Friday, April 18, 2008

Save our Schools!


Saturday, April 19, 2008,9:15 am
  • March from Balboa Park to the State Building, Downtown San Diego to PROTEST PROPOSED CUTS TO EDUCATION!
  • Meet on the grass at the corner of Park Ave and Presidents way, Balboa Park
  • Bring Family, Friends and anyone who cares about the education of our children
  • Make signs, wear your school t-shirt and be ready to make a statement!
  • Be respectful, obey traffic rules and no profanity

Organized by San Diego Public School Teachers


According to yesterday’s Sacramento Bee and the LA Times the day before, a group of GOP honchos with money to burn have created California Republicans Aligned for Tomorrow (CRAFT) whose purpose is to find “candidates that can win elections” to quote Pete Wilson.

I cite this because Larry Dodge, who offered to help dig the CRP out of the financial mess San Diego’s own Ron Nehring has presided over, is a founding member of CRAFT.

Citing “a lack of professional management” at the California Republican Party, he is tuning over his money to this new group which will find and run candidates for statewide office.

I would call it a duplication of efforts, but if the CRA keeps hiring illegals and spending it’s political capital on whining about the Governor’s lack of support, I think CRAFT may have an opening.

It remains to be seen if such a body can find candidates “slick” enough to pass through their own party’s gauntlets at the primary level.

Either way, it looks like another big no confidence vote in the leadership Ron Nehring has brought to the state GOP,

Friday - Quick Hits

Ex-aide to Mayor Sanders sues city over wrongful termination. UT

The nanny state has reached the ballpark now. Padres are selling overpriced 3.2 beer at Petco Park. UT

Stating the obvious, Baja Governor claims that water and energy projects will be the key to Baja's future development. UT

Sales tax legislation for San Diego County moves it way State Senate. UT

Fare increases and service cutbacks in the future for North County residents who use NCTD. UT

Crowd of 250 hear Cindy Sheehan speak at CSUSM last night. NCTimes

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday - Quick Hits

Profile in courage, Mayor Sanders vetoes pay increase for council and himself. UT

More profiles in courage, Peters and Hueso change their minds on 24% pay increase for council. UT

Ever heard of Norton Utilities? County Superior court computers hit with a virus. UT

More signs of the housing crisis, home building permits off 63% from last year. NCTimes

San Diego near the top for nation in broadband access. UT

Sign of the times, "Wings over Gillespie" cancelled due to high cost of fuel. UT

City of Oceanside in talks with Natural History Museum on the possibility of a North County satellite location. UT

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Mailer?

Let’s say you’re running for public office and get caught urinating and masturbating in public. Let’s also say that, after being caught, you say nothing for a weekend and plead no contest (a.k.a. the prosecution makes their case and wins because you’d rather not plead guilty and fight). Because your consultant, not you, is saying you want to remain in the race, how would you move your campaign forward?

Some would drop out. Other more media-centric types would call a press conference and kill the issue outright.

Not our Larry Remer, consultant to John Harley. His solution is to mail to the district that his candidate was “taking a leak.” So, if you missed it in the news, the mail will announce that a man seeking your vote was caught up in something that is less than becoming for a candidate.

Now, I don’t know it was Remer’s decision. I just assumed because he makes a killing from mail (ask any resident of District 8 about the deluge of mailings of THE SAME PIECE for days before the election) that he would defer to such a “soft” touch rather than go before the cameras and slay the dragon.

IMHO mail is of limited use. It’s costly for campaigns to do so mail should be done with a precise target on a precise issue that HELPS YOUR CANDIDATE. Reminding and / or informing them of what happened isn’t help in my book, unless you’re collecting the check.

Speaking of check, while Remer was away on Hartley duty, Marti got hit on the Hedgecock show. Where was her consultant on this one? Can we expect a mailing to explain away this issue also?

Wednesday - Quick Hits

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan to speak at CSUSM on Thursday. NCTimes

District-3 candidate John Hartley explains his arrest in campaign mailer. UT

With pay raise vote, council also increased their pensions. UT

Council decides not to hire special prosecutor to look into Sunroad Building, instead kicks the can over the the ethics commission. UT

Witnesses testified for the prosecution in the Castaneda perjury trial. UT

Sign of worsening budget crisis, school districts considering closing schools in an attempt to save money. UT


"Get to Know Your Candidates"
(20 Confirmed Candidates)

Progressive San Diego invites you to our one-on-one candidate mixer.

Thursday, April 17th
Home of Linda and Carlos LeGerrette
1359 Grove St. | San Diego, CA 92102 (Corner of Grove and Ash in Golden Hill)

The event will feature ALL PSD endorsed candidates and ALL City Attorney candidates. Our event is open to members and friends of PSD that would like to have some one-on-one face time with the candidates.

