Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cease and Desist Letter Sent to Peters’ Campaign

News Release
Ajay Kwatra

Cease and Desist Letter Sent to Peters’ Campaign

SAN DIEGO – A cease and desist order has been sent to Scott Peters’ congressional campaign after a local woman found her image was illegally used in the candidate's negative campaign materials.

A photo of La Jolla resident Anita Simons was widely disseminated without her permission on a Peters campaign door hanger accompanied by accusations against another Congressional candidate, Lori Saldaña.

“It was bad enough to see my photo on a hit piece of Peters’, but even worse were the unsavory claims Peters was making about Ms. Saldaña,” Simons said. "This implied to my friends and neighbors that I somehow supported Peters’ claims.”

The photo was taken on private property and was distributed without permission. Simons’ attorney, Ajay Kwatra, sent a demand Friday for the Peters campaign to cease and desist from the use of Simons’ likeness on any campaign materials.

“Like many of my fellow citizens, I’m sick of all the campaign hit pieces,” Simons said. “It’s obvious to me that the more money a candidate has, the more slick hit pieces they will mail out.”

“That’s one of the reasons I support Ms. Saldaña who wants to reverse Citizens United and get money out of politics.”


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