Saturday, October 20, 2012

Peters Calls for ‘No Budget, No Pay’

“If Congress can’t balance the budget, they don’t get a paycheck.”

 San Diego – In a new 30-second television advertisement launched today, congressional candidate Scott Peters says he supports the concept of ‘No Budget, No Pay’ as a way to hold representatives accountable for doing their jobs, which includes working together to pass a federal budget.

“Congress’s inability to reach agreement on a federal budget caused America’s credit rating to be downgraded for the first time in our history. It led us to this fiscal cliff that threatens jobs, our economy and even national security,” said Peters.

“Yet Congressman Bilbray counts the draconian cuts forced by sequestration as a hallmark example of  bipartisan work,” he added. “I think it’s a disaster; I say members of Congress shouldn’t get paid if they don’t do their jobs.”

In the ad, Peters says, “It’s time Congress worked for us. I say – no budget, no pay.  If Congress doesn’t do their job and balance the budget – they don’t get a paycheck.” 

The process known as sequestration resulted from the inability of Congress to compromise and reach agreement on a federal spending plan. The draconian across-the-board cuts, supported by Brian Bilbray, could mean the loss of 30,000 defense-related jobs in San Diego County alone, as well as the loss of billions of dollars of investment in science and research. These together could cripple San Diego’s economy.

“Congress is broken. To change it, we need to change the people we send there, and we need to hold our representatives accountable,” he said.

Peters is running to unseat entrenched incumbent and former lobbyist Brian Bilbray. Bilbray is a millionaire who collects a $174,000 per year salary and two taxpayer-funded pensions.

For more information, about Scott Peters’ campaign to change Congress, go to


Former NBA Superstar, Sportscaster Bill Walton Endorses Peters for Congress!

SD Businessman, Philanthropist Says Congress Needs a Problem Solver Like Peters

San Diego – Former pro basketballstar and NBA sports commentator Bill Walton endorsed Scott Peters for Congress in front of dozens of volunteers at the Peters headquarters this morning. Walton, a San Diego native, is currently the Executive Chairman of Connect SD Sport Innovators. He was in 2009 named one the top 50 sportscasters of all time and is also nationally recognized for his philanthropy. He has received the NBA Retired Players Humanitarian Award and just yesterday completed a 620-mile cycling journey down the California coast to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

“Congress is mired in gridlock because too many of our elected leaders are more concerned with party politics instead of with finding solutions,” said Walton. “I’ve known Scott and his work for years and I know him to be a different kind of leader. He’s a great man with an extraordinary abundance of integrity and credibility. He’ll put the people of San Diego first,” he added.

Walton, an independent, is one of the leaders of the Movement to the Middle that formed in the spring of this year after Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher left the Republican Party to become an independent. Fletcher is also backing Peters over Bilbray.

“Bill was a world-class athlete, and he’s an extraordinary San Diegan who has used his celebrity to do great things for our community,” said Peters. “He has a huge heart to match his stature and personality and he’s put these traits to good use toward helping others. I’m honored to have his support.”

Walton made the endorsement in inspiring, heartfelt remarks in front of a group of about 35 volunteers who were headed out to walk precincts for Peters, lead by San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria, who has also endorsed Peters candidacy.

Peters is running in California’s newly drawn 52nd Congressional District to unseat 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray. For more information about Scott’s campaign to change Congress, go to

One of the Most Admired, Accomplished Leaders in SD to Endorse Scott This Morning!

Local Celebrity, and former World-Class Athlete, Urges San Diegans to Back Peters for Congress

TODAY, Saturday, October 20, 2012, 10:30 a.m.

An accomplished San Diegan, and beloved local celebrity, will announce his endorsement of Scott Peters for Congress! The announcement will be made in front of a crowd of dozens of volunteers who will head out to walk precincts immediately following the announcement.

This very important endorsement will demonstrate more across-the-board appeal and support Peters has in his campaign to unseat long-term incumbent Brian Bilbray – bipartisan support from across the spectrum Bilbray can’t claim.  Tomorrow’s announcement will be a tremendous boost to the Peters campaign.

Peters for Congress Campaign Headquarters
4715 Viewridge Ave., Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92123

MaryAnne Pintar, 619-252-9923,

Friday, October 19, 2012

IVN: Op-Ed:Should US Attorney Laura Duffy Resign over Conflict?

The Hatch Act is the Federal law prohibiting Federal employees from participating in elections. The “release” of the “private” email is a pretty transparent tactic to protect Duffy from charges that she has violated at least the spirit, if not the letter, of the Act.

