Sunday, May 6, 2012

U-T Editoral Board Endorse In San Diego City Races

In a complete surprise to everyone the UT's Editorial Republican Board followed suit with the San Diego County Republican Party in endorsing in all the city races.  Well, where the San Diego County Republican Party did not provide them guidance of an endorsement, then they were forced to endorse the Democrat.
  • Mayor: Carl DeMaio best protects the Republican brand and they think can best beat Representative Bob Filner
  • District 1: Ray Ellis "has the best shot at toppling the incumbent"
  • District 3: Todd Gloria drew no Republican challengers
  • District 5: Mark Kersey is the "single candidate [that] stepped forward in this district"
  • District 7: Scott Sherman "recruited to the race by April Boling"
  • District 9: Marti Emerald drew no Republican challengers
Read the editors sound reasoning here for Mayor and here for city council.

Lets look back to see how well the Union Tribune's Editorial Republican Board did in their 2008 endorsements for these same cycle (except of course it would not have included the additional of  District 9):

San Diego City Council (only a 33% win ratio)
  • Lost - Philip Thalheimer, District 1 (Democratic Opponent)
  • Won - Todd Gloria, District 3 (Democratic Opponent)
  • Lost - April Boling, District 7 (Democratic Opponent)
Again, these endorsements matched the San Diego County Republican Party where there was a Republican in the city race.

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