Friday, September 21, 2007

Republican Conference Announces They Are Out Of Step With Mainstrean America

Republican Western States Leadership Conference is being held this week in San Diego. As with either political party, this conference, like most political party conferences is a place where the party has a whole bunch of speeches, strategy sessions and a campaign school about how much greater their party is then the other one.

The point of this posting is at this conference it seems the extremes of the Republican Party got another major dose of reality. Republican Stephen M. Kinney, a pollster with Public Opinion Strategies told the crowd that the Republican Party is no longer in line with mainstream America. He said across the board, except in one area mainstream American views the Democratic Party in a greater light, including holding down government spending. The only area where mainstream America has a higher regard for Republicans, this is a kicker, get this, morality. Yes, total shocker...

Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's gets that his own party is out of touch with reality, which is why he is doing this whole post partisan political thing and beating them up. Read the Sacramento Bee article about his speech a few weeks back.

So, the next time you see a Republican, please give them a big hug, because they really do need it!


Anonymous said...

This is just typical Liberal Propaganda! Real Americans support American values and don't want the extreme Liberal/Gay/Appeasement party to represent them. America's moral strength is in endangered if the Democrat party becomes President!

Anonymous said...

I heard from some Republican sources the conference had less then 250 people for this 4 day conference, which was originally expected to have over 1,500 people. All the presidential candidates in fact backed out for low turnout.

Get this, it was so bad they had to ask people if they booked on travel websites for rooms to let them know or the hotel was going to charge them even more money for low room bookings. I'm sorry Ron, but your party is not growing.