Thursday, February 28, 2008

Labor Council Membership Endorses Scott Peters for San Diego City Attorney

The membership of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council voted to endorse Council President Scott Peters’ candidacy for San Diego City Attorney last night.

The endorsement was based on Peters’ demonstrated respect for public service, his commitment to San Diego and his desire to bring civility back to city government.

“We represent thousands of firefighters, nurses, teachers, letter carriers, social workers, sanitation engineers and other public servants,” said Lorena Gonzalez, secretary-treasurer of the Labor Council. “We need elected representatives who understand and respect the value of these jobs, and don’t simply vilify people who work for a living. Electing Council President Peters as City Attorney will help bring an end to divisive politics in our fine city.”

The Council also voted for a tri-endorsement in the race for San Diego City Council District 3. The unprecedented move for a triple endorsement of candidates Todd Gloria, John Hartley and Stephen Whitburn came after all three candidates’ demonstrated to the Labor Council’s Committee on Political Education their commitment to lift up San Diego’s working families.

“Although individual unions may have favored one candidate over the others, we all agreed that we had never had such a pro-labor trio of candidates vying for our endorsement in a San Diego City Council race,” said Gonzalez. “Whoever is elected in District 3, it is clear that the working men and women of San Diego will have a true advocate on our City Council.”

The tri-endorsement allows individual unions to independently endorse a specific candidate in the race, if they so desire.

The Labor Council also endorsed San Diego City Council District 1 Candidate Sherri Lighter and San Diego School Board Candidates Richard Berrera and Shelia Jackson. The Labor Council also recommended to California Labor Federation the endorsements for Assembly Candidate Marty Block (78th AD), Greg Pettis (80th AD) and Congressional Candidate Nick Leibham (50th CD).

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