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San Diego Letter Carriers Food Drive Celebrates 20th Anniversary


San Diego Letter Carriers Food Drive Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Nation’s Largest Single-Day Food Drive Helps Stamp Out Hunger

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council will again join forces with San Diego letter carriers and others to Stamp Out Hunger across America, providing assistance to the millions of Americans who are struggling to put food on their tables every day. Now in its 20th year, the Stamp Out Hunger effort is the nation’s largest single-day food drive. In 2011, drive organizers across the country collected more than 70 million pounds of total food donations for the eighth-consecutive year.

To participate in the Stamp Out Hunger drive, San Diego residents are encouraged to leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods, such as canned soup, vegetables, pasta, rice or cereal, next to their mailbox prior to the time of regular mail delivery on Saturday, May 12. Local letter carriers will collect these food donations as they deliver the mail and take them to The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank.

Despite the generosity of millions of Americans who have supported the letter carriers' food drive in previous years, the need for food assistance still exists for many families. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual study measuring food security in the United States, nearly 49 million Americans, including more than 16 million children, are struggling with hunger.

WHEN:            Saturday, May 12
                        All Day - along postal routes in San Diego              

                        Stamp Out Hunger! Food Drop Off
                        9850 Distribution Avenue, San Diego, CA 92121
                        5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

CONTACT:     Patrick Pierce

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council
3737 Camino del Rio South, #403, San Diego, CA 92108
619-228-8101 Office

SDLRLA Debate Details

Co-Moderators: Joanne Faryon, KPBS Evening Edition Host, and Elsa Sevilla, KPBS San Diego's Historic Places - Producer & Host

 Latino Issues
Mayoral Forum
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Shiley Theater
University of San Diego
6:30-7:30 p.m.

The City of San Diego is preparing to elect its next mayor. Please join the candidates in a discussion that affects our growing Latino population. Candidates will discuss a variety of issues, including: criminal justice, immigration, education, and labor in America’s finest city. 

Space is limited. RSVP by May 22 to:
For sponsorship opportunities, contact Rafael Castellanos at
For additional questions, contact Lizzette Herrera at

Rudy Reyes letter to the California Energy Commission regarding the Quail brush power plant in east county


I would like to ask the CEC two major questions in regards to possible bribery by the applicant. First I suspect that this whole CEC appication might be a bribe to make work for the CEC,, as the CPUC is need to determine "NEED" before the project is supposed to go to CEC. Therefore this order of the appication is not correct and making $$$ for the CEC. Second is the applicant has not been doing public meetings at all the last two months of their "extension" instead the applicant has been spreading $$$ in the community "bribing" as many as will take their $$$. I wonder when is the breach considered illegal and ask the public adviser to advise. Santee Patch is exposing "bribes" Not to count the applicant has hired specialists to Lobby/bribe(lori) the community!

Rudy Reyes

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SDLRLA Mayoral Forum

SDLRLA Mayoral Forum

SDLRLA is proud to host the only mayoral candidates forum dedicated to Latino issues.  SDLRLA, together with its partnering organizations, will ask the candidates about their views on immigration, education, labor, criminal justice, and other issues that uniquely affect San Diego’s Latino community, in a town hall style format.  Award winning journalist Joanne Faryon, host of KPBS’ Evening Edition, and Elsa Sevilla, producer and host of KPBS’ San Diego’s Historic Places, will co-moderate.  Over 600 will be in attendance, including representatives from the Latino legal, business, education, health, and non-profit sectors.  For more information or to submit potential questions to the candidates, email Rafael Castellanos at  Space is limited.  RSVP now to!



Calls on More Assistance for Start-up Businesses 

SAN DIEGO - We need more corporate headquarters and more start-up businesses to help boost the San Diego region's economy and create new jobs.

