Saturday, August 8, 2009

‘Steinberg v. Schwarzenegger’ Constitutional Lawsuit to be Filed Next Week

August 7, 2009

‘Steinberg v. Schwarzenegger’ Constitutional Lawsuit to be Filed Next Week

SACRAMENTO – Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) today announced that he will file a lawsuit against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger early next week that contends the Governor violated his constitutional authority in making line item vetoes to portions of the Legislature’s budget revision bill in July.

The suit will be called: “Steinberg v. Schwarzenegger.”

“We elected a governor, not an emperor,” Steinberg said. “In making these line item vetoes the Governor forced punishing cuts on children, the disabled and patients that he couldn’t win fairly at the bargaining table. And in doing so, he overstepped his constitutional authority.”

On Wednesday, the non-partisan 93-year-old Legislative Counsel Bureau issued an opinion that made clear that the Governor had no right to unilaterally undo the budget agreement, causing further harm to people and violating his constitutional authority and the checks and balances contained in our constitution.

In its opinion, the Legislative Counsel Bureau said that a Governor can only line item veto “appropriations,” and what the Legislature sent him on July 24th were not “appropriations” – they were revised reductions in existing, previously enacted appropriations that we made in February.

See the opinion here:

Steinberg said he will use his campaign funds to pay for the lawsuit, which will be filed in San Francisco Superior Court. While the lawsuit will address the Governor’s constitutional authority, the breadth of the suit will be determined by Steinberg’s attorneys and other plaintiffs may be added.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I am running for Chula Vista City Council


For Immediate Release
August 6, 2009


Humberto Peraza announced today that he has formed a campaign committee to run for Chula Vista City Council.

“As a young father, I want to do everything possible to make Chula Vista a better place for our families,” said Peraza. “As a member of the City Council, I will focus on delivering basic services, such as police, fire and parks, while we balance the budget. In these tough times, I will make job creation and revitalizing our local economy a
top priority.”

Humberto Peraza enters the City Council race with the support of Congressman Bob Filner, who has represented Chula Vista in the Congress since 1992.

Peraza served as District Chief of Staff for Filner for four and a half years, helping local communities secure federal funding for transportation and other community projects.

Currently serving as Senior Policy Advisor to San Diego Council President Ben Hueso, Peraza was appointed by Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla to the Chula Vista Charter Review Commission and was elected as Chair of the Commission. He also is a member of the board of the League of Conservation Voters.

The Peraza campaign is off to a quick start with a strong leadership team, including Paola Avila of AB Consulting and Development, Rose Kapolczynski of Progressive Strategy Partners and Kelli Maruccia of KM Strategies.

The primary will be held in June 2010 and the runoff, if necessary, will be held in November 2010. Humberto Peraza is running for Chula Vista City Council Seat 2, currently held by Councilmember John McCann. McCann is unable to run for reelection due to term limits.

Peraza attended public schools in San Diego and graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Peraza, 35, lives with his wife Lisa and sons Ben, 5, and Dylan, 2, in East Chula Vista.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rep. Bob Filner (CA-51) draws a line in the sand

Quick Hits

I leave town for a bit and all the good stuff happens. I’m citing articles that have been piling up in my inbox:

Candidates Fundraising Prowess (SDUT 8/3/09)

Kevin leads all with $72K. No surprise here. Wayne is in 2nd with $26,542 minus 5K he lent himself which puts him at 21K. Very good in this economic climate. Alvarez in 3rd with $16K is very good and a surprise. Labor has been dissing his chances yet he comes out stronger than anyone else in the 8th district. This should raise eyebrows.

DeMaio and Privitization (Voice of SD, 8/3/09)

Carl, in his latest act of performance “art”, ranted about the city’s lack of progress implementing privatization. I call it “art” because, were he serious, he would call the Mayor out for not doing anything and would name names let alone try to do something as a member of the same government that is supposed to implement privatization rather than take up time on the City Government channel.

Bejerano’s Fundraising Prowess (SDUT 8/6/09)

Because there are nothing but Republicans playing to their base for Sheriff, Bejarano can easily slide in through appealing to the other half of the electorate that isn’t beholden to the right. His commanding fundraising lead so far looks to put him in a grand position to make this a real race.

CA Assembly’s Profile in Courage This Week (LA Times, 8/6/09)

28 members of the Assembly voted to OK offshore oil drilling. That record has been expunged. Good thing to know that our tax dollars are paying for elected who would rather cover their ass than defend them. I never thought I'd say this, but when the CDP has the balls to go on record for issues we believe in and the Assembly, where in name we have a majority, won't, the old order is ready for a fall.