Saturday, September 29, 2012

San Diego’s Longest Serving City Clerk Chuck Abdelnour Endorses Dave Roberts for Supervisor

SAN DIEGO – Chuck Abdelnour, the San Diego City Clerk for 28 years, joins the growing list of regional leaders endorsing Solana Beach Deputy Mayor Dave Roberts to be the next Third District County Supervisor.

“San Diego County needs experienced leaders like Dave Roberts who understand the importance of working with local neighborhoods, community planning groups, and the City of San Diego in a mutually beneficial manner,” retired city clerk Chuck Abdelnour said. “I am pleased to offer Dave Roberts my endorsement as someone who will take the time and effort to listen to City officials and work on issues and concerns that affect both the city and the county.”

The San Diego City Clerk is responsible for the administration of City elections and the administration and maintenance of all official records of the City.

“I am honored to add Chuck Abdelnour’s endorsement to my growing list of supporters,” said Dave Roberts. “I have a proven track record of working collaboratively with the City of San Diego on expanding and maintaining the San Dieguito River Valley Park and improving public safety programs.”

Abdelnour earned his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University and received his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He began working with the city of San Diego in 1974 as an assistant director in community relations and was appointed city clerk in 1977. Among his more notable accomplishments: developed live streaming of all City Council and committee meetings; helped move city government into the cyber age; and set forth pioneering legislation to create an all-mail ballot, which has since been adopted in many states saving significant taxpayer dollars.

More than 130 bipartisan leaders and key organizations are supporting Dave Roberts for Supervisor including incumbent Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, former Bush Administration Secretary of Veterans Affairs Lt. General Jim Peake (retired), former White House Physician Rear Admiral (retired) Connie Mariano, U.S. Green Chamber, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters and the Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley. In addition, four local newspapers including La Prenza and San Diego CityBeat have endorsed his campaign.

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