Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Voting on Paper

This morning's UT reports that with the decertification of the electronic voter machines by Sec. State Debra Bowen paper ballots will be used here in San Diego County. I'm glad to see this happen. After seeing the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, I sure had my doubts about the security of electronic voting confirmed.

UPDATE: Monday's CQ reports that bill HR-811 which is scheduled to come to a vote this week in the House is now facing stiff opposition from within the Democratic caucus. The bill would require a paper record for every vote cast nationwide beginning next year. I don't know why this bill is facing opposition from within the caucus?


Anonymous said...

Fair elections are central to any good democracy.

However, here in San Diego, I am more concerned about the unwillingness of the working poor and progressives to take advantage of their numbers and change our cast of elected officials at all levels of government. I think that even if they cheated a little voting majorities with wide margins would not be easily desguised or changed to meet the Republican's political ambitions.

But, some times I wonder if they even have to resort to cheating.
I am certain we all know for example that Latinos voted in mass (those who bothered to vote) for Arnold Governator ....
How can we have a civic minded citizenry vote against its own interest? The slings an arrows of democracy I think.

Somehow, we also let the Hon. Phil Angelides slide into nowhere land with a second win by Arnold. Where were our majorities? Why can't we form an aliance among working people, progressives, environmentatlists, peace activist, marriage equality folks, comprehensive immigration reform supporters and take back our country.

It is interesting to note the former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's new memoir has finally outlined in a definite manner the the faults of this administration.
As we all know. Two elections were lost because of cheating at the ballot box or interference by the Supreme Court.

We will have to trust the people who vote to make better choices..that is the magic of our system. But,I too am glad we wil now be able to trust our elections results with paper ballots.

Wake up San Diego. Register by mail. Vote by mail. So you will not know by the end of the evening on election day who won.....if you want to be confident about the results..I think it's worth waiting for the next morning or even a couple of days.

Jose Preciado

Anonymous said...

Whatever!! All you liberal crybabies whine about how you are cheated in 2000 and 2004. The truth is the country saw through your Liberal lies and voted the way real Americans vote! But you crafty Liberals fought back with better propaganda in 2006. However like in 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004 we will breakthrough your lies and win again. I can't wait unit till your Liberal/Gay/Anti-American party cries fouls again!!

Lucas said...

There are Dems within the caucus who are concerned about the potential unfunded mandate.