Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday - Quick Hits

Because they have done such a good job. Advisory panel recommends a 49% and 66% percent pay raise for the mayor and city council. UT

Navy blame for Chollas creek sewage in 2006. UT

ROV will be open on Saturday for early voting for Tuesday's primary. UT

County Board caves in to developers, lowers fee that was designed to road improvements. UT

Mayor Sanders and Councilmember Atkins endorse report recommendations for new management structure for Balboa Park. UT

City Council postpones decision to tap emergency funds to correct city general fund imbalance for fiscal year. UT

State Senate bill would require climate change to be taught as part of the science curriculum. UT

Over the objections of the planning group, board of supervisors approves controversial Elfin Forest project. NC Times

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