Sunday, February 24, 2008

78th AD – Sherard?

Last week, a debate was held in Bonita in which Arabo, Block, Ricasa, and Sherard were invited. After waiting for quite some time for Sherard, the debate went forward.

Does anybody, outside of some Republicans looking to play spoiler, think Sherard has a prayer in this race? Arabo has the money, Block ahs the establishment, and Ricasa has the street cred.

Other than being the sacrificial lamb in the last cycle, what does Sherard bring to the race that makes her credible?

Does anyone know?

Honestly, the fact that she got the nomination last time wasn’t all that shocking especially in a low turnout primary. This time, she has real competition on the ground, which is where she got her support in 2006.

I don’t think she has a shot unless the Republicans offer to pay off her campaign debts and use her as cover to viciously attack the Democratic nominee.


Anonymous said...

Sherard should just get out know while the getting is good. She hasn't spent anything and Arabo and Block campaigns will toast her in the primary.

Anonymous said...

No. Arabo is a Republican, Block is the new Vince Hall and Ricasa has no money. Why not Sherard?

Anonymous said...

You know, it doesn't matater who gets out of the democratic primary. Mcann brings nothing to the table. i guess he may pull the white republican Chula Vista vote,and some north of the 8 white Republican vote, but no way does he get the cross overs that Horton got. I think Arlie would beat him by 8% at least, Marty by 5%, Auday or Maxine would squeak by with a 2-3% win. Huge dem turnout in Nov.

Anonymous said...

If you are new to tracking this race, check out over 200 organizations and individuals who are disgusted with Arabo:

Anonymous said...

Sherard has name recognition. Several million of it. It's not insignificant. And when she was running against the much-better-financed Arlie Ricasa and Patty Davis in 2004, Sherard still got 25% or so of the primary votes. She is in fact a serious contender for the nomination, even if she's an unserious campaigner. I don't think she'd be a good advocate for the district, but Democrats would be ignoring history if they ignored her candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she got third... out of three! In 2002 she came near last out of five! The serious campaigner will win the primary, which is good because we'll need him to seriously campaign against McCann to hold this seat.