Saturday, March 1, 2008

Everyone think they are Obama these days

It seems every where you go in Democratic circles these days every candidate is comparing themselves to Obama. Mike Aguirre made the comparison in Voice of San Diego . Auday Arabo has been drawing the comparison, as stated in a previous post. So, where are our local Hillarys?

Questions about the local GOP

1) There looks to be a number of Ron Paul supporters taking out papers for Republican Central Committee. Will it make a difference in what the San Diego Republican Party does?

2) Give the number of IE’s, donors, and others involved in elections, does the San Diego Republican Party actually matter or is it a straw man for other interests that can actually get something done?

3) Given the bang–up job that Nehring is doing in Sacramento, can we expect a similar legacy of “leadership” from the San Diego Republican Party?

Barack Obama = Matt Santos

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Candidate in District 5?

Well, I guess it is official. Republican Carl Demaio will face a serious challenger in d5. The County Clerk shows a George George pulled papers today. Funny name. But, he is legit. Has Jen Tierney as a consultant (think consultant to Bonnie Dumanis, Kevin Faulconer, Todd Gloria, Michael Zucchett, Firefighters) I hear he is a retired Fire Chief. Not bad for a district that just was so heavily affected by the fires. Also, I hear he is a VERY moderate. Perfect! Now, if only someone would start telling the truth about Carl Demaio. I anticipate that day will come.

Friday - Quick Hits

Documents reveal that city council granted Mike Aguirre permission to litigate over pension benefits. UT

Brian Maienschein officially kicks off his campaign for city attorney. UT

Art Madrid saga continues as La Mesa city council probe into the incident. UT

What about Floyd Morrow? Steve Francis wants to have 8 debates with Mayor Sanders. UT

Tri-city decides against placing another bond measure on June ballot. UT NCTimes

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Developers are biggest donors in San Diego elections

Developers are biggest donors in San Diego elections
CPI analysis reveals campaign contributions by industry

The big money in this year's San Diego city elections is coming from the real estate and development industry.

Donors connected to real estate and development interests already have given $228,345 -- far more than any other industry -- to the campaigns for mayor, city attorney and four city council seats. That’s 21 percent of the total $1.08 million the candidates received from donors in 2007. Candidates gave another $280,105 to their own campaigns.

The industry analysis by the Center on Policy Initiatives is based on donations made through December, which candidates had to report to the city clerk on Jan. 31. The next filing of donations received since then will be on March 24.

CPI makes all the reported donations available in an online, searchable database called Follow the Money. The industry categories are assigned based on the occupation and employer information supplied by donors.

Real estate and development was the biggest spending industry in all six contests, topped only by the total for miscellaneous individuals in two races and by the aggregated sector of lawyers, lobbyists and advocacy organizations in the city attorney's race.

The largest chunk of the real estate and development money -- $90,803 -- has gone to the mayoral race, all of it to incumbent Jerry Sanders, since challenger Steve Francis is self-funding his campaign. Development-connected donors also have given $49,970 in the District 5 Council race, 94% of it to candidate Carl DeMaio.

Other sectors contributing sizable amounts, and their totals for the six campaigns, include:
· Lawyers, lobbyists and advocacy organizations: $117,923
· Finance and insurance: $76,560
· High-tech and biotech: $62,932
· Business services: $62, 575
· Tourism: $54,218

For more details, the Follow the Money database can be searched by donor name, employer and other factors. Candidates who did not file statements with at least $1,000 in contributions by Dec. 31 are not included. Loans and independent expenditures by political organizations are not included.

Labor Council Membership Endorses Scott Peters for San Diego City Attorney

The membership of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council voted to endorse Council President Scott Peters’ candidacy for San Diego City Attorney last night.

The endorsement was based on Peters’ demonstrated respect for public service, his commitment to San Diego and his desire to bring civility back to city government.

“We represent thousands of firefighters, nurses, teachers, letter carriers, social workers, sanitation engineers and other public servants,” said Lorena Gonzalez, secretary-treasurer of the Labor Council. “We need elected representatives who understand and respect the value of these jobs, and don’t simply vilify people who work for a living. Electing Council President Peters as City Attorney will help bring an end to divisive politics in our fine city.”

The Council also voted for a tri-endorsement in the race for San Diego City Council District 3. The unprecedented move for a triple endorsement of candidates Todd Gloria, John Hartley and Stephen Whitburn came after all three candidates’ demonstrated to the Labor Council’s Committee on Political Education their commitment to lift up San Diego’s working families.