I'm calling for a two-pronged approach to business development; a review of the county's regulatory process specifically as it relates to start-up businesses to help entrepreneurs expand and grow their business, and; I would like the Board of Supervisors to consider public/private partnerships with all cities in the region and appropriate economic development corporations to put forward a concerted effort to attract corporate headquarters to San Diego County.  This will be my number one priority as County Supervisor.

We worked together to attract Legoland to Carlsbad and I believe we should at least sit down together to see how we can pool resources to bring corporate offices to San Diego County. I know we work in this regard now but I think we should pull together a region-wide plan.  I am the only candidate who has a proven track record as a regional leader and incoming President of the League of California Cities-San Diego Division, and have the experience of pulling diverse bipartisan stakeholders together to solve problems.

We may also find that we can do things to spur new start-up businesses.  Let's work to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles that get in the way of businesses expanding and review the process specifically for start-ups to see how we can do better.  And we can do better!

A strong business base provides more than just jobs -- successful corporations commit to their hometowns.  They invest in civic affairs, they give to charities such as health and food programs, and they support community projects like the arts, youth sports and more. It is important to widen our corporate base and I have decades of experience doing just that.

San Diego County government can assist to the best of its ability in turning around our economy and help to create good-paying jobs that support middle class families and enable them to invest in their future.   I'm proposing a leadership role in this area.  It won't be easy but we can do it.   Local economic development corporations work on these things all the time. I just want to hone our collective efforts with leadership by the county. San Diego can offer so much more than good weather to attract corporations.

I have served as a corporate officer for a San Diego Fortune 500 company and started my own real estate management firm.   I also served as a councilmember, Deputy Mayor and Mayor over the past eight years and work closely with a number of local Chambers of Commerce.  Recently, I earned the coveted endorsement of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce which facilitates and supports sustainable business practices that spur innovation, job creation, energy efficiency and an overall brighter economic future.  Together, we can make San Diego even better!


Saldaña applauds President Obama’s Stand on Marriage Equality

Saldaña applauds President Obama’s Stand on Marriage Equality

Vows to repeal DOMA

SAN DIEGO – Lori Saldaña, who co-authored California’s landmark Marriage Equality legislation, thanked President Obama for being the first American President to support marriage rights for LGBT Americans.

“Despite the setbacks for the LGBT community over the last few days, I believe this is a tipping point for marriage equality in the United States,” Saldaña said.

“For a sitting president to come forward after soul-searching and to acknowledge without reservation the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry is an important step forward.”

“I am very proud of Mr. Obama,” she said. “I believe his support will encourage more people to reconsider their position on the right of all Americans to marry.”

Saldaña signed onto Assemblyman Mark Leno’s Marriage Equality legislation immediately after being sworn in as a freshman assemblymember in 2004. The Gender Neutral Marriage Act was the first legislation of its kind to be passed by a state legislature. When Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill, Saldaña co-authored the second version in 2007. She was the only straight legislator to vote for the bill in the five counties south of Los Angeles.

Saldaña, who is now a congressional candidate, said she will upon election partner with Senators Feinstein and Boxer to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that allows states to discriminate against married same-sex couples.

“I will work with my colleagues in congress to repeal federal statutes like DOMA that codify discrimination,” Saldaña said. “We pioneered marriage equality in California and I will continue this work in Washington.”

For her work on LGBT equality issues, Saldaña received a 100% rating from Equality California and has been endorsed by LGBT elected officials Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, Sheila Kuehl and LGBT civil rights leaders Nicole Murray-Ramirez and Joseph Rocha.

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, who signed the nation’s first civil union legislation into law, will be hosting a fundraiser for Saldaña later this month.


Peters speaks out of both side of his mouth regarding cuts to Social Security, Medicare


Peters speaks out of both side of his mouth regarding cuts to Social Security, Medicare

“How can you trust someone like that to protect what’s important?”

SAN DIEGO – After being soundly criticized for his televised statement supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare, Congressional candidate Scott Peters is attempting elaborate verbal gymnastics to wriggle free from his unpopular position.

