Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hon. Susan Davis Endorses Sen. Obama

From yesterday’s Capitol Alert:

"Democrats and all those who have chosen to participate in the Democratic primary have witnessed a sweeping, compelling and breathtakingly close contest among two exceptional leaders. As the representative of the 53rd Congressional District which saw slightly more than a 1 percent vote difference out of more than 100,000 votes cast (48.4% for Obama - 47.3% for Clinton), I experienced the difficulty of that choice. Both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama demonstrate the statesmanship, dedication and dynamism required to address the domestic and international challenges we face today.

"Given the closeness of the race, it was important that every voter be motivated to participate in this historic election. I am now happy to join the delegates from around the country in supporting Senator Obama to be our nominee and plan to work hard towards his election as President of the United States.

"I am confident that Senator Obama will be a legacy leader and move this country forward. With his ability to inspire, we will once again ask the difficult questions and uncover new ways of solving vexing and grave issues with strategic focus.

"I want to congratulate Senator Clinton on her campaign which can only be seen as one of the most singular displays of diligence in the pursuit of working on behalf of all people in our country. As a woman who has fought for the recognition of the role of women in leadership on every front, I am immensely proud of her and the impact she has had in defining the political, social, and economic landscape of our country.

"This contest has made us stronger. Millions of Americans are now inspired to engage in the debate on the future of our country."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick thoughts about that Election last night

With an accuracy rate of 33%, I’m having hats as post-hangover food. Before the working day begins, some musings:

AD 78
Block wins. IE’s from Sacramento hiring local consultants couldn’t get Sherard in. That’s what happens when you play both sides. Speaking of both sides, Arabo’s political future is in doubt but Arile lives to run another day


I didn’t think Jerry was going to take it outright but a low turnout benefits incumbents.

City Attorney
It should have been Scott. Mike was in New Jersey last night. The Republicans locked up the absentees again. The local Democratic Party endorsement for this race should be interesting.

City Council 1
Go Sherri! Phil looked shocked last night in Golden Hall when the results came in. With a presidential election and Obama at the top of the ticket, we could hold onto this seat.

City Council 3

Speaking of interesting endorsement meetings, the San Diego Democratic Club will be the one watch. Todd looks good but Stephen proved he can run a ground game. Especially when Hartley doesn’t put up a fight that doesn’t involve mail.

City Council 5

DeMaio is one classy cat in declaring victory before the ballots have been counted. Vanity, thy name is Carl.

City Council 7

This should not have happened. Marti should have swept April into the dustbin of also-rans. I pray she shakes up her campaign because those that served her this time didn’t do a worthy job. She can do better and there are people willing to help Marti in. Just look outside the bubble because now is the time.

Labor splits the difference and the local Democratic Party has some stand-taking to do. The fall looks promising across the board. I’m off to get lots of coffee.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pre-Election Predictions

Having selected a set of edible hats, I’m ready to go:

SD Mayor
Bidewell comes in third thanks to the Sanders campaign and the non-logical method in which San Diegans decide whom to vote for.

SD City Attorney

I’m feeling fuzzy for Peters. He sqeaks past Goldsmith in a heart stopper to take on Mike.

SD City Council 1
Lightner comes in higher than expected to challenge Phil

SD City Council 3
Although a Gloria-Whitburn match up would be a blast to watch, I think Todd will come in stronger than expected. It won’t be enough to take out Hartley but enough to show him the writing on the wall.

SD City Council 7
Marti either blows April away or loses in a narrow absentee battle.

AD 78

Auday now has ads on cable TV. I say he, Sherard, and Block will duke it out in an alcohol-inducing three-way fight and the winner wins by less than 500 votes.

See y’all in the Gaslamp!