“Although individual unions may have favored one candidate over the others, we all agreed that we had never had such a pro-labor trio of candidates vying for our endorsement in a San Diego City Council race,” said Gonzalez. “Whoever is elected in District 3, it is clear that the working men and women of San Diego will have a true advocate on our City Council.”

The tri-endorsement allows individual unions to independently endorse a specific candidate in the race, if they so desire.

The Labor Council also endorsed San Diego City Council District 1 Candidate Sherri Lighter and San Diego School Board Candidates Richard Berrera and Shelia Jackson. The Labor Council also recommended to California Labor Federation the endorsements for Assembly Candidate Marty Block (78th AD), Greg Pettis (80th AD) and Congressional Candidate Nick Leibham (50th CD).

Thursday - Quick Hits

Art you should have called yourself a taxi. More questions being asked regarding special treatment by police for a drunken mayor of La Mesa. UT

Recruiting is up and attrition is down for San Diego Police since the pay raise last year. UT

State Sen. Christine Kehoe taking the lead on making it easier for communities to raise the revenue necessary for more fire protection. NCTimes

Noticeable positive effects since alcohol ban has gone into affect in beach area. UT

Three days of marathon hearing by the PUC over Sunrise Powerlink, vast overwhelming majority opposed to it. UT

City of Santee votes to become a charter city. Will place measure on November ballot. UT

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karen Bass to be the Next Speaker of the Assembly

The SacBee is reporting tonight that:

Assemblywoman Karen Bass has secured the votes to become the next speaker of the California Assembly, elevating an African American woman to the post for the first time in California history, several Democratic colleagues said tonight. [Link]
This is great news since in my opinion the reign of Fabian Núñez as Assembly Speaker cannot come to an end soon enough.

What is going on in the City Attorney's Race?

For the last week, I have been hearing all sorts of things happenings in the race for city attorney. Take all of it with a grain of salt, but here is what I have heard from multiple sources.

Mike Aguirre: I have been told that Pat Flannery who publishes the Blog of San Diego, has taken on a prominent role in Aguirre's re-election campaign. You got to wonder how at good and open government type like Pat will get along with Al Ducheny, who I understand is managing Aguirre's campaign.

Dan Coffey: With Scott Peters entry into the race there has been an effort by the friends of Scott, to get some of the other Democrats to drop out of the race. Lee Burdick saw the handwriting on the wall; dropped out and endorsed Peters. As of this writing, I'm told that Dan Coffey has been approached but has decided to continue in the race.

Jan Goldsmith: This is the most interesting thing I have heard. Apparently, he was caught off guard by the entry of Brian Maienschein into the race and this has created a bit of turmoil in some Republican circles. I understand that he is having a harder time raising money than he expected. I have also been told that he really doesn't want to fight itout in a contested primary and might drop out of the race before the filing period ends.

Wednesday - Quick Hits

La Mesa mayor tries to explain to council last night, the drinking and driving incident from last week. UT

City of Santee set to discuss becoming a Charter City. UT

City council once again cannot say no to a developer. UT

State budget crisis hits North County. Oceanside school district looks to close two schools and Carlsbad school district looks to fire 185 teachers and staff. UT

Still more on the budget crisis, San Marcos schools decides to layoff 120 teachers and staff. NCTimes

Federal government moving forward with $577 million expansion plan for San Ysidro border crossing. UT

More on house crisis, San Diego posted largest drop nationally in home depreciation during Q4 in 2007. NCTimes VOSD

SD City Council 7: Who’s on first?

After what appeared to be a sustained campaign to stick something on her, the right-wingers won in getting the Emerald campaign to reveal her donors.

I’m not here to debate the merits of whether what Marti did was right or wrong. What concerns me is that she responded to this matter in a way that the accusers wanted her to. In doing what was asked, her campaign has become reactive rather than active.

In letting the Republicans set the tone, the Boling campaign could lead the Emerald campaign into a place it doesn’t want to be in and pull out a win. I believe it was The Art of War that emphasized never letting your enemy set the battlefield otherwise they will set it to their advantage and you will lose.

Remer is know for wasting a lot of money on mail and getting it out late, not cultivating strategy and building winning coalitions. As far as I know, Jacobson has never run a race.

I am now raising a flag of warning to the Emerald camp that this is their race to lose. The early signs are there. This is far from over and I hope that this post won’t forecast the future.