Scott Lewis, executive editor of the Voice of San Diego will emcee the event.

Councilmember Donna Frye will be our special guest speaker to discuss the No on Proposition C campaign for June 3rd.

Confirmed Candidates to Speak: Mike Aguirre, Scott Peters, Brian Maienschein, Jan Goldsmith, Amy Lepine, Richard Barrera*, John Lee Evans*, Sherri Lightner*, Arlie Ricasa*, Marty Block*, and Marty Emerald*.

Confirmed Candidates to Mix & Mingle: Shelia Jackson, Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn, Lori Saldana, Jose Preciado, Steve Francis, Mike Copass, Rudy Reyes and Marjorie Watson Thomas.

Hosts: Linda and Carlos LeGerrette, Brian Polejes and Jose Preciado.
RSVP to:

Suggested Donation: $20.00 | Host Committee: $75.00
*PSD Endorsed Candidates

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday - Quick Hits

It can only happen in San Diego. As the city is deciding to cut budget, council votes itself a 24% pay increase. UT

Steve Francis rightly criticizes mayor Sanders proposed budget. UT

Enough already! Mount Soledad cross begins another round of court battles. UT

UCSD admits 40% of those who applied to the university. UT

Student at Vista High School diagnosed with TB. UT

New group steps forward to file suit against proposed Wal-Mart expansion in Vista. NCTimes

Carl DeMaio Asked to Remember That Tax Day Applies to Everyone

As millions of Americans fulfill their patriotic duty and file their income taxes, the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council is forced to remind Carl DeMaio to send in his tax return by the end of the day.

In the past five years, DeMaio and his Virginia-based think tank have been penalized several times for failing to file taxes in a timely manner. DeMaio’s behavior has resulted in penalties, liens and the suspension of the corporate status of his company, Performance Events.

Members of the Labor Council will be at the Margaret Sellers Postal Center in Carmel Mountain Ranch to ask taxpayers to remind DeMaio of the April 15 filing deadline if they see him.

“It is a slap in the face to hard-working and honest citizens that Carl DeMaio struggles to follow the same tax laws that we all observe,” said Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer Lorena Gonzalez. “For a so-called ‘watchdog,’ he certainly seems to have trouble following the rules.”

DeMaio’s Performance Events, an organization that guides companies towards taxpayer-funded government contracts, remains suspended for failure to pay taxes to California’s Franchise Tax Board.

“The irony of a company that relies on taxpayer dollars to operate failing to pay its taxes is shocking,” Gonzalez said. “On the one hand, he wants to line his pockets with taxpayer money. Yet on the other, he hasn’t followed tax rules.”

In addition to corporate failures, DeMaio has struggled to pay property taxes on his two San Diego properties.

More information on Carl DeMaio’s history of missed tax deadlines can be found at

The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council is a coalition of 119 local unions that represent 120,000 working families in the region. The Labor Council strives to ensure that all workers in the region earn a fair wage and health care for their families.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday - Quick Hits

Trade Unions set to appeal court decision on City of Vista's charter case. NCTimes

Mayor Sanders has decided that parks and libraries are to have their budgets trimmed, while he increases city spending 13%. UT

I'm shocked! Possible conflict of interest among city advisory board members. UT

City council to consider pay raise for mayor and themselves again. UT

San Diego City College to receive the Recycler-of-the year award from city council. UT

Democrats gathered statewide to select their delegates to the Democratic Convention in Denver late this summer. NCTimes

Filner to Host Fundraiser for Pamela Bensoussan

Congressman Bob Filner Welcomes you to a Benefit for Pamela Bensoussan, Candidate Chula Vista City Council Seat 3 Join us for a Poolside Sunday Brunch at the home of Jill & Victor Galvez.

7 Cresta Way
Chula Vista, 91910

Sunday, April 27, 11:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Requested Contribution:
Guest $50 - Host $150 - Sponsor $300

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet our Congressman and help elect Pamela!

Please Contribute or RSVP now online at

Or mail check to Pamela for City Council c/o Georgie Stillman, Treas.
580 Twin Oaks Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Or call Georgie at (619)420-0610

Campaign Committee
Pamela Bensoussan for City Council, ID#1299632

Note: Ordinance No. 2955 of the City of Chula Vista limits contributions to campaigns for City elective office, either to candidate controlled committees or to regulated independent expenditure committees, to three hundred dollars ($300.00) per contributor. (Ord. 2955 § 1, 2004). Printed in-house and paid for by Pamela Bensoussan for City Council, I.D. No.1299632. Campaign Treasurer Georgie Stillman, 580 Twin Oaks Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910