Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peters Calls for ‘Investing in America’ to Create Jobs, Boost the Economy

From the Peters campaign:

Watch video of Scott talking about jobs and the economy from this morning on KUSI here.

Peters Calls for ‘Investing in America’ to Create Jobs, Boost the Economy

San Diego, CA – Today, Scott Peters, candidate for the 52nd Congressional District, called for more national investment in infrastructure, education and scientific research as a way to create more jobs and boost the economy. He said his strategy for investing in America will be a top priority when he’s elected to Congress.

“What San Diegans, and all Americans, really care about is how they’re going to pay their own bills, and send their kids to college, and hopefully save enough for retirement,” he said. “Congress should be focused on keeping our economy moving in the right direction and creating the steady, good-paying jobs that support our middle class and enable working families to invest in their own futures.”

Peters said that in today’s faster, global, “brainpowered economy,” our economic future depends on making smart investments, and when he gets to Congress, they will be his priorities.

They include:

- Investing in our national infrastructure such as highways and bridges, making our power grid smarter and more efficient through broadband and wireless, and connecting our ports to the national highway and rail systems to increase trade;

- Investing in higher education grants and financial aid so every student that qualifies, and wants to go to college can afford it; and establishing our community colleges as job training and placement centers for those who choose a path  other than a four-year degree;

- Investing in scientific research by ensuring consistent and adequate funding for the National Institutes for Health, for example, which helps support much of work being done at the Salk, Scripps and the Burnham Institute and others here in San Diego.

Finally, Peters said that we must reform our tax code to help balance the nation’s budget so we can afford these important investments. For starters, he said, we should be incentivizing companies to build and expand here at home, rather than abroad. And we must stop subsidizing profitable oil companies.

“We have to end immediately subsidies to profitable corporations like the large oil companies who are making record profits,” Peters said. “That profitable oil companies are being subsidized by taxpayers, when middle class Americans are struggling, makes absolutely no sense” he said. “We do have to get on a road toward a balanced the budget, but we've got to do it the right way, and not on the backs of seniors and the middle-class.”

Peters is the only candidate in the race for the 52nd Congressional Distrct who has a proven track record as a bipartisan leader who can forge the consensus needed to get important job-creating, civic projects moving. He has credibility with the business community, labor leaders, and environmental advocates, who trust his consensus-building, problem-solving style. No other candidate in this race can make that claim.

As a member of the City Council, and as a Port Commissioner, Peters helped support and create tens of thousands of local jobs.  As a Councilmember and member of the Citizens Task Force, he helped create and implement the plan for Petco Park and the redevelopment of East Village which created 19,000 new jobs.  He jumpstarted the stalled construction of Highway 56 which created new construction jobs, revitalized the neighborhood of Bird Rock which sparked dozens of new businesses and hundreds of jobs, and more recently, fought to protect 3,500 manufacturing jobs at Solar Turbines.

Here is a link to Scott talking about these priorities on KUSI news this morning. For more information about Scott's campaign to get Congress working for us again, go to www.scottpeters.com.


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