Thursday, July 28, 2011

City Attorney's Race

Lost in the shuffle of the mayoral race in San Diego is the race for city attorney. One question that needs to be asked; is there going to be a prominent Democrat to challenge current city attorney Jan Goldsmith?

Assuming that the current city attorney gets re-elected, which is looking more like a done deal everyday. Then the next question that needs to be asked: who becomes the next city attorney if Bonnie Dumanis gets elected as mayor and the county board of supervisors appoints Goldsmith to be her replacement?

I know open ended "what if" questions are just what they are. But in a city where Democrats hold a 10-point registration advantage I cannot see why there isn't at least one prominent Democrat willing to run for city attorney? If for any other reason to position themselves for when the office opens up next. Be that in 2013 or 2016.