A spokesperson for the Lori Saldaña, Joe Kocurek, said that Scott Peters has a pattern of changing what he says depending on who he’s talking to.

“The powerful thing about TV is that you can actually hear what Peters says,” he said.

“Scott Peters clearly said that he would be willing to cut Social Security and Medicare,” Kocurek said. “He doesn’t equivocate. But now that his pollsters are telling him that he’s losing and the public doesn’t agree with his position, he’s trying to weasel out of what he said.”

“It’s just like the living wage,” Kocurek said. “Peters joined with Republicans and voted against the living wage when he was on the City Council, but now he says he’s for it."

Kocurek noted that Peters, told a group earlier this year that he was ‘51 percent Democratic and 49 percent Republican’, and repudiated progressives in the same televised interview on KUSI where he said he supported cuts to vital social services.

“What Mr. Peters believes -or at least says he believes - is whatever is politically convenient.”

“How can you trust someone like that to protect what’s important?” Kocurek said.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just when I thought I was Out, they pull me back in.

I was enjoying a nice sabbatical away from South Bay Politics. As a political geek living in the South Bay, it's very easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life because they is so much intrigue and turmoil. So much that it would make a great pulp political fiction novel. (I'm working on the draft so you can't have the idea!) Anyway so I was trying mightily to not get involved in the fights and let others comment on what's been going on with the Sweetwater Board, the City of Chula Vista races, the new 79th Assembly race, the San Diego Mayor's race, and the 51st Congressional. But with the latest stuff that has been flying around I felt compelled to post again and talk about the latest in South Bay politics. Hence the clip above... As we've seen in the past few days a lot has been happening so I'll start with the 51st Congressional District and maybe tomorrow on Chula Vista

As I stated in my last post so many months ago, anyone who has any knowledge of these two and the South Bay knows that this race was going to be big and these months have shown that to be the case. While Vargas has been fundraising at a good clip, got the State Party endorsement and California Labor Fed you would think he has this locked in and Ducheny should have gotten the hint and just let go.

Yet that hasn't been the case.

In fact, within the last few weeks with the Channel 10 poll and missteps by Vargas, like this, this and this. It has shown that this is not a cake walk and Juan's biggest hurdle is himself. Why do I say that?

Well, Juan has never been the favorite of Left-Center Democrats. Whether it was running against Bob Filner for Congress two times or voting against traditionally Democratic issues like health care reform, reproductive choice or consumer protection in the banking and insurance companies. He has either voted against or abstained against bills when he was in the Assembly and again in the Senate.

Of course when he was trying to court Democratic Party activists from late 2011 to early 2012, he was trying portray himself as a true blue Democrat that would fight for Democratic values but once he got what he wanted... The old Paco came back, true to his pro-business, anti-choice and pro-corporate banks soul.

Now the other thing has been his high name ID and very early in the campaign he was touting that he had the highest name ID and was trouncing Ducheny. Which is true, considering that he was just in a campaign in 2010 against Mary Salas but that name ID is a double-edged sword. Why? Because according to the SurveyUSA poll showed that almost half of the people who have heard of him don't like him.

The other thing is that people forget that Juan only beat Mary Salas in 2010 by only 22 votes. Considering that Mary did not exactly run a text book campaign and missed a lot of opportunities to really fight back against Juan shows that even with all breaks he got from his opponent he still only barely won.

So is Ducheny any better?

To start, Denise hasn't been the best on progressive issues either like gun control, helmet laws and labor issues. Also the fact that her fundraising has slowed down would have any armchair pundit be wary of her chances.

That being said, she does have a shot at beating Juan.

When talking about issues like choice, health care reform and consumer protection Denise has been consistently progressive. Also Denise has a reputation of being straight shooter when talking about issues and bills and is open to listening to all sides.