But, the revelation that she also gave money to DeMaio is a smoking cannon. Laura Duffy is not just a federal employee; she is the U.S. Attorney. The issue isn’t that she violated the Hatch Act. The mayor’s race is technically nonpartisan and therefore exempt from the Hatch Act, but California now has nonpartisan Open Primaries. Meaning that, technically, the Hatch Act no longer applies to any California elections except that for President.
Yet, the U.S. Attorney’s office has, as recently as this summer, enforced the Hatch Act against an Orange County Social Services Agency employee who administered federal funds and had sought to run for office in Southern California. He was forced to withdraw, even after his name was placed on the ballot.

There is room for argument concerning rank and file federal employees and the question about how far away from the “electioneering” line they should stay. But, the U.S. Attorney has to enforce these laws. In this case, Duffy has not only crossed the line of appropriate behavior by participating in the election. She has added an element of sleaze to the story by participating in what appears to be an orchestrated leak of a “private” email clearly designed to benefit the candidate she has supported financially.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10News - Complicated trail of campaign contributions shows complex relationships

From 10News:

For example, public campaign filings show San Diegans for Reform in opposition to Bob Filner received nearly 70 percent of its donations – $276,000 since June – from the Lincoln Club of San Diego.

The Lincoln Club's biggest donor in the last two months was the Manchester Financial Group headed by developer and U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester.

Records also show a $65,000 donation in May to Carl DeMaio for Mayor 2012 from the Republican Party of San Diego. That happens to be the same amount donated to the party by Manchester in March.

Much of this is now possible because of the Supreme Court's 2010 decision.

Read the article here.

Four More Community Newspapers in 52nd Endorse Peters for Congress

La Jolla Light, Rancho Bernardo Journal, Poway News Chieftain,
Carmel Valley News All Back Peters Over Bilbray 

San Diego – Four more newspapers in the 52nd Congressional District have endorsed Scott Peters for Congress over 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray, the Peters campaign announced today. The endorsement from Main Street Media, which publishes several community papers throughout San Diego County, called Peters a consensus builder with new ideas who will deliver results for San Diego. Peters is running to unseat Bilbray in California’s newly drawn 52nd Congressional District.

The Main Street Media newspapers that endorsed Peters this week include: the La Jolla Light, the Carmel Valley News, the Rancho Bernardo 4S Ranch News Journal and the Poway News Chieftain, which also distributes within Scripps Ranch.  Their endorsement is particularly significant because these communities are among the highest voter turnout areas within the new 52nd Congressional District.

Their endorsements, which ran on their editorial pages, said, “Though Bilbray has served in the House for 12 years, his career lacks luster…a consensus builder willing to ‘cross the aisle’ with new ideas and no party agenda is needed. Scott Peters promises to be that kind of representative and we believe him.”

“Readers trust their community newspapers a great deal because they know and cover the issues that impact their daily lives and are closest to home, ” said Peters. “I’ve had the honor of representing many of these communities as a City Councilman and City Council President. They know I share their values and that I’ll get things done for them.”

Peters was also endorsed this month by the San Diego Jewish Journal. The Tierra Times and San Diego CityBeat have also endorsed Peters over Bilbray; both endorsed Peters in the primary.

For more information about the Scott Peters for Congress campaign, go to


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FACT CHECK: Romney Would Raise Taxes on Middle Class Families To Pay For Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Mitt Romney tonight said he wouldn’t raise taxes on middle class families, but we know that’s not true. As independent, non-partisan analysts have highlighted, to pay for his plan that would give $250,000 tax cuts to multi-millionaires and billionaires, Mitt Romney would have to cut popular tax deductions that middle class families rely on, like the mortgage interest and charitable deductions. Romney has promised to end tax cuts for college and families, raising taxes on 18 million working families. Paying for Romney’s tax cuts means the average middle class family with kids would see their taxes go up by $2,000 a year.


