Monday, August 4, 2008

If we lose the 78th in November, this may be a reason why.

From today’s Wall Street Journal:

The Democratic State Central Committee of California has paid $450,000 in legal fees for state Senator Don Perata, while a separate group, taxpayers for Perata, has paid $550,000, according to filings with California’s secretary of state.

People give to the CDP to elect Democrats, not cover the asses of elected who spend money and then abandon the cause for which they were spending other people’s money.

More reason to give locally.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight!

Solar Cali Girl said...

Actually, it gets even worse. The Democratic State Party voted to OPPOSE Proposition 7, the Solar and Clean Energy Act, joining the Big Utilities in trying to hijack clean energy from California voters! Big Utilities are spending $24 million to defeat prop. 7 and gave $1.5 million to the CDP in the last four years. No wonder they fall in line with the big utilities! Give local and check out for all the dirt.