Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scott Peters’ tax stonewalling, water use shows Romney-esque disconnect

From the Saldaña campaign:

Scott Peters’ tax stonewalling, water use shows Romney-esque disconnect

SAN DIEGO - After weeks of scathing criticism over his failure to release his taxes to the public, Congressional Candidate Scott Peters is now facing renewed questions about his lack of understanding for plight of ordinary citizens and his dubious distinction as San Diego’s biggest water waster.

“Peters’ intransigence on releasing his taxes and his profligate use of scarce public resources indicates that Mr. Peters believes that the rules just don’t apply to him,” said Joe Kocurek, a spokesperson for Lori Saldaña, “And like Mitt Romney- he thinks he can just walk away from his own record.”

Peters used more than a million gallons of water in 2007 on his extensive landscaping in the midst of an 8-year drought, while simultaneously urging ordinary San Diegans to cut back on their water use.

Peters’ water-use was about eight times that of the average San Diegan, and is estimated to be the equivalent to taking a non-stop 7-month shower

“It’s outrageous to squander scarce public resources like water just because you can afford to, while calling on everybody else to sacrifice, ” the spokesperson said.

Peters, whose vast personal wealth is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, has been dogged for months to release his tax returns to give the public a clear idea of what percentage of his income is paid in taxes. He has steadfastly refused to do so, leading to speculation that he – like Mitt Romney – pays a lower tax rate than most Americans.

“This fits a pattern of serial hypocrisy,” Kocurek said

“Apparently, Mr. Peters subscribes to the “Romney Doctrine”: Shared sacrifice for everyone - except the 1%."

Democratic candidate Lori Saldaña released her taxes on March 3, and challenged the other contenders for the 52nd Congressional District to do the same. So far, Saldaña is the only candidate to do so.

Lori Saldaña is the Democratic frontrunner in the race to unseat Republican Brian Bilbray in California's newly-drawn 52nd Congressional District, which includes the cities of San Diego, Poway and Coronado.


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