Nevertheless, as someone who reflexively spits out Kool-aid, I have to call this one as I see it, without the sugary-sweetened goggles on.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday - Quick Hits

City council decides to postpone pay raise recommendations. UT

In La Mesa, police provided taxi service for drunken mayor to get home. UT

City council to hear appeal on Broadway Complex proposal today. UT

Another day, another report on last October's wildfires. This one avoids criticism of Cal Fire. UT

Federal agency in their infinite wisdom has decided to relocate 25,000 lbs of emergency medical supplies from San Diego County to Los Angeles County in order to save a few dollars. NCTimes

Boycott the San Diego U-T

Join the Rally

Today, February 26th
Time: 12p.m
Location: U-T, 350 Camino de la Reina, San Diego, CA 92104

The U-T is trying to bust the Teamsters in its latest negotiations. The contract being proposed will destroy the working families at the U-T.

Under the proposed contract:
  • Wages cut by 40 percent.
  • Employees' children not covered by company-paid insurance.
  • Union employees will pay 50% of insurance premiums while non-Union will pay 5%.
  • Eliminate seniority for vacations shift selection.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Labor Council's Delegate Fight

This Wednesday, the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council's delegates will again have a fight over whether to endorse CA-53 Representative Susan Davis.

Susan Davis was originally endorsed by the Labor Council back in 2000, when she took on Representative Brian Bilbray in his former district. Bilbray was a bad vote time and time again at both the local and the national level for Labor. So, they organized, as unions know how, and helped then Assemblymember Davis beat Bilbray and sent her to the House of Representatives.

Representative Davis made a controversial vote during her first term by voting for CAFTA. This earned her the wrath of Labor in the following election cycle. Davis made it through the election without issue. However, time and time again she comes before Labor, asks for their support and time and time again Labor never forgets and never forgives her for that vote.

There seems to be no consideration by the local unions of Representative Davis’ overall record. She has voted for minimum wage increases, Head Start funding, the Employee Free Choice Act, environmental and labor rights including in future trade deals, healthcare reform, welfare re-authorization and so forth. Even though, the sentiments among the anti-Davis folks are strong, she still continues to receive the support by some of the labor unions that make up the Labor Council. Take a look at her PAC numbers; she receives money from AFSCME, AFT, Postal Workers, Fire Fighters, Letter Carriers, SEIU, Boilermakers, Transport Workers and so forth.

Labor needs to ask themselves the hard question. Do they oppose Susan Davis yet again this year, or try to reach out to her and figure out how they can work together? Does Labor move forward or continue to look backwards this Wednesday night? I hope they look forward. TQ


Well, I hope the naysayers on the Right are happy. Troubleshooter Mart Emerald released all of her donors under $100 today and clearly there wasn't much to write home about. As expected, her low-end donors included a couple dozen retirees, about half a dozen union organizers and business agents, a handful of non-profit types, a couple of independent writers, and a few interesting Republicans. (Do the names Horsman or Roth sound familiar?) The funny thing was how few $99 donations she received. Most under $100 looked legit... $25 or $50.

Some other interesting things to note: 3 EDCO (Trash Haulers) executives gave at $95 each (Is $95 the new $99?)

Mayor of Lemon Grove - Mary Sessom - lists educator as her job, as does Lemon Grove School Board Member George Gastil. Guess they don't want to fess up?

Monday - Quicks Hits

Hypocrisy in action, GOP complains about earmarks but it hasn't stop Representatives Hunter, Issa and Bilbray from securing their own earmarks. NCTimes

Housing crisis continues. Home sales fall to their lowest level in a decade. UT

Cliff erosion is forcing NOAA to evacuate to buildings in La Jolla. UT

State might consider raising gas tax to offset revenue shortfall. NCTimes

Cities of Carlsbad and Oceanside discuss possible land swap. NCTimes

Sunday, February 24, 2008

78th AD – Sherard?

Last week, a debate was held in Bonita in which Arabo, Block, Ricasa, and Sherard were invited. After waiting for quite some time for Sherard, the debate went forward.

Does anybody, outside of some Republicans looking to play spoiler, think Sherard has a prayer in this race? Arabo has the money, Block ahs the establishment, and Ricasa has the street cred.

Other than being the sacrificial lamb in the last cycle, what does Sherard bring to the race that makes her credible?

Does anyone know?

Honestly, the fact that she got the nomination last time wasn’t all that shocking especially in a low turnout primary. This time, she has real competition on the ground, which is where she got her support in 2006.

I don’t think she has a shot unless the Republicans offer to pay off her campaign debts and use her as cover to viciously attack the Democratic nominee.