Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Burton set to announce candidacy for Democratic Party chairmanship

By Anthony York (published Tuesday, September 23, 2008)

Burton has told those close to him that he is running to succeed outgoing chairman Art Torres, who will leave the post after the party elects a new chairman in April. Burton was not immediately available to comment.

The job of party chairman is particularly important in this era of legislative term limits, and since voters approved Proposition 34, which set campaign contribution limits to candidates, and greatly enhanced the state parties’ rolls as arbiter of millions in political donations during campaign cycles. Burton largely wrote the initiative.

Other candidates in the race include current party vice-chairman Alex Rooker. Los Angeles County Party Chairman Eric Bauman has also been mentioned as a candidate.

Rooker has developed a long endorsement list, which includes incoming Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and a number of legislators and members of Congress. It was unclear how Burton’s entry into the race would effect those endorsements.

Rooker did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment on Burton’s candidacy.

State Democratic Party delegates will vote to replace Torres on April 25, during their spring convention. The new chairman will take office one day after the vote.

For Burton, taking over as party chairman would be coming full circle, in a way. He was the legislative author of Proposition 34 in 2000. That measure was designed to shift political money, and fundraising power, away from individual candidates and increase the stature of political parties.

Under the rules of Proposition 34, parties can receive unlimited donations, but the measure introduced new contribution limits for legislative and statewide candidates.

Since leaving office in 2006, Burton has headed the John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes, a non-profit “dedicated to improving the quality of life for California’s homeless children and developing policy solutions to prevent homelessness,” according to the foundation’s Web site.


Anonymous said...

That's unexpected.

CP said...

Did Busby already back out? She was promoting herself as a candidate in San Jose at the convention.

Anonymous said...

I think Busby is looking at a being active at the state level but I don't know if it would be from an elected or appointed position.

Anonymous said...

You see the UT this morning? 77th AD: "...uninformed, ill-prepared Democratic opponent, Ray Lutz."

Boy, the UT got this right. In opposing Blackwater in Potrero, Lutz actually invited Al Jazeera TV to a rally, which even threw his fellow travelers into a tizzy over how "out there" he was.

Anonymous said...

Francine Busby, a candidate for head of the California Democratic Party? Replacing Art Torres? You must be kidding. John Burton is another matter altogether: he would be excellent.