Reuters Headline: “Romney Tax Plan Helps Rich, Hurts Middle Class-Study.” [Reuters, 8/1/12]

Boston Globe Headline: “Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Would Offer Big Cuts To Millionaires, Raise Taxes On Middle Class, Brookings Analysts Say.” [Boston Globe, 8/1/12]

Washington Post Editorial: The Tax Policy Center Found That Under The Romney Plan “Even If Every Loophole For The Top Brackets Were Closed, There Wouldn’t Be Enough Revenue. The Middle Class Would Have To Pay More.” “The Tax Policy Center (TPC), a joint venture of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, examined Mr. Romney’s claim and found that, even if every loophole for the top brackets were closed, there wouldn’t be enough revenue. The middle class would have to pay more.” [Editorial, Washington Post, 8/21/12]

If Romney’s Tax Plan Was Paid For, Families With Kids Who Make Less Than $200,000 Would See An Average Tax Increase Of $2,041. [Tax Policy Center, On The Distributional Effects Of Base-Broadening Income Tax Reform, p. 18, 8/1/12]

If Romney’s Tax Plan Was Paid For, The Top 0.1% Would See An Average Tax Cut Of $246,652.
[Tax Policy Center, On The Distributional Effects Of Base-Broadening Income Tax Reform, p. 19, 8/1/12]


Tax Policy Center: Assuming Romney Pays For His Tax Plan By Cutting Deductions Would Put On The Table Provisions Like Mortgage Interest, Child, And Charitable Contributions. From a Tax Policy Center analysis of Romney’s tax plan: “Given these assumptions, it may be useful to point out which tax expenditures we are assuming are ‘on the table’: employer provided health insurance and fringe benefits; the partial exclusion of social security benefits; above-the-line deductions like moving expenses; education-related benefits and tax credits; the deductions for medical expenses, state and local taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions; child- and dependent-related tax credits like the child care credit, earned income tax credit, and child tax credit; and other items listed in the appendix.” [Tax Policy Center, On The Distributional Effects Of Base-Broadening Income Tax Reform, 8/1/12]

DeMaio calls out for help!

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:07:42 -0500

From: Tommy Knepper
Subject: Supporters Needed at Debates!

DeMaio Volunteers,

A few additional debates we need folks for

Thursday October 18 7-815pm: Kensington-Talmadge Debate

Location: Kensington Community Church - 4773 Marlborough Drive San Diego CA 92116

For this one, either RSVP to me or simply show. Bring you cheering hat!

Tue, October 23, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

USD CEPAL Mayoral Forum on Education

USD Mother Rosalie Hill Hall

If you are interested in this debate you must RSVP to me, so I can have your ticket and parking pass distributed. We only have 10 slots so email me quickly!

There will be a reception following this event with adult beverages and networking opportunities.


Gas Prices Soar As Brian Bilbray Stands with Gas & Oil Industry

San Diego – Today the Scott Peters for Congress campaign called on Congressman Brian Bilbray to give voters the real facts about his cozy relationship with the oil and gas industry. The Congressman is holding a news conference today to ‘talk the talk’ about rising gas prices. But when it comes to ‘walking the walk’, Mr. Bilbray has repeatedly turned his back on the middle class and stood up for profitable oil companies.

“Congressman Bilbray has taken $230,000 dollars from the oil and gas industry; in return he’s supported huge subsidies and tax breaks for these corporations which have never been more profitable,” said Peters campaign Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar.

“While rising gas prices put the squeeze on family budgets, Mr. Bilbray hasn’t done a thing to provide relief at the pump,” she added.  “He’s been too busy protecting billions in taxpayer subsidies for oil companies while protecting the Wall Street speculators who drive up the price of gas.”

Instead of acting to reduce gas prices, Mr. Bilbray has acted in his own self-interest, voting repeatedly with Tea Party leaders to protect the bottom lines of Big Oil companies that are posting record profits.  He even voted against cracking down on Wall Street speculators that manipulate the market and drive up gas prices for California families.

“His campaign message is ‘re-elect me. I have 12 years of seniority and know how to work the system.’ What he’s really saying is he knows how to make the system work for him, not for the voters,” said Pintar.

Gasoline Prices in California Set Record.
 “The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in California reached $4.671…The price jump, the Energy Department said, left California motorists paying an average of 84.4 cents a gallon more than they were at this time last year.” [LA Times, 10/10/12]

Congressman Bilbray Took Over $200,000 from Oil and Gas Industry
. Bilbray has taken $235,218 from the oil and gas industry while in Congress. [, accessed 10/15/12]
Congressman Bilbray Voted to Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil
. On April 15, 2011, Bilbray voted to protect special interest tax breaks, such as tax breaks for big oil companies. “the Ryan plan secures no deficit-reduction contribution at all from closing special interest tax breaks, such as breaks for big oil companies.” [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/20/11]
Congressman Bilbray Voted to Make it Easier for Speculators to Manipulate Oil Prices.
 House Republicans voted against increasing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission budget by $11.8 million for enforcement against oil and gas speculators. [HR 2112, Vote #458, 6/16/11; Congressional Record, H4312, 6/16/11]
Congressman Bilbray Voted for a Budget that Pads Big Oil’s Pockets with Senseless Subsidies.
 In April 2011, Congressman Bilbray voted for the FY12 Republican budget, which secured no deficit-reduction contribution at all from closing special interest tax breaks, such as tax breaks for big oil companies. [H Con Res 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/20/11]
Congressman Bilbray Voted for 19 Percent Cut to Clean Energy Programs.
 Bilbray voted for the Ryan budget which included cuts to clean energy programs. “Clean energy programs would be cut by 19 percent over the next decade, derailing efforts to put a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015, retrofit residential homes to save energy and consumers money, and make the commercial building sector 20 percent more efficient by 2022.” [Office of Management and Budget, 3/21/12; H Con Res 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12]

