Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bush Go Home!

Today, most of Rancho Bernardo's evacuees from the Witch Creek fire were given the go ahead to "repopulate" their neighborhoods. No such luck for the residents of Westwood, one of the hardest hit neighborhood in RB. They were given poor excuses like they may not be safe, or there may still be smoldering houses. Well, my friends and many other Westwood residents decided to take a look themselves. They were out there today, looking right into their neighborhood from Rancho Bernardo Rd. All looks tranquil. While many houses burnt, many streets in Westwood were untouched by the fire.

I took in my friends who are not allowed to return home. As we sat and chatted this evening, one of my friends figured it out! Westwood will the the next pile of rubble Bush will be standing on for his photo op tomorrow! He'll have his sleeves rolled up, and he'll say gushingly, "Heck of a job!" to some GOP crony suck-up. It makes perfect sense! Bush can't handle the 'Q' since they can't control the audience. So... Westwood is the perfect place. Airtight security, a handpicked audience, big piles of rubble... GOP stage craft at its finest! They can even land a helicopter right in the community park, and make a spectacle of themselves, like Chertoff did at the Q with the two gunships.

These poor people were evacuated early Monday morning. They want to go home! What a bunch of creeps!


blue in the face said...

I visited my parents house in the area Tuesday night. I was shocked by the National Guard presence. You can walk up to the base of the mountain in Westwood, but you can't go back to your house. Seems kind of weird to me.

Anonymous said...

I saw an email Carl DeMaio sent to people to go help "clean" today in Westwood.

Anonymous said...

That's strange, Westwood was re-opened right after the President left.

blue diegan said...

"Heck of a job, Arnie!"

Disgusted fire victim!! said...

Anyone else want to go postal on the SDUT after this morning's front page? I can't believe they allowed themselves to be turned into blatant Bush propaganda like that (well, actually I can totally believe it, but anyway), no disclaimers about the fact that Bush wasn't like cruising the street and ran into them, but in fact that family was handpicked and the only one allowed to return to their home, cameras rolling, with Bush. Before everyone else. No disclaimers that they are big Bush/GOP donors.

Want to return to your house faster than anyone else in the next natural disaster? Make sure you're a Bush donor!!!

Frank Gormlie said...

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