Saturday, June 11, 2011

SacBee: Maps analyze party registration for draft Senate, Assembly lines

The SacBee has the visual breakdown. Click here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

From Memo to Lani Lutar of San Diego County Taxpayers Association

"4. Memo to Lani Lutar of San Diego County Taxpayers Association: Put down your phone. Slink quietly away from redistricting. Your Republican Party good cop/bad cop plan has been revealed, your consultant/spokesman has abandoned you, your partisan agenda has been documented before the commission, and there is far more information flowing around town about your months-long redistricting collaboration with DeMaio, Krvaric, and the Lincoln Club than you realize. Your renewed efforts to establish yourself as a middle ground player are amusing, but embarrassing. " -

FIrst Draft maps are up! Part 2

Up they go again. Click here.

A note about these maps

These were downloaded early this morning and, as of this writing, were removed from the state website. These should be considered pending until the website posts the maps.

Assembly Maps

Senate Maps

Congressional Maps

FIrst Draft maps are up!

Click here to view the proposed maps and the return of the coastal districts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

SDUT: State Sen. Vargas plans run to replace Filner in Congress

Not a surprise but it does begin the falling-dominoes sequence in South Bay. Check it here.

Ninth Circuit Upholds Corporate Contribution Ban and Other San Diego Campaign Finance Restrictions

You can read the press release here.

New lines come out tomorrow.

Click here on Friday.

Filner: "Let me be clear, this is not an announcement of some "exploratory" committee."

He also said that San Diego has not had a strong mayor since Pete Wilson. Let the games begin.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Voice of San Diego: Faulconer Out, Endorses Dumanis

Read it here.

Filner to announce tomorrow.

His former District CoS and current CoS have Tweeted this. We'll see on Wednesday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Voice of San Diego 401(k) article worth reading

To quote the SDUT:

DeMaio has joined with Faulconer and Sanders on a proposed initiative that would appear on the same June 2012 ballot and calls for replacing guaranteed pensions with 401ks for all new city hires except for police officers.

DeMaio said the initiative will be the thrust of his campaign.

“People are going to see it as indistinguishable (from my campaign),” he said. “The pension crisis is the most pressing financial problem we face and I’m not waiting to be mayor to fix that problem. I’m doing it right now.”

And from the Voice of San Diego:

"The colossal problem for the city is trying to pay off that $2.1 billion pension liability," Hovey said. "The 401(k) plan doesn't address that."

For now, backers are insisting 401(k)s will save money, but aren't saying much else. They still have a year to make their case. When they do, they might not have to prove how much 401(k)s save, but whether they save anything at all.

This would not be the first time politician DeMaio has been less than factual. However, to base his campaign for Mayor on a false premise shows how little respect he has for the voters.

It should be mentioned that DeMaio constantly runs initiatives with his campaigns. It almost seems as if he could not win an election without them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Re-elect Todd Gloria!

His campaign site is up.

Click here to see it

SDUT: Fletcher running for Mayor

This looks like a back door way of stepping on DeMaio's announcement later today.

Click here for the article.