Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SDCDP Official Voter Guide


Early voting in the Primary Election has begun! If you vote by mail, please help all of the Democratic Party's endorsed candidates by filling out your ballot completely and mailing it in as soon as possible.
Our endorsements are listed below. You can also view and print our official Democratic Voter Guide online at www.sddemocrats.org/endorsements.

Please forward this link to your family, friends, and associates via email, Facebook, and any other means you have to promote the Party's recommendations. As an informed Democrat, you are a vital source of information for other voters in your personal network.

You can confirm your voter registration status here and register (or reregister) to vote here. For more information, please call Democratic Headquarters at (858) 277-3367 or email info@sddemocrats.org.

Thank you for being a Democratic voter in this important election!

President: Barack Obama
U.S. Senate: Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Congress, District 49: Jerry Tetalman
U.S. Congress, District 50: Vote for a Democrat
U.S. Congress, District 51: Juan Vargas
U.S. Congress, District 52: Vote for a Democrat
U.S. Congress, District 53: Susan Davis

State Legislature
Senate, District 39: Marty Block
Assembly, District 71: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 75: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 77: R.J. Hernandez
Assembly, District 78: Toni Atkins
Assembly, District 79: Vote for a Democrat
Assembly, District 80: Ben Hueso

Superior Court, Office 24: Terrie Roberts
Superior Court, Office 25: George Schaefer
Superior Court, Office 34: No Endorsement

Board of Education, Dist. 1: Gregg Robinson
Board of Education, Dist. 2: Lyn Neylon
Board of Education, Dist. 4: Mark Anderson
S.D. Community College Board, Dist. B: Bernie Rhinerson
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. A: John Lee Evans
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. D: Richard Barrera
S.D. Unified Schools, Dist. E: Marne Foster

Board of Supervisors, Dist.1: Brant Will
Board of Supervisors, Dist.2: Rudy Reyes
Board of Supervisors, Dist.3: Dave Roberts
Chula Vista City Council, Seat #3: Pamela Bensoussan
Chula Vista City Council, Seat #4: Mary Salas
Mayor of San Diego: Bob Filner
San Diego City Council, Dist. 1: Sherri Lightner
San Diego City Council, Dist. 3: Todd Gloria
San Diego City Council, Dist. 7: Mat Kostrinsky
San Diego City Council, Dist. 9: Marti Emerald

Prop. 28: YES
Prop. 29: YES
Prop. A: NO
Prop. B: NO
Prop. C: NO
Prop. D: NO
Prop. E: NO
Prop. F: NO
Prop. G: Yes
Prop. H: Yes

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