Friday, April 17, 2009

CA Gov Race – April 09

With Garamendi running for Congress, let’s look at where the top contenders are:

He’s been here and in every other major media market in the state pumping up his name ID and earning chits among the local activists for showing up. But it is very early and it remains to be seen if he can transfer this early momentum into something real when the other candidates turn on their campaigns.

Like the mayor from the other city in California, Los Angeles. (Funny how most people from the East Coast know of SF or LA but don’t pay too much, if any, respect to SD unless you’re talking about the zoo) Having secured re-election in a yawner of a race, Villaraigosa is starting to talk the talk of a gubernatorial wanna-be. When he throws his hat in, expect labor to fall in behind him and for the Sacramento machine to begin shoveling coals into the furnace on his behalf. And don’t discount the voter surge that a Latino candidate will bring with him.

Haven’t heard if he is still in or leaning out. I guess we’ll see at the State Party Convention.

He’s in it and ready to teach the youngling from SF what’s what. The Hillary – Obama comparison looks to be real and Jerry is not going to let this slide. All he has to do is utter the magic words that he is running and his supporters shall materialize. He doesn’t have Newsom’s looks nor Antonio’s take-no-prisoners attitude but he does have legions who will move mountains for him.

I think the primary becomes a Brown - Villaraigosa death match. Neither of them have had to fight for election in a long time and this war could be the shot that the doctor has been harassing Sacramento to take for decades. Gavin can get in if he pulls the new Obama voters on board but it is too early to determine if they want to get on the SS Newsom. Both Newsom and Brown have rabid followings while Villaraigosa’s support is soft in comparison.

All things considered, this is going to be a fascinating race.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 Tommie Awards Tonight, 5:30pm

Thanks to you, our many progressive allies, who have contributed to our grassroots organizing, GOtV efforts, listening campaigns, and public forums on progressive principles, Progressive San Diego has grown and blossomed! Last summer, we formed EMPOWER San Diego, a 501(c)3.

Come Celebrate Our Progressive Community with

EMPOWER, a New Non-Profit Organization,
at the
2009 Tommie Awards
Recognizing activists working toward an equitable, sustainable San Diego/Tijuana Region
Thursday, April 16th
5:30pm Doors Open

Local, Sustainable Food/Live Music by the Marcia Forman Band
Award Ceremony and Farewell to Tommie Watson

At the home of Linda and Carlos LeGerrette
1359 Grove Street | San Diego, CA 92102

We thank these sponsors for their contributions:
Big Kitchen, Garden of Eden Organics, La Milpa Organica and Old World Deli.

Schmooze with:

Tommie Watson
Outgoing Executive Director, Progressive San Diego & EMPOWER San Diego

Annie Lorrie Anderson-Lazo, Ph.D.
Incoming Executive Director, EMPOWER San Diego

Emily Serafy Cox
Incoming Development Director, EMPOWER San Diego

& All the Recipients of the 2009 Tommie Awards

EMPOWER San Diego, a non-profit 501(c)(3) education organization, will continue to support the efforts of residents and communities working together for an equitable, just and sustainable society.

Progressive San Diego, a non-partisan political action committee that works to create more equitable and sustainable society in the San Diego region by promoting progressive candidates and policies.

For More Information Contact:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busby 2010

This came from an e-mail forwarded over this morning:

I want you to be one of the first to know that I have made the decision to run for Congress in the 50th District. You have been with me through thick and thin as we've worked on campaigns and built the San Diego into a Democratic powerhouse.

Can We Win? YES, We Can! We delivered this district for Barack Obama in 2008 and With your support and my experience, we have what it takes to win in 2010. Bilbray is already being targeted by the DCCC (Democratic Campaign Committee) so we need to rev up this campaign and deliver this district for our new President! Read ALL about it! “California Dems Target 8 GOP Districts

Official Announcement:
I will make my official announcement at Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas at 12:00 this Thursday, April 16. The Park is located at 95 N. Vulcan Ave at the corner of Encinitas Blvd. two block west of I-5. You are welcome to join us for the announcement. Light refreshments will be provided by "Moms for Busby" or bring your own picnic lunch! Map

Thank you for helping me get the BUZZ FOR CHANGE going today!