Saturday, November 26, 2011

SDUT: For Rep. Bilbray, no sign of shift to center

If there was any doubt whether Rep. Brian Bilbray would stick to his guns on immigration and economic policies heading into a tough election year, the six-term congressman answered that this week.

In an appearance before local tea party activists, Bilbray, R-San Diego, burnished his conservative credentials, including votes against the stimulus package and the bank bailout.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SDUT: La Mesa councilman seeks assembly seat

Dave Allan, who announced in August that he would not run for a fourth term on the La Mesa City Council, is staying in politics.

The 56-year-old Allan, a retired San Miguel Consolidated Fire District firefighter, announced Tuesday he intends to run for the 79th Assembly District seat.

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SDUT: Lawmaker warns about special interests, goes on junket

Assemblyman Brian Jones sent out mailers last week calling on the state to “Stop special interest money to protect the democratic process” — even as he mingled at a resort in Hawaii on a trip paid by special interests.

The mailer from Jones, a Santee Republican, was delivered to 97,023 households in his district and cost taxpayers $19,373 in postage. In it, Jones promotes legislation he is carrying that would limit payroll deductions and contributions by unions and corporations that are then used for political purposes.

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SDUT: Penn State scandal triggers Vargas bill

“If it happened in California, it might not be a crime,” Vargas said of the alleged reporting failures of several of those involved in the Penn State case.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

OCCU-PIE San Diego--Everyone deserves a fair share of the pie!!


FROM: Rev. David Miller and Faith Leaders for Peace

EVENT: OCCU-PIE San Diego--Everyone deserves a fair share of the pie!!
                 Monday November 21, 2011
                 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
                 Civic Center Plaza

SUBJECT: On the Monday before Thanksgiving, multi-faith leaders from San Diego County will hold a short service of peace, nonviolence, gratitude, thanks and sharing. As a community of Occupy supporters and friends we are all invited to bring pies of all sorts, (chicken, turkey, tofu, pumpkin, peach, apple) to share together in thanks and gratitude for those holding the space at our local Occupation and to give thanks for all those lifting up the issues of fairness, compassion and equality being shared by this movement. Mostly, it is a day of gratitude for what we already have, including each other. Please bring the whole pie, perhaps equally pre-cut, to this multi-faith event. Paper plates, napkins, and forks will be provided. 

Recently there have been accounts of people not being allowed in with food to feed the Occupiers protesting at Civic Center. We were told by the police sergeant in charge of permits that we don't need a permit because as clergy and people of faith, it was within our first amendment rights to come and speak, even with pies. If they do not let us in, we will find a nice corner nearby. Please join us for discussion and interviews with protesters and multi-faith leaders while enjoying Occu-pies donated by the public!

CONTACT: Rev. David Miller (619) 876-7456