Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hon. Susan Davis Endorses Sen. Obama

From yesterday’s Capitol Alert:

"Democrats and all those who have chosen to participate in the Democratic primary have witnessed a sweeping, compelling and breathtakingly close contest among two exceptional leaders. As the representative of the 53rd Congressional District which saw slightly more than a 1 percent vote difference out of more than 100,000 votes cast (48.4% for Obama - 47.3% for Clinton), I experienced the difficulty of that choice. Both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama demonstrate the statesmanship, dedication and dynamism required to address the domestic and international challenges we face today.

"Given the closeness of the race, it was important that every voter be motivated to participate in this historic election. I am now happy to join the delegates from around the country in supporting Senator Obama to be our nominee and plan to work hard towards his election as President of the United States.

"I am confident that Senator Obama will be a legacy leader and move this country forward. With his ability to inspire, we will once again ask the difficult questions and uncover new ways of solving vexing and grave issues with strategic focus.

"I want to congratulate Senator Clinton on her campaign which can only be seen as one of the most singular displays of diligence in the pursuit of working on behalf of all people in our country. As a woman who has fought for the recognition of the role of women in leadership on every front, I am immensely proud of her and the impact she has had in defining the political, social, and economic landscape of our country.

"This contest has made us stronger. Millions of Americans are now inspired to engage in the debate on the future of our country."


Anonymous said...

took her long enough. classic Susan - always riding the fence until the decision is determined by others then jumping on that side. grow a pair.

Anonymous said...

Well 87.79% of the Dems in her district voted for her so she must be doing something right. I mean Mike Copass only got 12% and he was hammering her...

Anonymous said...

yeah she us staying out of the way of everything so she doesnt piss anyone off. Can someone tell her that you cant make EVERYONE happy? Geez.

JM said...

About time. Does anyone have any ideas about Mike Copass' low vote? If Davis is "doing something right," then it must be the overall conservative cast of SD politics. She's hardly's apparent that she hardly moves and only when urged with a cattle prod.