Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rally for Homeowner Bill of Rights Tomorrow

Rally for Homeowner Bill of Rights

Home of Africa Bravo

3086 Clay Ave. San Diego, CA 92113

Homeowners, activists and local families will be joined by staff of area legislators and Congressman Bob Filner in calling upon the California Legislature to stand up to big banks and support the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, a landmark package of bills to protect families against improper and unfair foreclosure. Please arrive at 2pm. Event will start promptly at 2:30pm.


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

These are not home owners! These are dead beats that took out contracts to purchase, and now they don't want to honor their agreements! You don't own the house until you pay off the loan! The bank owns the homes until you pay up!
I own my home, and these counterfeit mortgages need to be foreclosed on as fast as the liberals wrote them in the first place! All you morons are doing is constipating the flow of exchange which has destroyed values, and create more parasite lawyers, judges, and communist politicians like Bob Filner and Ben Hueso!

Kevin said...

We need a Bill of Rights for real owners to evict all the squatters getting free housing for 1-2 years in 500K neighborhoods while the Communists continue to use taxes to fund dead beats!

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Even the title of this Rally is a misrepresentation (nice way of saying a lie, fraud). You don’t own your home until it is free and clear of all leans! A mortgage is a lean against the property by a lender! This is about Lenders, and Mortgagees who want tax payers to pay for entitlement to housing that they did not earn, and keep letting the government constipate the free flow of a free market!
I own my home free and clear! This is an insult to a real home owner! This is nothing but more brain wash trying to legitimize self-esteem in place of integrity! Those of you who bit off more than you could chew and have no real insight into the real world should know that socialism will only protect you until Fascism and Anarchy take full charge!
It isn’t enough that Filner and Hueso want to take more than 50% of your earnings so that they have majority ownership of your lives?
You want to fix the housing market? Give the dead beat mortgagees what little cash they put as a down payment back and treat them like a renter which is all they are! Anyone not paying their mortgage needs to get their down payment back and be evicted within 30-60 days depending on rental law!

Kevin said...

Just left this Communist Dog and Pony show for Bob Filner, Lorena Gonzalez, Scott Peters, want to be congressman John Brooks, and Marty Block where they trotted out Africa Bravo as a pseudo victim of the housing market when she is just a victim of her own doing! You are not going to get the full story about Africa! You are going to hear about how her father owned the house before her and just died. You are not going to see that Africa has or has not been living in this house at Clay Ave for free for 3 years while the government and the banks bill the tax payers for her housing and all the government and banking wages connected to these cases! No they can’t! I would love to empathize with Africa if I knew all the facts but you are not going to get the facts. You are going to get a poor me story void of any real responsibility; and this is what the Communist party lives off of, (lies and half-truths)!
This was nothing but a free-bee by KUSI to promote Communism if they refuse to ask the hard questions about Africa Bravo, and how this is affecting people like me who actually own our houses free and clear! How about, why isn’t anyone writing me a check for the 100K depreciation in value caused by these educated idiots’ fraud?
I asked how they could promote a Bill of Rights for Home Owners when the person filing for loan modification or fighting foreclosure isn’t a home owner until they have paid for the house in full! They are a mortgagee! The real solution to the housing and banking problem has been continually ignored from the beginning. The real solution was and still is to foreclose on all the counterfeit mortgages as fast as these communists and their banker friends wrote them in the first place; and don’t be fooled by these parasites into thinking that the banks are the enemy! The banks are savoring this problem so that they can continue to milk the tax payers creating job security which is a result of them all constipating the free/fair market!
Bob Filner and the rest of the San Diego Communist party continue to misrepresent words and concepts to promote the constipation of the free market and individual responsibility. They are supported by the union run public school system that dismisses the facts as semantics! No wonder we have an epidemic of illiterate people coming out of Public Education. How can someone know anything if he or she has no concept of real ownership? As long as these weasels can change the meanings of words to create illusions communism will thrive.
Oh, I almost forgot. Lorena Gonzalez and John Brooks actually assaulted me with intent. John Brooks’ words were I can hit you and he then slapped me on the back trying to intimidate me into a fight. Lorena Gonzalez put her dirty little communist hands on me, and as I told her not to touch me, she continued to intimidate me to leave. Finally the so called son of Africa Bravo started to grab me by the arm to force me to leave and was all the while trying to antagonize me into taking my hands out of my pocket to antagonize me into a fight. Funny how communist want to call this behavior fascism when they are the ones intending disruption of individuals rights!
I finally left the Communist Rally while the participants yelled, “this is Mexico, this is our Barrio, you are in the wrong neighborhood”! What none of these communist know is that I lived in the 92113 zip code for 6 years and did more to improve 92113 and my country then they will ever think of! This is my land! I was born in the Capitol of this State and I have lived and worked as a private sector citizen in San Diego County for 35 years. This is not Mexico and any of you who think it is, please get a map and go back to where Mexico actually is and you belong; including Bob Filner and all the rest of his Communist friends.