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San Diego’s Longest Serving City Clerk Chuck Abdelnour Endorses Dave Roberts for Supervisor

SAN DIEGO – Chuck Abdelnour, the San Diego City Clerk for 28 years, joins the growing list of regional leaders endorsing Solana Beach Deputy Mayor Dave Roberts to be the next Third District County Supervisor.

“San Diego County needs experienced leaders like Dave Roberts who understand the importance of working with local neighborhoods, community planning groups, and the City of San Diego in a mutually beneficial manner,” retired city clerk Chuck Abdelnour said. “I am pleased to offer Dave Roberts my endorsement as someone who will take the time and effort to listen to City officials and work on issues and concerns that affect both the city and the county.”

The San Diego City Clerk is responsible for the administration of City elections and the administration and maintenance of all official records of the City.

“I am honored to add Chuck Abdelnour’s endorsement to my growing list of supporters,” said Dave Roberts. “I have a proven track record of working collaboratively with the City of San Diego on expanding and maintaining the San Dieguito River Valley Park and improving public safety programs.”

Abdelnour earned his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University and received his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He began working with the city of San Diego in 1974 as an assistant director in community relations and was appointed city clerk in 1977. Among his more notable accomplishments: developed live streaming of all City Council and committee meetings; helped move city government into the cyber age; and set forth pioneering legislation to create an all-mail ballot, which has since been adopted in many states saving significant taxpayer dollars.

More than 130 bipartisan leaders and key organizations are supporting Dave Roberts for Supervisor including incumbent Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, former Bush Administration Secretary of Veterans Affairs Lt. General Jim Peake (retired), former White House Physician Rear Admiral (retired) Connie Mariano, U.S. Green Chamber, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters and the Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley. In addition, four local newspapers including La Prenza and San Diego CityBeat have endorsed his campaign.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Seriously, Brian?

San Diego – In a hugely embarrassing turn of events for Brian Bilbray today, his campaign was caught in a silly attempt to deceive the voters and the media.

After issuing a news release accusing Scott Peters of “ducking” a morning debate on talk radio that was orchestrated by Bilbray, the Peters campaign produced an e-mail exchange between the show’s host and the campaign in which the host acknowledges that neither he nor his staff ever contacted Peters to schedule the debate.  The Bilbray campaign was aware of these facts, yet attempted to lay blame on the Peters campaign regardless.

“This would be laughable, if it weren’t so incredibly wrong,” said Peters’ spokeswoman, MaryAnne Pintar.  “There are so many serious issues to discuss, and Brian Bilbray wants to play games with the truth. No wonder this has been the most unproductive Congress in history.”

The Peters campaign has accepted every debate request that has been made of them. Brian Bilbray, in contrast, has rebuffed nearly every invitation, including Voice of San Diego Politifest, the North County Chamber of Commerce, KPBS Radio, and the Green Experts Academy and The Sustainability Alliance of Southern California.

The full exchange between Pintar and radio talk show host Mike Slater is below:

From: Michael Slater 
Date: Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: Scott Peters?

To: MaryAnne 

Hey MaryAnne, here is the E-mail of our producer

On Sep 27, 2012, at 7:59 AM, Michael Slater wrote:

 I am so sorry. I heard you just talked to Anna.

The Bilbray team came to us to schedule a debate. I asked them to pick a date, and I assumed (absolutely my fault) that they were working with your team for the debate. I'm very sorry for the confusion.
I've attached our producer Anna Myatt to this E-mail. I hope we can schedule a debate as soon as possible!

Thanks MaryAnne. Sorry again for the drama
(I'm sure you don't need any more of it this busy time of year!)

On Sep 27, 2012, at 6:54 AM, MaryAnne wrote:
Mike --
I just saw a tweet from 760 announcing that Scott Peters would be facing off with Brian Bilbray on your show this morning. While I know the Bilbray campaign suggested a debate on your show in a news release a few weeks back, we have never been contacted by you or your producer to schedule this.

Unlike Mr. Bilbray, we have welcomed every opportunity to debate face to face to address issues important to the voters. Mr. Bilbray has ducked several. We would be happy to come on your show as we have in the past at a date and time that works for both of us. However, the courtesy of an invitation would be appreciated.

Scott has another commitment this morning but I look forward to hearing from you with an explanation about this morning's announcement.

MaryAnne Pintar
Communications Director
Scott Peters for Congress

Additionally, Michael Slater issued the following statement today:

On August 21, the Bilbray campaign approached me to host a debate on the radio between Congressman Bilbray and Scott Peters. I of course agreed to host.

