Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fireworks, and It Isn't Even the 4th of July

Those of you who missed last night's 5 p.m. 10News broadcast, missed some excitement right at the start of the weather segment. The beauty of live TV!

Weatherman Loren Nancarrow grabbed a protestor shouting "," and threw him towards the bay.

From what I have heard, the Harbor Police were called out. They issued a citation to Nancarrow for battery.

The behind the camera workers at Channel 10 have been fighting for a fair contract for more than two years. The station, which had operated under a fair contract for 52 years since KGTV's inception, is refusing to negotiate in good faith.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that KGTV could open itself up to a FCC fine for having the S-word going out on live TV. I wonder if any complaints will be filed.

Anonymous said...

These people were just excercising their right to free speech and protest in a public place. Loren Nancarrow had no right to use force just because he was frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Loren was protecting us from corrupt union stooges who are whining over nothing. Great Job Loren! Keep the airways clear from corruption!

Anonymous said...

This is the pharmacy calling for hannitized. Your prescription is ready for pickup.

Anonymous said...

Hannitized, from what the video shows, it doesn't look like the protestors did anything besides chant their Web site and wave a sign. I didn't realize peaceful protest is acceptable grounds for throwing someone into the bay.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Loren, Hal, Lisa, Marty, Rory, or any other newscaster, the logo of any banner for that matter--should not have been placed in front of the newscaster but behind them.

It reminds me of the old performance reviews. "do not take this personally". how can you not, when its affecting you personally? may not be affecting Loren personally, but it did affect him when the banner was put in between the camera and him.

However on a side note, I do hope they negotiate and bring Lisa Lake back. Her presence is pretty much the only reason why I watch 10 news, despite its poor news reporting, (what ever happened to Who, What, Where, When, and Why, with sometimes how).

However if she moves to another station, (FOX 5) you can be on me following her.

Good luck Lisa and best wishes. WMost of us want you back on the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Lake was a positive for a African American community void of representation in San Diego.
When you turn on the television for local or national information it's generally a "white wash". It's not Lisa Lake's fault that ratings are low. I watch channel 10 news and the reporters are either fake with thier sincerity or stumbling iver thier lines reporting the news. Bring back lisa she was a true proffessional

Anonymous said...

I personally am sick of the Lisa Lake BS. She requested time off which I hear she is getting full pay for - 3 months with pay!!! What in the name of *** does she have to complain about!!?? Plus she gets her job whenever she decides to get her lazy ass back to work. Which one of the "white wash" crew would ever get that treatment? NONE!!! She should be ashamed of playing the race card in this situation. I have known people who were truly discriminated against and it's the likes of Lisa that belittles their cause. Step up Lisa and get back to work, let your talent speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

Damn right! It this type of rhetoric that's dividing our country thanks to liberals and terror appeasers. Slavery's been abolished and racism is a thing of the past. We don't need affirmative action and we sure as hell don't need reverse racism as well. It's time to get our country back!!

OhNoNotAgain said...

sean hannity is using his low information clones to attempt to infect us with his racist money. He's all about the money. Stop supporting Hannity and his advertisers.

That's what free speech is about: countering fascism, and their Lee Atwater death squads.

Viva President Obama!