Friday, May 11, 2012

Rudy Reyes letter to the California Energy Commission regarding the Quail brush power plant in east county


I would like to ask the CEC two major questions in regards to possible bribery by the applicant. First I suspect that this whole CEC appication might be a bribe to make work for the CEC,, as the CPUC is need to determine "NEED" before the project is supposed to go to CEC. Therefore this order of the appication is not correct and making $$$ for the CEC. Second is the applicant has not been doing public meetings at all the last two months of their "extension" instead the applicant has been spreading $$$ in the community "bribing" as many as will take their $$$. I wonder when is the breach considered illegal and ask the public adviser to advise. Santee Patch is exposing "bribes" Not to count the applicant has hired specialists to Lobby/bribe(lori) the community!

Rudy Reyes

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