This morning at 7:00, the day and time of the scheduled debate, I received an E-mail from the Peters campaign saying they were never officially invited to debate on the air. I never reached out to the Peters campaign because I assumed the campaigns were coordinating the debate schedules and appearances together. I take full responsibility for not confirming with both campaigns.

I hope we can find a time as soon as possible where the Congressman and Councilman can come on the air for an honest discussion of the issues San Diegans care about the most.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Facts About the Ryan/Brian Plan to End Medicare As We Know It

San Diego – In anticipation of a news conference being held by Brian Bilbray today, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign issued the following Fact Check about the Ryan/Brian budget plan, which ends Medicare as we know it and is opposed by the American Association of Retired Persons. Reporters are encouraged to be armed with these facts:

PolitiFact Called the Claim that Democrats Cut Medicare by $700 Billion a “Pants on Fire” Lie. In a series of news releases dealing with the national health care reform law, the National Republican Congressional Committee claimed 37 House Democrats were “willing to jeopardize seniors’ access to coverage by gutting $741 billion from Medicare” to pay for a “big-government healthcare takeover.” PolitiFact wrote “There’s only one ruling for such heated and misleading claims: Pants on Fire!” [PolitiFact, 8/19/12]
PolitiFact: The Affordable Care Act Does Not Cut Current Medicare Benefits.
 As PolitFact noted, “The bill doesn't take money out of the current Medicare budget but, rather, it attempts to slow the program's future growth, curtailing just over $500 billion in anticipated spending increases over the next 10 years.” [, 9/12/11]
2011: AARP: Ryan’s Plan (That Brian Bilbray voted for twice) Would Increase Health Care Costs for Older Americans.
AARP CEO Addison Barry Rand wrote to Members of Congress on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget resolution. In the letter, Rand wrote: “this proposal simply shifts these high and growing costs onto Medicare beneficiaries, and it then shifts even higher costs of increased uninsured care onto everyone else. […] By creating a ‘premium support’ system for future Medicare beneficiaries, the proposal is likely to simply increase costs for beneficiaries while removing Medicare’s promise of secure health coverage -- a guarantee that future seniors have contributed to through a lifetime of hard work.” [AARP Letter, 3/21/12]

Bloomberg: The Affordable Care Act Does Not Cut Medicare Benefits
. “The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that Obama pushed for doesn’t cut Medicare; it simply reduces projected future increases in costs by $700 billion over 10 years.” [Bloomberg, 8/13/12]

2011: Ryan Budget Would Affect Those 55 and Over by Increasing Their Prescription Drug Costs.
In 2011, it was reported that the Ryan Plan would affect seniors 55 and older by increasing their costs for prescription drugs. “The policies in the House GOP budget, if enacted, would begin affecting millions of seniors almost immediately by increasing their costs for prescription drugs and probably long-term care.” [National Journal, 6/6/11]

2011: Paul Ryan’s Budget Retained Medicare Savings Voted on by Republican-Controlled Congress. The Republican claim that health care reform “cut” $716 from Medicare was criticized by a New York Times editorial as a mischaracterization because Paul Ryan’s budget approved by the Republican-controlled Congress retained virtually the same Medicare savings. “In reality, the $716 billion is not a “cut” in benefits but rather the savings in costs that the Congressional Budget Office projects over the next decade from wholly reasonable provisions in the reform law.” [Editorial, New York Times, 8/18/12]

2011: Bilbray Voted for the House Republican Budget Which Would Cost Seniors More Than $6,000. In 2011, Bilbray voted for the Republican plan to “significantly increase the out-of-pocket costs of health care for Medicare beneficiaries. In fact, out‐of‐pocket health care costs will more than double under the Republican plan. Based on estimates from the non‐partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the typical 65-year-old’s out-of-pocket health care costs will increase from $6,154 to $12,513 in 2022—or an extra $6,359.” [Congressional Joint Economic Committee, 5/20/11; H. Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11]

2012: Brian Bilbray Voted for House Republican Budget That Would Give People Making Over $1 Million Per Year a $394,000 Tax Cut.“New analysis by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC) finds that people earning more than $1 million a year would receive $265,000 apiece in new tax cuts, on average, on top of the $129,000 they would receive from the Ryan budget’s extension of President Bush’s tax cuts.” [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3/27/12; see also Tax Policy Center, Table T12-0078 and T10-0132; H Con Res 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12]

