Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday - Quick Hits

Task force to study the idea of a land bank to buy foreclosed properties. UT

Delayed effort to clean up the San Diego Bay as hit another roadblock. UT

Navy kills Flipper during a sonar test. UT

NCTD will come up $3.2 million short because of decreasing revenue from TransNet tax. UT NCTimes

Aguirre on the outs or out of his mind?

With all the press Mike Aguirre has been getting lately, I am curious if he has anyone left supporting him? This telling City Beat blog suggests that even his old friend Donna Frye is distancing herself from the toxic City Attorney. I am sure it means that in Aguirre's mind, Donna has also entered the ranks of the corrupt establishment.

The words that were exchanged between UT Reporter Alex Roth and Mike Aguirre earlier this week sparked a thought. I have heard countless rumors about the strange and inappropriate things Aguirre has said to people over the last few years. I thought it might be fun to see if we could find the craziest. If you know of any, post 'em here...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Desperation on the far Right

Has anyone else noticed the desperate and extreme measures being deployed by the far Right in the campaign for District 7 of the City Council. Duane Dichara and his cult of young republicans are in an unusually frenzied attempt to salvage a campaign for ethically-challenged April Boling that is quickly swirling down the drain. Their latest attacks?

Marti spent too much on campaign consultants (note: this is a great argument for any future or current Coronado Communications client to use against their consultants' fees.)

Marti won't disclose her under $100 donors. (Yes, I am sure April Boling urged all her ethically-challenged clients in the past to disclose all their donors. Mayor Murphy? Kevin Falconer? The Lincoln Club?) I guess the far right wants to see if there is anyone else they should be trying to shake down in this race... I think my Grandpa gave Marti $50.00, I hope you will spare him.

They have even rolled out good ole Scott Barnett to claim Marti must be corrupt. Scott, who admits he is for sale to the highest bidder, has worked for every special interest group in town until they have been upset by his desire to sell out to the opposition. (Have to love that Taxpayers report against Wal-Mart, right Scott?)

Now, Red County is reporting a poll that puts April within striking distance. Right. Anyone that has walked in District 7 lately (yes, Marti actually has volunteers walking for her) can tell you this race will be an embarrassment to April and her attack dogs. Give up. Go home and make sure you can hang on to the Mayor's race. I hear that Floyd Morrow might actually be a threat.

Thursday - Quick Hits

CSI in San Diego, county to break ground on new forensics building. UT

Councilman Hueso to give a state-of-the-district speech tonight. UT

San Diego School Board to seek community input on budget cuts. UT

Cities of San Diego and Chula Vista to consolidate fire and medical dispatch calls. UT

Long overdue effort to build shelter for migrant farmers in Carlsbad moves forward with $2 million dollar grant. UT

More expansion on the nanny state, Encinitas bans smoking on its beaches. UT

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday - Quick Hits

Housing crisis continues, tax-delinquent properties up for auction by the county on Friday. UT

Fun times in the mayoral race, Steve Francis to begin airing television commercial starting today. UT VOSD

The soap opera that doesn't want to end. Aguirre believes politics played a role in the State Bar Association probe. UT

Makeover plan for the downtown Civic Center heads to public hearings. UT

Caltrans to meet today to review the possibility of an Otay East border crossing. UT

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday - Quick Hits

Lets the games begin! Scott Peters joins race for city attorney and he is already exchanging barbs with Aguirre. UT VOSD

City's expanded mandatory recycling program began yesterday. UT

Regional Fire Safety Forum to release report today regarding last October wildfires, here's a hint NEED MORE FIREFIGHTERS! UT

State Bar wants more details about meetings Aguirre held in 2005. UT

Fighting the good fight, the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter in Vista challenged by attorney. NCTimes

Monday, February 18, 2008

DNC Chairman Howard Dean to Visit Candidate Nick Leibham Campaign Office

Howard Dean is coming to visit Nick Leibham's Campaign Headquarters, and to meet with volunteers and staff.

We would like to give him a warm welcome and introduce him to the terrific volunteer team!

Tuesday, February 19 at 12:30pm.

Campaign HQ
North Coast Business Park,
519 Encinitas Blvd. Ste. 107
Encinitas, CA 92014 [Map]

For more information contact:
Patsy Cutler, Volunteer Coordinator
(760) 942 9041

Monday - Quick Hits

Failure in leadership at work, San Diego budget shortfall continues into the future. UT

Proposal would add parking meters in Pacific Beach. UT

Day-labor controversy is still simmering in Vista. UT

Battle over ownership of Rancho Guejito continues with more fighting in court. NCTimes

City of Temecula acquires thousands of records documenting the history and origins of Temecula from the founding Vail family. NCTimes

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jim, You're No B-1 Bob!

Our friends up the I-5, at the Liberal OC is reporting that neo-fascist Minutemen leader Jim Gilchrist has pulled GOP nomination papers to run against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in November.[Link]

Considering that Congresswoman Sanchez can boast to having ended the political career of B-1 Bob Dornan, I don't expect would be Reichfurher Gilchrist to put up much of a fight.

Obama Picks up Another Delegate here in San Diego County

As of Friday there was 42,000 Absentee / Provisional ballots still to be counted by the County Registrar of Voters. There are still two weeks to finish the final counting and to certify the February 5th primary results. Since election night, however, some of the delegate totals statewide have shifted in the favor of Barack Obama.

According to the most recent results posted on the Secretary of State website, Senator Obama has now taken the lead in the 53rd CD by 443 votes over Senator Clinton. If his lead holds until final certification, the allocation of the districts 5 delegates will be 3 for Obama and 2 for Clinton. One more CD to keep an eye on is the 50th, where Clinton's lead has been narrowed to 556 votes over Obama. This is another 5 delegate district that would see a change in the delegate allocation in favor of Obama if there is a change in the final results.

It's Official - Scott Peters is In

Council President Scott Peters to Announce his Bid for City Attorney

When: 10:00 a.m.
Monday, Feb. 18, 2008

What: San Diego City Council President Scott Peters will be joined by dozens of supporters to make a major announcement.

Where: North University Community Library
8820 Judicial Ave., San Diego, 92122 [Map]

Contact: MaryAnne Pintar, (619) 252-9923 or

City Attorney Follies

Amy Lepine has tossed her hat in the ever-growing tent that houses the circus known as the San Diego City Attorney’s race.

In this ring is a former city attorney who is suing him for sexual harassment. Amy Lepine’s entry is interesting for how it alters the dynamics overall.

After watching Aguirre for a while, I was concerned that he was losing it as the criticism mounted. Now I am convinced he has lost it. Getting into shouting matches outside of Democratic club endorsements and twisting every answer to a question into a response along the lines of the press is against me, I am for you, therefore, we need to send the establishment a message does not sound like a rational mind at work.

If it were only the UT I couldn’t agree with him more. But it’s not. He reminds me of Donna Frye in her inability to separate herself from her position and the illusion that only they speak for the people because all the other electeds represent certain constituencies and cannot be trusted.

This is the mindset of a “Mayberry Machiavelli”; real leadership requires compromise and solutions not stubbornness and paranoia.

Now that a candidate has entered with a personal grudge, Mike should be taken off his game enough for anyone to walk on in.

Hello Scott Peters?