Saturday, March 1, 2008

Questions about the local GOP

1) There looks to be a number of Ron Paul supporters taking out papers for Republican Central Committee. Will it make a difference in what the San Diego Republican Party does?

2) Give the number of IE’s, donors, and others involved in elections, does the San Diego Republican Party actually matter or is it a straw man for other interests that can actually get something done?

3) Given the bang–up job that Nehring is doing in Sacramento, can we expect a similar legacy of “leadership” from the San Diego Republican Party?


Anonymous said...

1) It would make their meeting worthy of attending.

2) Have they ever mattered? It looks like they piggyback on the Lincoln Club.

3) Seeing how Ron shafted Mike Shelby for the Francis money when he was chair, I can only hope such obvious prostitution continues. Gotta love their "values."

Anonymous said...

The Republican party seems more lost than our Democratic Party. At least we have a leader who knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Can't answer any of these because I have no idea what they do. Other than meet and harass new citizens to register to vote, do they do anything else?