2011: Congressman Bilbray Voted to End Medicare, Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires, Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil.
On April 15, 2011, Congressman Bilbray voted for a budget which “would essentially end Medicare.” If enacted, this budget would begin affecting millions of seniors almost immediately by increasing the costs on prescription drugs and long-term care. For future beneficiaries, the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will increase health care costs by an extra $6,359 by 2022. The Republican plan would also lower the top tax rate to 25% and will provide people with incomes over $1 million an average tax cut of $125,000 per year. The plan would secure no deficit-reduction contribution at all from closing special interest tax breaks, such as breaks for big oil companies. [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11; National Journal, 6/2/11; CBO, 4/5/11; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/20/11]

2012: Congressman Bilbray Voted to Slash Medicare, Give Tax Breaks for Millionaires, Encourage Companies to Ship Jobs Overseas. On March 29, 2012, Congressman Bilbray supported a budget that would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit, protects $40 billion in tax breaks for big oil, provides people earning more than $1 million a year with an average tax cut of $394,000, and provides incentives for corporations to shift profits and jobs overseas. [H Con Res 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12; New York Times Editorial, 3/20/12; Center for American Progress, 3/20/12; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/12/12; Tax Policy Center, Table T12-0078 and T10-0132; Citizens for Tax Justice, 3/22/12]

Join Congressman Bob Filner September 28th For a Civil Rights Legacy Celebration and Press Conference at SDSU

Stuart Milk
Hon. Bennie Thompson
Dolores Huerta (invited)
Congressman Bob Filner
SDSU President Hirshman(invited) and many others!


San Diego State University Hepner Hall.


A Civil Rights Legacy Celebration and Press Conference to honor those who made the cause of civil rights and equality their own, giving a voice to those who had none.


September 28, 2012
Reception starts at 11:00am, Press conference starts at 11:40am

Coming on the 15-S: Take 15 South then merge onto the 8 East Freeway towards El Centro. Take exit 10 for College Avenue and stay to the right. Turn Right onto Aztec Cir Drive. Campus on the Right Hand Side.

From South County: Take 15 North to 8 East.  Take exit 10 for College Avenue and stay to the right. Turn Right onto Aztec Cir Drive. Campus on the Right Hand Side

For questions call 619-231-6200

Veterans Organization Endorses Dr. Shirley Weber for Assembly

SAN DIEGO – The membership of the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego has voted to support Dr. Shirley Weber’s campaign for 79th Assembly District.

Club President, Armando Telles, a retired Marine, noted that Dr. Weber’s depth and breadth of Dr. Weber’s work in the community demonstrates her commitment to working for underserved constituencies, including veterans.

“We need leaders who actually listen to the concerns of veterans and military families,” Telles said. “Shirley Weber has shown that she will not only listen, but that she will be our voice in Sacramento.”

In addition to hosting several major military installations, San Diego is home to the nation’s largest number of veterans returning from active duty in the Middle East - over 28,000 - and one of the nation’s largest concentrations of military families.

Weber, a longtime professor at San Diego State University, said she will work in Sacramento to ensure that educational and employment opportunities are available to returning service members, but doesn’t believe our efforts should stop there.

“Education and jobs are essential,” Weber said. “But homelessness has become a disturbingly common among returning service members.

“Because of combat-related injuries, PTSD and other issues, many of these men and women are struggling just to provide the basics for themselves and their families,” she said. “We have an obligation to provide the support and services they need help to get on their feet, get back into in the workforce and make a successful transition to civilian life.”

Weber came in first place in the six person primary, winning over 30 percent of the overall vote. Over 57 percent of the overall vote went to Democratic candidates with just over 40 percent going to Republicans.

About Dr. Shirley Weber
Born to sharecroppers in Hope, Arkansas, Shirley Weber has lived in California since the age of three. Educated in our state’s public schools, she received her BA, MA and PhD from UCLA by the time she was 26. A respected community advocate known for her work on closing the academic achievement gap for children of color, Dr. Weber is the former President of the San Diego School Board. She currently serves as the mayor’s appointee and Chair of the Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission, and is a professor at SDSU. Dr. Weber has lived in the 79th Assembly District for over 
30 years.

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California Democratic Party Chairman, John Burton, Endorses Proposition 39

Measure Will Improve California’s Economy, Public Services and Environment

SACRAMENTO – The Yes on Proposition 39 campaign announced today that California Democratic Party Chairman, John Burton, has endorsed Proposition 39, the November 2012 ballot measure that will close a corporate tax loophole, bringing dollars and jobs back to California.

