Monday, May 5, 2008

Whatever, Donna

In today’s Voice of San Diego, SLOP has a bit about Donna Frye getting bent out of shape because she was on a mailer sent out by local labor. She claims that it gives the impression that she is supporting Perters for City Attorney:

"It gives the false impression that I am endorsing Scott Peters for city attorney and that's absolutely false and extremely offensive," Frye said. "I'm getting phone calls from people asking about it and I don't appreciate it."

Frye said she doesn't plan to endorse any candidate in the city attorney or mayor's race.

Fine. What isn’t cool is Donna, once again, making this all about her. We received the mailer and it looked like a “thank you to our supporters on the City Council.” Scott is the presiding officer so it makes sense that he would get top billing.

Frye and Peters haven’t been the best of friends, but at least Scott knows how to work with people. With Donna, it’s either her way or no way. There isn’t room for compromise and when there is, she wants it to be in her court. An example would be the “compromise” she proposed to work out with Mayor Sanders after she gutted the big box ordinance last year. Only Donna knew about such an alternative and it has gone nowhere.

Why? Because, were I Jerry, I would have responded with “You and what army is going to move me on this? You just screwed your allies, so why should I trust you?”

Not that it matters to Donna or her followers. Frye decries the “system” yet she’s a part of it. She brings up valid points but then does little to resolve them because you need to work with your other councilmembers to legislate and she has a poor record of this.

She's offended by a thank you piece because it might send the wrong message. If she doesn't want to endorse in this race, she should say so. But I don't see her taking that step. It may offend the Mike supporters and Donna needs to remain "the outsider fighting the establishment."

I contact downtown told me that they’d never seen anyone go from selfless to selfish as fast as Frye had after her initial election. After six years, it’s sad to see that this self appointed voice of the people cannot see past her own ego to make real change happen.


Anonymous said...

It is one mailer that will be forgotten with all of the others that will clutter our mailboxes until the election.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't Marti Emerald on the mail piece, that would be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Spekaing of Marti, is Donna doing anything to help her or any of the other Dems in town? or is she just picking fights to pick fights?

Anonymous said...

With Donna, if she can't benefit directly and within the hour, then she doesn't care. That seems to be her M.O.

Anonymous said...

Well, Socrates, we received the mailer and it looked like a veiled attempt to promote Scott! Come on, a huge head of him on the front - his name bolded and highlighted unlike the others on the front and back, the entire inside plastered with "Scott Peters", and the back (until you read it) has the aesthetics identical to that of a list of political endorsements. And to send this out the week before absentees hit? And you HONESTLY think it was just a thank you and not something to promote Scott? Donna wasn't the only furious one, Tony Young was pretty miffed too. Finally, you detest that she won't play along/build consensus/whatever? I thought this was a blog for progressives! Donna tries feverishly to get other council members to do the right thing, but won't sell out a principle - and when these votes are already a done deal, it's kind of hard to work with them to see her side. They've made a deal to score their political points! Do you know about principles, Socrates, cause you're a better person when you stick by them even when inconvenient than to give in on A to get B (so you screwed someone rather than voiced loudly for the right thing for both).

Anonymous said...

Hold on... Donna doesn't sell out on principles? Can anyone say Wal-Mart?