Congressman Bilbray Voted Against Increasing Funding for Renewable Energy and Taking Away Funding for Fossil Fuel Research. In 2011, Bilbray voted against an amendment to increase funding for renewable energy and take funding away from fossil fuel research. Bilbray voted against an amendment that would increase funding for energy-efficiency and renewable-energy programs by $24 million and reduce funding for fossil-fuel energy research and development by $50 million. [Amendment, HR 2354, Vote #544, 7/12/11]
Bilbray Voted to Cut Funding for Renewable Energy Programs. In 2007, Bilbray voted in favor of an amendment to the fiscal year 2008 Energy and Water appropriations bill that would reduce funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs by $102 million. [HR 2641, Vote #509, 6/19/07]

Monday, October 15, 2012

Republican Business Leader/Philanthropist Mel Katz Endorses Peters

Katz is the 4th former SD Regional Chamber Chair to Back Peters Over Bilbray

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of yet another prominent Republican business leader: Mel Katz. Katz is a highly regarded civic leader and philanthropist and the fourth former Chair of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to back Peters in the race for the newly drawn 52ndCongressional District.

Katz said he is endorsing Peters over Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray because of Peters’ proven ability to lead and move San Diego forward.

“As San Diego City Council President and Port Commissioner, Scott Peters has a record of accomplishment, growing our economy by breaking through tough gridlock on important civic projects that have generated tens of millions of dollars for the region’s economy and created thousands of good-paying jobs,” stated Katz.

“Our country faces many challenges. San Diegans needs a leader who will put aside partisanship bickering to deliver results,” said Katz. “I have worked with Scott for years and have watched him tackle the tough issues. While we are members of different parties, he has always come to the table with a willingness to work together.”

As co-owner and executive officer of Manpower of San Diego, the top Manpower franchise in the nation, Katz is a prominent business leader in San Diego. An advocate for child literacy and education, Katz has been a leading force on important civic projects like San Diego’s new main library.

Katz is currently a second-term trustee on the University of California San Diego Foundation board and serves on three committees in this capacity: Stewardship, Development and Audit. He is a former Chairman of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego Library Commission, the San Diego Convention Center Corporation and the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

Katz endorsement adds to Peters’ growing list of bipartisan supporters including Independent State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, Republican Malin Burnham, and three other former Chamber of Commerce Chairs.

“Mel is a tireless advocate and philanthropist for San Diego; we’re lucky to have him and I’m honored to have earned his endorsement,” said Peters.

For more information about Scott Peters and his campaign to fix Congress, go to


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lemon Grove Firefighters Endorse Gastil & Vasquez

Lemon Grove:  The Lemon Grove Firefighters, Local 2728 endorsed Council Member George Gastil and City Council candidate Racquel Vasquez to fill the two open seats in the City of Lemon Grove this November.

Gastil is seeking his second term on the City Council, while Vasquez, who currently serves as a City of Lemon Grove Planning Commissioner, is seeking her first.

“The Lemon Grove Fighters recognize Councilmember George Gastil’s commitment to ensuring safety in Lemon Grove,” said Brian Hayward, Union President Local 2728. “Together with Racquel Vasquez, both will help keep our city safe.”

The Lemon Grove Firefighters Association represents the firefighters that work in the City of Lemon Grove.

“I’m happy to be receiving the firefighter’s endorsement,” said Gastil. “During my first term on the City Council I have made a point of keeping public safety as our top priority.  Lemon Grove has joined with El Cajon and La Mesa to combine our fire and rescue services, and this has improved our service while also lowering costs.” he added.

“Firefighting is in an important part of ensuring that our neighborhoods remain safe,” said Vasquez.
“George and I are committed to working together to move our city forward.”


George Gastil · Racquel Vasquez

for Lemon Grove City Council 2012