Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SAVE THE DATE: Peak Oil Film & Discussion

Peak Oil Film & Discussion
Tuesday, July 29th

Featuring: Award-winning film Energy Crossroads (2007)

Special Guest: Debbie Cook
Huntington Beach Mayor and Candidate for Congress

Film begins at 7:00pm / Discussion follows at 8:00pm

Joyce Beers Community Center

3900 Vermont St. (in Hillcrest Trader Joe's shopping center)

Think Gas at $4.50 is Expensive?

Most oil industry geologists and analysts predict that within a few years, world oil production will reach a peak and then begin an irreversible decline, as huge decades-old oil fields are depleted. This is likely to significantly increase the price of everything produced from or transported using oil, including gasoline, plastic, chemicals, and food. Join Progressive San Diego and Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook for a movie and discussion about peak oil, its impacts on our sprawling region, and what San Diego can do to mitigate its effects.

Debbie Cook is the Mayor of Huntington Beach, California; is an attorney and environmental activist; and is currently running for U.S. Congress in California's 46th district. She serves on the boards of directors of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA) and the Post Carbon Institute, and has spoken internationally about what local governments can do in response to the imminent peak in world oil production.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting....can u provide the name of the film?

here's a bunch...

• Michael T. Klare's "Blood and Oil" » Featuring Michael T. Klare. By the Media Education Foundation, 2008. (52 minutes) • What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire » Director/Writer: Timothy S. Bennett, 2007. (123 minutes) • Crude Impact » Directed by James Jandek Wood, 2006. (97 minutes) • A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash » Directed by Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack, 2006. (83 minutes) • Escape from Suburbia: Does the American Dream Have a Future? » Directed by Gregory Greene, 2007. (95 minutes) • Peak Oil? » • Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature » Directed by Amund Prestegard, 2005. (29 minutes) • The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream » Directed by Gregory Greene, 2004. (78 minutes) • The Prize » PBS series based on the book by Daniel Yergin, 1992. (480 minutes) • Crude: The incredible journey of oil » Austrailian documentary. (Three-part series; extras online)

Tommie Watson said...

The film is the award-winning "Energy Crossover" (2007) and it is 54 minutes. I have watch most of End & Escape from Suburbia. Great suggestions and recommendations. Thanks!