“This out-of-state corporate tax loophole costs California more than $1 billion every year. By closing this loophole California has a chance to not only improve our economy but our environment as well,” Burton said. “I urge all Californians to say ‘yes’ to clean energy, job creation, public safety, education, and health and human services by voting ‘yes’ on Proposition 39.”

John Burton is considered one of California’s most effective and experienced legislative and political leaders. A consistent backer of environmental, labor and human rights legislation, Burton further demonstrates his commitment to bettering the lives of Californians by supporting Proposition 39, which will support California-based businesses and provide significant new revenues to the state’s General Fund.

“John Burton has consistently fought for a better California and we are grateful to have earned his support for Prop 39. The measure will return more than $1 billion to California every year, revenues that will be used to boost the clean energy jobs sector and fund important state General Fund programs, including education, and social and health services for seniors, children and the disabled,” said Tom Steyer, Campaign Co-Chair for Yes on Prop 39.

“Prop 39 will close a loophole that gives out-of-state corporations an unfair advantage over companies that invest and locate here in California,” said Senator Kevin de León (D-Sacramento), Campaign Co-Chair for Yes on Prop 39.  “This measure will level the playing field for California businesses and generate tens of thousands of jobs. We greatly appreciate the support of John Burton as we work to educate voters on the benefits of Prop 39.”

 Proposition 39 will add fairness back to California’s tax system by implementing a single sales factor for multistate companies operating in the state. This will eliminate the incentives out-of-state companies currently have to not employ many Californians or invest in property here, two factors that are keeping their taxes lower than their California-based counterparts.
For the first five years, Proposition 39 will dedicate half of the revenues recovered to job-creating energy efficiency and clean energy programs. These programs will include projects at schools and government buildings such as installing solar panels, upgrading old heating and cooling systems, swapping out old windows and installing other energy-saving technologies.

The other half of the revenues will go to our state’s general fund – helping to balance the budget and sending hundreds of millions of dollars to our public school system, social and health services, transportation and prisons. After five years, all of the revenues will go into the general fund, a permanent investment in our state’s future.
Prop 39 is supported by a diverse coalition of groups and individuals, including the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, California Nurses Association, American Lung Association - California, CA NOW, California Alliance for Retired Americans, California Church IMPACT, Latin Business Association, California Labor Federation, CleanTECH San Diego, Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council, Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Business Council, California Community College Trustees, and the California League of Conservation Voters.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mayor of La Mesa, National City Councilmembers Endorse Shirley Weber for Assembly

SAN DIEGO – The Mayor of La Mesa, Art Madrid, and National City Council Members Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Mona Rios and Luis Natividad have endorsed Dr. Shirley Weber’s campaign to represent the 79th Assembly District.

La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid, a Republican, said he sees Weber as a problem solver.

“Any candidate for public office should demonstrate an ability to address today’s issues in a way that mitigates those problems,” he said “Dr. Weber has a history of demonstrating these skills.”

Vice-Mayor of National City Alejandra Sotelo-Solis also offered praise for Weber.
“Shirley Weber’s got energy, experience from years of community service and an understanding of the 79th Assembly District,” she said. “She will bring all of these qualities to the job of serving the district and moving our communities forward”

Weber said the growing support from the local elected officials, including from Republicans is a reflection of shared priorities.

“The representatives of these communities know that I am committed policies that improve schools, grow the economy and generate good-paying jobs, Weber said. “And that I get results.”

“I am looking forward to working with them on issues that improve the economic health of their communities,” she said.

The newly-drawn 79th Assembly District encompasses five municipalities, including the cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Lemon Grove, National City and La Mesa.

With the addition of the endorsements of the La Mesa’s mayor and the majority of National City Council Members, Weber has now garnered support from elected officials spanning all five cities, including La Mesa City Council Member Dave Allen, Lemon Grove City Council Member George Gastil, San Diego City Council Members Marti Emerald, David Alvarez and Tony Young, and Chula Vista City Council Member Pamela Bensoussan.

Weber came in first place in the six person primary, winning over 30 percent of the overall vote. Over 57 percent of the overall vote went to Democratic candidates with just over 40 percent going to Republicans.

About Dr. Shirley Weber
Born to sharecroppers in Hope, Arkansas, Shirley Weber has lived in California since the age of three. Educated in our state’s public schools, she received her BA, MA and PhD from UCLA by the time she was 26. A respected community advocate known for her work on closing the academic achievement gap for children of color, Dr. Weber is the former President of the San Diego School Board. She currently serves as the mayor’s appointee and Chair of the Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission, and is a professor at SDSU. Dr. Weber has lived in the 79th Assembly District for over 30 years.

To learn more, visit