Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tony Young Recall effort

According to today’s UT,

San Diego City Councilman Tony Young has become the target of a recall effort in part because he supported the ouster of Carolyn Smith, president of the Southeastern Economic Development Corp.

The Fourth City Council District has always been a fractious place. You’re either loved or not. Mediocre popularity is not tolerated. Tony Young has been in this zone of “not exactly loved but above tolerable” for a while. I was only a matter of time before someone tried this. All that was lacking was a pretext.

I personally don’t think this recall has the legs to work but the Fourth is anything but predictable and I wouldn’t be very surprised if it did pick up steam from the dissatisfied.

The question isn’t if there are enough names out there; it’s about getting them. Besides, I think the scare of a recall will help keep the office focused on their task at hand.


Anonymous said...

so some disorganized little fart goes into the clerk's office to begin a recall effort? ha, good luck! Recalls take immense planning, organizatio and execution to be successful. Having money helps too unless you have hundred of volunteers to do what is necessary. If he/she did pull recall papers, the clock is ticking and if you don't meet the required number, you wouldn't be able to try again for some time. And the vast majority of people would agree with the decision to oust Smith. The vast majority are probably disappointed at her severance agreement - too much - and probably want to recoup that plus the excess she stole in the form of fines directed by a judge.

Anonymous said...

A recall against Young has no chance of success. I don't think people in the 4th want the usual gaggle of candidates that always rush in when it's an open seat.