But her real strength is that any type of negative attack that Juan give would boomerang back to him and his negatives. For example if he attacks her from the left about gun control, she would respond about his wavering on health care reform. If he attacks her on the right on choice, she could respond about his attacks on personal liberty. Also Juan can't run as an outsider pushing reform because he's in Sacramento right now and last time I checked the approval ratings for the legislature ain't that great.

As for the rest?

Well miracles can happen...

CEPA Net Candidate Meet & Greet The Story of a Rising Republican The Story of a Rising Republican

Fletcher Deployed Last-Minute Appeal From Karl Rove in Failed Bid for Endorsement

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s history of relationships with some of the most powerful and conservative figures in his former political party are now documented at, a website launched this week by the San Diego County Democratic Party.

Taken together, the information on the site shows an unusually high level of access for a junior state legislator, from connections in George W. Bush’s administration to personal campaign visits by Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove to support his Assembly and mayoral bids.

The site makes public for the first time an email message signed by Karl Rove and sent by Fletcher’s campaign to San Diego County Republican Central Committee members the morning of March 10 – the day the committee considered an endorsement in San Diego’s mayoral race.

Bush’s former top strategist wrote, in urging a vote for Fletcher: “One of the best ways to know how an elected official will behave in the future is to see how they have behaved in the past.” Those words now have an ironic resonance in light of Fletcher’s failure to get the endorsement, his defection from the Republican Party days later, and his sudden repudiation of his own partisan history.

“Two months ago, Nathan Fletcher represented his campaign with a testimonial from one of the most divisive, extremist figures in the country,” said San Diego County Democratic Chair Jess Durfee. “When the Republican endorsement turned out to be a dead end, he pivoted in record time to paint himself as a centrist.

“Mr. Fletcher has another month and a million dollars to tell voters all about his independence. But I’m still waiting for the TV ad where he takes back his vote against cleaner energy standards and vows to return the campaign money he got from Big Oil. I’d still like to know why he accepted $100,000 from the insurance industry, then voted to let them charge women higher rates and deny them maternity care.

“Here is a candidate with a distinctly immoderate track record prior to March 10 of this year,” Durfee continued. “As someone who ran ‘Duke’ Cunningham’s congressional office, signed Grover Norquist’s loyalty oath, and recently went on the campaign trail trying defeat Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, Nathan Fletcher still has a lot to answer for among San Diego voters.”


Trailing, Peters Goes Negative

Trailing, Peters Goes Negative

Called out for sticking voters with $600,000 “Enron by the Sea” legal tab

SAN DIEGO – Voters across the 52nd Congressional District opened their mailboxes today to find Scott Peters trying to smear fellow Democrat Lori Saldaña.

Saldaña spokesperson, Joe Kocurek, called today’s development a last-ditch effort from a trailing candidate to confuse voters as they begin casting their ballots.

“Peters is dragging this race into the mud,” Kocurek said. “The fact is, Lori didn’t spend a dime of taxpayer money, so Peters' latest attack just doesn't make sense. And it's especially troubling coming from a multi-millionaire who used $600,000 of taxpayer money to defend himself from a federal investigation.”

While on San Diego City Council, Peters spent $600,000 on legal counsel when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigated him for voting to deliberately underfund the City of San Diego’s pension system and concealing that fact from investors.

The scandal--which led the New York Times to call San Diego "Enron by the Sea"-- left a $1.4 billion deficit in the pension system and the city’s finances in disarray for nearly a decade.

Investigators found that the city under Peters violated securities fraud statutes.

“With that kind of wealth, you’d think that he’d at least have the decency to pay for his own defense rather than leaving taxpayers with the tab,” Kocurek said.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Debate in San Diego City Council District 9

The Honorable Lucy Killea and County Supervisor Leon Williams (ret.) Endorse Dave Roberts for Third District County Supervisor

The Honorable Lucy Killea and County Supervisor Leon Williams (ret.) Endorse Dave Roberts for Third District County Supervisor

 "Both former State Senator Killea and Supervisor Williams (ret.) represent the strong bipartisan coalition I bring to the job!" - Dave Roberts

San Diego, CA - Dave Roberts announced today that former State Senator Lucy Killea and Supervisor Leon Williams (ret.) endorse his candidacy for Third District County Supervisor.  Killea and Williams join the growing list of over 100 Democrats, Republicans and Independents supporting Roberts.

