Sunday, February 17, 2008

City Attorney Follies

Amy Lepine has tossed her hat in the ever-growing tent that houses the circus known as the San Diego City Attorney’s race.

In this ring is a former city attorney who is suing him for sexual harassment. Amy Lepine’s entry is interesting for how it alters the dynamics overall.

After watching Aguirre for a while, I was concerned that he was losing it as the criticism mounted. Now I am convinced he has lost it. Getting into shouting matches outside of Democratic club endorsements and twisting every answer to a question into a response along the lines of the press is against me, I am for you, therefore, we need to send the establishment a message does not sound like a rational mind at work.

If it were only the UT I couldn’t agree with him more. But it’s not. He reminds me of Donna Frye in her inability to separate herself from her position and the illusion that only they speak for the people because all the other electeds represent certain constituencies and cannot be trusted.

This is the mindset of a “Mayberry Machiavelli”; real leadership requires compromise and solutions not stubbornness and paranoia.

Now that a candidate has entered with a personal grudge, Mike should be taken off his game enough for anyone to walk on in.

Hello Scott Peters?


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Peters made up his mind and actually GOT IN THE RACE doncha think?


Democrats,wake up!can't see what the
San Diego,Democratic club is doing...
it doing the bidding of the REPUBLICAN DA and the UNION
TRIB...Democrats will pay the price
by shooting themselves in in the foot!

Anonymous said...

Aguirre is losing support from Democrats not because they are in the pay of the Republicans but because there are legitimate questions concerning how he has run his office and the policies he has pursued. If anything, Democrats want their elected leaders to responsible stewards of the public trust and it is questionable if Agurrie is that.

Anonymous said...

Peters is announcing his candidacy on Monday at the UC Library. Come join us at 10 a.m. to celebrate the REAL Democrat in the race.

Anonymous said...

Aguirre has lost it... time to get behind a Democrat who doesn't need meds. Scott Peters!