Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick thoughts about that Election last night

With an accuracy rate of 33%, I’m having hats as post-hangover food. Before the working day begins, some musings:

AD 78
Block wins. IE’s from Sacramento hiring local consultants couldn’t get Sherard in. That’s what happens when you play both sides. Speaking of both sides, Arabo’s political future is in doubt but Arile lives to run another day


I didn’t think Jerry was going to take it outright but a low turnout benefits incumbents.

City Attorney
It should have been Scott. Mike was in New Jersey last night. The Republicans locked up the absentees again. The local Democratic Party endorsement for this race should be interesting.

City Council 1
Go Sherri! Phil looked shocked last night in Golden Hall when the results came in. With a presidential election and Obama at the top of the ticket, we could hold onto this seat.

City Council 3

Speaking of interesting endorsement meetings, the San Diego Democratic Club will be the one watch. Todd looks good but Stephen proved he can run a ground game. Especially when Hartley doesn’t put up a fight that doesn’t involve mail.

City Council 5

DeMaio is one classy cat in declaring victory before the ballots have been counted. Vanity, thy name is Carl.

City Council 7

This should not have happened. Marti should have swept April into the dustbin of also-rans. I pray she shakes up her campaign because those that served her this time didn’t do a worthy job. She can do better and there are people willing to help Marti in. Just look outside the bubble because now is the time.

Labor splits the difference and the local Democratic Party has some stand-taking to do. The fall looks promising across the board. I’m off to get lots of coffee.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Carl was perfectly within his right to declare victory when he did at 10pm. Guys, he won in a friggin LANDSLIDE.

And then George George's interview in VOSD shows he's completely out of touch--and just plain nasty.

Classy act Carl--hard work, and a well deserved victory.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Donna Frye called Carl DeMaio's race on KUSI live at 8:30. Then she called the race again at 10:15 live on Fox.

I guess she's "one class act" too?

I just read the VOSD article referenced above. G2 sounds like sour grapes. Embarrassing...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting night. I think if Aguirre can frame the election as Dem v. Republican, he could pull off the victory (as the Dem turnout will be high). But oddly, I don't think he believed he'd even make the run-off.

As far as District 3, I can't say I'm surprised. Once Hartley was arrested, the whole thing was a forgone conclusion.

In Dist. 5, um, that race was over before it began, but I understand the sentiment.

In the 78th. . .wow. I thought Arabo or Sherard would take it. I guess the reports of Block running a bad campaign were overexaggerated.

Anonymous said...

More thoughts:
- the San Diego Democratic Club already endorsed Stephen. They've taken a lot of flak for it; this only prolongs their woes.
- I'd give Lightner a 25% shot at winning. It just overwhelmingly is a Republican district and she's pretty to-the-left of even Peters. Even in an Obama year, it may not be enough to put her over.
- yes, huge bummer about Marti. While pundits probably will give edge to April give Marti's name ID and start, it's a whole 'nother ballgame in November. Obama year, SDSU students (Dems) back in session. Unfortunately we can't check this one off and focus on D1. Agreed, she's got some bad advisers and needs some soulsearching to find smarter people.
- Labor has a major PR problem. To its core. It has a laziness problem lately too - their GOTV just isn't what it used to be - but their bigger problem, they're starting to give candidates a "kiss of death" when endorsing, in the eyes of the public. The voters should be reminded of all the good labor unions have done for workers rights; the only thing winning the media talk is how overpaid and corrupt they are.

Anonymous said...

Labor has a "kiss of death?" I guess someone should tell that to Marty Block, Sherri Lightner, Mike Lumpkin and Steve Castaneda. I'm sure Peters' questionable past, Marti's severely flawed campaign and George George's lack of funding had nothing to do with the results.

As to the lazy comment? As someone who was precinct walking for multiple candidates over the weekend, I can safely say that labor is far from lazy. In fact, at one prominent headquarters (rhymes with Smarti Schemerald), pretty much all the volunteers were from labor. This is especially true of those volunteers who were still dragging people to the polls at 7:55 p.m.

Instead announcing the untimely demise of labor, how about thanking them for making sure Maxine Sherard isn't getting waxed by John McCann or that Marti didn't hand April Boling a primary win.

Anonymous said...

Marti blew it plain and simple. She has a TOUGH road to November, a lot tougher than the road to June. Her name ID advantage is gone and GOP money is free'd up because other races are done.

D1 isn't going to be easier either. Lightener picked up the Dem registration, no more, no less. This will be Donna Frye 05. Phil will pick up Merrifields votes while Lightner will pick up a few votes from DTS.

Labor Council has major issues. They couldn't put a legitimate candidate up against DeMaio and lost in D7 (yes, coming in second to an unknown accountant is a LOSS). I think this is proof that the best "organization" in SD is the Republican Party. They do all the things you used to be able to count on labor for.

There needs to be some real soul searching in the next few weeks or SD will buck the trend of the Blue Wave across the country.

Anonymous said...

And yet again...the dems failed to elect a viable candidate, elected Vince Hall 2 and will lose the
78th to a Republican in the general. Congrats to Mcann!!!

Anonymous said...

Newsflash! Labor has a PR problem? This has been ongoing for the past few years. Still, they are the only game in town for Democrats. From what I could see, the only thing they lost outright on Tuesday was Peters. And,I have to agree with the earlier post. Labor looked anything but lazy this weekend. Come on guys, they can't do it all for you!

Anonymous said...

"pretty much all the volunteers were from labor."

Wow. 1, that's proof that Labor REALLY wants that seat. 2, it goes to show that Marti's campaign isn't as volunteer-oriented as April's since many labor people take paid-leave from their jobs to campaign during work hours.

Anonymous said...

Look the Dem Party did some great work as well in D7 and I think Marti's got a strong shot in November but6 she has to change everything including the staff. Also you know many of April's volunteers were sent from Carl's campaign. After all when you are the new hope for the crowd that wants to bring back Salmonella in your food low cost child labor and monopolies, you need all the help you can get.

Anonymous said...

Labor abides by clear cut rules. Staff and members that took paid leave were doing member communication for Marty Block... thats how labor was able to run a dual program, turning out thousands of votes for Block and turning out a bulk of tried and true volunteers for Marti Emerald. All the "volunteers" for April over the weekend were young students that were shipped down from LA, put up in a hotel and paid over a hundred dollars a day. So much for volunteers.

Anonymous said...

"Labor abides by clear cut rules."


Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.