"When I launched my campaign for County Supervisor on January 10, 2012, I promised to work in an inclusive fashion for all parts of the Third District and the County to improve our region's quality of life," said Roberts. "Having the strong support of visionary bipartisan leaders like former State Senator Lucy Killea and Supervisor Leon Williams (ret.), both who are respected across the political spectrum in San Diego County, continues to demonstrate that I have the right experience, leadership and vision to serve as the next Supervisor."

Roberts is also endorsed by Supervisor Pam Slater-Price who is retiring and crossed party lines to support Roberts' run for her open seat.

"Dave Roberts shares many of the same inclusive goals which I championed during my three terms on the County Board of Supervisors," said Williams.  "I know that Dave Roberts will work tirelessly on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to support core county services and never forget that he reports to the taxpayers. I am so pleased to add my name as one of his supporters."

Supervisor Leon Williams (ret.) has accomplished a number of firsts in his life.  He was the first African-American to serve on the San Diego City Council and County Board of Supervisors. He retired from the County Board of Supervisors in January 1995 and since that time was the last Democrat elected to that Board.  Former State Senator Lucy Killea served in the California State Senate from 1989 to 1996.  She is well-known for supporting women's rights and was inducted to the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame in 2002.

For more information about Dave's campaign for the Board of Supervisors, visit his web site at


Peters Outlines Elements of a Sustainable Energy Policy

Peters Outlines Elements of a Sustainable Energy Policy

“Congress Must End Subsidies and Tax Breaks for Profitable Oil Companies” ~ Scott Peters  

San Diego, CA – Scott Peters, candidate for new the 52nd Congressional District, today outlined the elements of a long-term sustainable energy policy which he will make a top priority when he is elected to Congress. Peters is the Democratic frontrunner in the race to succeed entrenched Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray who has taken nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.

“Earlier this year, House Republicans, with Brian Bilbray in lock step, proposed a highway bill that basically funds more highways and guts funds for alternative transportation. When gas prices are skyrocketing this makes absolutely no sense,” said Peters. “And it doesn’t get us any closer to a practical and sustainable national energy policy that reduces our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.”

Peters said the House Republican plan especially hurts seniors and others on a fixed income. “When gas prices are high, more people, particularly seniors, students, and others on fixed incomes, turn to public transportation for a reliable, affordable way to get to health appointments, school and work,” he said. “This is just another way Brian Bilbray has put large oil companies first, and our seniors and working families last,” said Peters.

“When I get to Congress, I will make development of a sustainable energy policy a top priority,” he added. 

Peters said that as a nation, we must work toward a long-term energy policy that: 1) creates new American jobs; 2) emphasizes greater energy independence; 3) invests in the development of alternative fuels; 4) promotes clean energy technology like wind and solar; 5) ensures greater national security; and 6) provides automakers with incentives for producing fuel-efficient vehicles.

He also suggested that planners do a better job of building housing and employment centers nearer to one another to reduce commutes, and to make communities more pedestrian- and bicycle- friendly, as was done in the community of Bird Rock when he was the San Diego City Council. Bird Rock has been held out as a case study by federal transportation authorities, and has won awards from public works associations, engineers, and the Urban Lands Institute.

The House Transportation bill proposed by Republicans, and supported by Bilbray, would end funds for bike lanes, sidewalks, and the critically important “Safe Routes to School” program which helps neighborhoods pay for infrastructure improvements that keep kids from getting hurt or killed while walking and bicycling to and from school every day.

