Thursday, February 21, 2008

Desperation on the far Right

Has anyone else noticed the desperate and extreme measures being deployed by the far Right in the campaign for District 7 of the City Council. Duane Dichara and his cult of young republicans are in an unusually frenzied attempt to salvage a campaign for ethically-challenged April Boling that is quickly swirling down the drain. Their latest attacks?

Marti spent too much on campaign consultants (note: this is a great argument for any future or current Coronado Communications client to use against their consultants' fees.)

Marti won't disclose her under $100 donors. (Yes, I am sure April Boling urged all her ethically-challenged clients in the past to disclose all their donors. Mayor Murphy? Kevin Falconer? The Lincoln Club?) I guess the far right wants to see if there is anyone else they should be trying to shake down in this race... I think my Grandpa gave Marti $50.00, I hope you will spare him.

They have even rolled out good ole Scott Barnett to claim Marti must be corrupt. Scott, who admits he is for sale to the highest bidder, has worked for every special interest group in town until they have been upset by his desire to sell out to the opposition. (Have to love that Taxpayers report against Wal-Mart, right Scott?)

Now, Red County is reporting a poll that puts April within striking distance. Right. Anyone that has walked in District 7 lately (yes, Marti actually has volunteers walking for her) can tell you this race will be an embarrassment to April and her attack dogs. Give up. Go home and make sure you can hang on to the Mayor's race. I hear that Floyd Morrow might actually be a threat.


Anonymous said...

Someone posted the mathematics on this "outrage" on Red County, and it showed that 95 percent of her donors are on Marti's forms. The other 5 percent gave less than $100. I think there's a reason why the state of California doesn't care why about donors who give less than that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has done campaigns knows when and where you spend. From the looks of it, April is late coming out of the gate and, as a book-keeper, should know better. This doesn't bode well for her run,

Anonymous said...

Doesn't April have like the record of the most ethics violations for faulty bookeeping? I mean she's a treasurer and she has the record for that? What an accomplisment!

Anonymous said...

April Boling is a joke. She has more Ethics Commission violations that anyone else in the city. She has been on Team Republican for decades, only to advise more unethical candidates than ethical at this point. Also, it would be hilarious if it weren't so dad about the personality lessons she's been taking. Naturally, she is one of the most frigid people I've ever met. She has put on a happy face since the New Year, but it is all an act.