Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor Council rips into Lorie Zapf with new mailer

CityBeat posts the first salvo of the D6 race and it's strong.

To quote Evan McLaughlin, political director for the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, “Judging by the amount of mail cued up in District 6,  San Diego CityBeat will be a household name by November 2…I’m saying there will be plenty of mail plugging your good reporting in voters’ mailboxes.”

Its a bold move from the Labor Council and I hope it's not the last. Wayne needs to win this and it will not be easy going against the nearly unlimited funding of the Lincoln Club. Any attempt to sink Zapf will be appreciated.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What $111 million will get you

According to most recent Field Poll, all of that money will get you 75% of the Republicans and only 38% of the Decline-to-States.

Running at 41% of likely voters for both Brown and Meg, you must conclude that the ROI on such an investment is far too high for comfort.

Advantage Jerry. He has yet to spend and understands that timing is everything.