Peters has become an expert and nationally recognized advocate for better bike lanes, trails and sidewalks as the co-founder of a national organization called the Walkable and Liveable Communities Institute that helps city planners find ways to incorporate into neighborhoods more ways for people to get around without their cars. He said that, this, too, should be a part of the nation’s plan to achieve greater energy independence.

Peters also said that there are some steps Congress could be taking now to stop price-gouging at the pump, such as holding Wall Street commodities traders and speculators more accountable. Many experts agree that speculation in energy markets drives up the price of oil, which raises the price of gas for consumers. Last year, House Democrats tried to increase funding for the agency in charge of policing price manipulation in oil markets. But Republicans, Bilbray included, voted to slash these funds by almost half.

“We’ve also got to stop subsidizing oil companies,” said Peters.

Last year, the five largest oil companies posted record profits of $137 billion. That’s a 75% increase over 2010. Yet, House Republicans, Bilbray included, continue to support enormous tax breaks, deregulation, and subsidies for them, while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from them.

“Brian Bilbray alone has taken almost $190,000 from the oil and gas industry,” he said. “Are the votes and the contributions connected?  The voters are smart and they’ll decide for themselves.”
For more information, go to


SDCDP Official Voter Guide


Early voting in the Primary Election has begun! If you vote by mail, please help all of the Democratic Party's endorsed candidates by filling out your ballot completely and mailing it in as soon as possible.
Our endorsements are listed below. You can also view and print our official Democratic Voter Guide online at

Please forward this link to your family, friends, and associates via email, Facebook, and any other means you have to promote the Party's recommendations. As an informed Democrat, you are a vital source of information for other voters in your personal network.

You can confirm your voter registration status here and register (or reregister) to vote here. For more information, please call Democratic Headquarters at (858) 277-3367 or email

Thank you for being a Democratic voter in this important election!

President: Barack Obama
U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Congress, District 49: Jerry Tetalman
U.S. Congress, District 50: Vote for a Democrat
U.S. Congress, District 51: Juan Vargas
U.S. Congress, District 52: Vote for a Democrat
U.S. Congress, District 53: Susan Davis

State Legislature
Senate, District 39: Marty Block
Assembly, District 71: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 75: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 77: R.J. Hernandez
Assembly, District 78: Toni Atkins
Assembly, District 79: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 80: Ben Hueso

Superior Court, Office 24: Terrie Roberts
Superior Court, Office 25: George Schaefer
Superior Court, Office 34: No Endorsement

Board of Education, Dist. 1: Gregg Robinson
Board of Education, Dist. 2: Lyn Neylon
Board of Education, Dist. 4: Mark Anderson
S.D. Community College Board, Dist. B: Bernie Rhinerson
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. A: John Lee Evans
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. D: Richard Barrera
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. E: Marne Foster

Board of Supervisors, Dist.1: Brant Will
Board of Supervisors, Dist.2: Rudy Reyes
Board of Supervisors, Dist.3: Dave Roberts
Chula Vista City Council, Seat #3: Pamela Bensoussan
Chula Vista City Council, Seat #4: Mary Salas
Mayor of San Diego: Bob Filner
San Diego City Council, Dist. 1: Sherri Lightner
San Diego City Council, Dist. 3: Todd Gloria
San Diego City Council, Dist. 7: Mat Kostrinsky
San Diego City Council, Dist. 9: Marti Emerald

Prop. 28: YES
Prop. 29: YES
Prop. A: NO
Prop. B: NO
Prop. C: NO
Prop. D: NO
Prop. E: NO
Prop. F: NO
Prop. G: Yes
Prop. H: Yes

Sunday, May 6, 2012



Mira Mesa — The Mira Mesa Town Council will host a mayoral forum on Wednesday, May 9 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Mira Mesa High School to highlight issues unique to Mira Mesa.

“As a safe, middle class community, Mira Mesa is often forgotten when it comes to city services, infrastructure and investments,” said Ted Brengel, president of the Mira Mesa Town Council. “Our hope for the forum is that the candidates will be cognizant of the needs of Mira Mesa residents.”

