

“I share with the President a respect for transparency when running for a public office,” Saldaña said. “And that transparency includes letting people know what percentage of our income we pay in taxes.”

“Elected office is a public trust,” she said. “The public deserves to know whether candidates – especially extremely wealthy ones - play by the same rules as everybody else.”

Saldaña challenged the contenders for the 52nd Congressional District to release their taxes on February 22nd. On March 3rd she released her own tax returns to the San Diego Union-Tribune for publication on their website.

Brian Bilbray has agreed to release his taxes, but has not yet to done so.

Scott Peters - whose vast personal wealth is speculated to match or even exceed Mitt Romney’s - has refused to make his taxes public.

But the April 17th deadline has made the issue especially salient in the minds of the voters.

“This is insulting to the public,” Saldaña said. “We are approaching two months since I challenged Bilbray and Peters to release their taxes,” she said. “It’s time to come clean, gentlemen, about what you make, how you make it, and what you pay in taxes.”

She noted that Peters, Bilbray and Romney know the public is outraged by special tax breaks enjoyed by the extremely wealthy, so she is not surprised that the candidates are playing elaborate games of evasion, hoping the public will forget about it.

“This year, the public is definitely not in the mood to forget about it,” she said.

"I shared my tax return weeks ago. Voters are asking me: When will my opponents do the same? What do they have to hide?"

"It's simple: I believe in transparency," Saldaña continued "When I talk with San Diegans and hear their stories, it's clear many are still struggling as the economy improves. By releasing my tax returns I want them to know: I get it. I hear you loud and clear. My family's a lot like your family."