Mira Mesa is home to close to 80,000 people, making it the largest community in San Diego, yet there are only three major bus routes servicing the area, no hospitals and no community center. Many high-tech and biotech companies, such as Qualcomm, Gen-Probe and Abgent, have their headquarters in Mira Mesa, making it the heart of the San Diego tech industry.

“The problem is that the western half of Mira Mesa, where many tech companies are located, is often mistakenly referred to as ‘Sorrento Valley’ or ‘Sorrento Mesa’ denying Mira Mesa the recognition it deserves,” Brengel said.

The mayoral forum is also cosponsored by the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC). Roughly 38 percent of the population in Mira Mesa is of Asian descent and APAC hopes that this forum will give the candidates an opportunity to address the concerns of Asian/Pacific Islanders, who are often underrepresented in city government.

Both Nathan Fletcher and Bob Filner have confirmed their attendance. Carl deMaio is trying to rearrange his schedule to be at the forum. Bonnie Dumanis has declined the invitation to attend the Mira Mesa Mayoral Forum.

When IEs Misfire

There is a nice mail piece that arrived in mailboxes this weekend throughout southwestern San Diego promoting Dr. Shirley Weber. She is a candidate for the 79th Assembly District and the well-designed letter-sized mailer is a good introduction to her.

Which would be great if the recipients actually lived in the 79th AD.

The mailer, paid for by the AFSCME CA People Independent Expenditure Committee, seems to have been sent to residents of the CURRENT 79th AD and not the NEW 79th AD.

Democratic voters living in the current 79th AD, represented by Ben Hueso, may be confused as to when Huseo drew a challenger and why Dr. Weber won’t be on their ballot when they vote for him in the NEW 80th.

What is even more important is that the AFSCME CA People Independent Expenditure Committee choked on the weekend before absentee ballots are mailed. By sending a mass mailer to the wrong universe, which has very little overlap with what should have been the target universe, they wasted resources and threw away an opportunity to lock down VBM voters.

In a multi-candidate election like the 79th, any opportunity to break away from the pack matters. The other campaigns in the 79th should be counting their lucky stars that this attempt failed, allowing them to fight on a leveler field than those that the IEs would permit.

The Weber campaign had nothing to do with this but the money lost in this misfire could have been better spent by the campaign itself.

I can understand how this happened (multiple data bases, the mail house, the vendor, etc.) but it doesn’t excuse the fact that someone at some level didn't review everything required for the mailing. All campaigns take note: DETAILS MATTER.

U-T Editoral Board Endorse In San Diego City Races

In a complete surprise to everyone the UT's Editorial Republican Board followed suit with the San Diego County Republican Party in endorsing in all the city races.  Well, where the San Diego County Republican Party did not provide them guidance of an endorsement, then they were forced to endorse the Democrat.
  • Mayor: Carl DeMaio best protects the Republican brand and they think can best beat Representative Bob Filner
  • District 1: Ray Ellis "has the best shot at toppling the incumbent"
  • District 3: Todd Gloria drew no Republican challengers
  • District 5: Mark Kersey is the "single candidate [that] stepped forward in this district"
  • District 7: Scott Sherman "recruited to the race by April Boling"
  • District 9: Marti Emerald drew no Republican challengers
Read the editors sound reasoning here for Mayor and here for city council.

Lets look back to see how well the Union Tribune's Editorial Republican Board did in their 2008 endorsements for these same cycle (except of course it would not have included the additional of  District 9):

San Diego City Council (only a 33% win ratio)
  • Lost - Philip Thalheimer, District 1 (Democratic Opponent)
  • Won - Todd Gloria, District 3 (Democratic Opponent)
  • Lost - April Boling, District 7 (Democratic Opponent)
Again, these endorsements matched the San Diego County Republican Party where there was a Republican in the city race.