Friday, October 24, 2008

From the 7th to the 1st

Just heard that the Republicans are shifting resources out of the 7th and into the 1st. No reason given as of yet.



Anonymous said...

Couuld it be that the R's can't make any more progress in the 7th?

Cookie Munster said...

Probably the opposite. Boling is just destroying Emerald in fundraising. They may have decided it's in the bag. Thalheimer only has $9,000 in the bank, and might be taking on water. We haven't seen the polling, but i bet Lightner is keeping it pretty close over in D1, and Emerald is getting clobbered.

Here's the latest reports.

Anonymous said...

Thalheimer is a weak candidate against Lightener. I agree with Eric that the Republicans are betting on April bagging it and Phil needing the help.

Anonymous said...

Thalheimer mailers are flying fast and furious in District 1. Lightner could sure use some help if even more money pours into the race. So far, D1 has not been considered a priority race by the Dems--all of the support has gone to D3 and D7. If Emerald really is in trouble against Boling, it makes D1 all that more crucial to keep.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Michael Rosen and the rest of Phil's minions are at it again. No one buys your slander. It is not Lightner's fault that she makes your candidate look like an incompetent chimp. Good luck with your rhetoric, because rational people see right through your hatred!

Anonymous said...

Conveniently omitted is the fact that Ms. Lightner voted to approve the initial construction of Congregation Adat Yeshurun and the expansion of Congregation Beth El.

You are mistaken in claiming that "none" of the La Jolla eruv "came anywhere near the La Jolla Shores community." In fact, at least 50% of it lies within the La Jolla Shores area.

Further, Ms. Lightner never opposed the eruv in University City.

Anti-Semitism is, in all forms, an ugly aspect of human prejudice. But by vehemently trying to pin this label on Ms. Lightner, you not only do a disservice to the real suffering of our people, you also fan the flames of hatred within the community.

Anonymous said...

Again your intentional misinformation shows your prejudice.

How close was the University City eruv to LJ Shores? Why was she the ONLY protester when it came to City Council? You prove you weren't there when you suggest she didn't oppose it.

Also, how exactly did she "VOTE" for anything like Beth El? She is/was just an activist "volunteer" on property usage, she had no power to "VOTE" as you deceptivly and ingratiatingly suggest.

And while 50% of the eruv may be "near" LJ Shores, that's because 95% is comprised of EXISTING MAN MADE or NATURAL features such as Interstate 5 and Torrey Pines Rd. Or didn't you both to read that part?

Perhaps Sherri will next vote to close I-5! Perhaps Torrey Pines road should be used only by athiests?

You should learn the facts before you put your foot in your mouth again!

Sherri's dangerous activism when she had NO power fills many of us, including those of us who are democrats, with much forboding if she did become a councilmember

Anonymous said...

Torrey Pines Road bisects the northern part of the La Jolla Shores district--the area between Gilman Drive and Torrey Pines Road is part of La Jolla Shores. It was the La Jolla eruv, the one which surrounds Congregation Adat Yeshurun, that was in question.

Ms. Lightner has been serving on the boards of numerous community planning groups (there are five main groups and several committees) for over 10 years. These groups vote to support or oppose projects proposed within their area of oversight. It was during this time that both the Adat Yeshurun project and the expansion of Beth El came through. Ms. Lightner voted to support both of these projects.

Anonymous said...

see the following link for a more thorough expose of the truth about the D1 race:

Anonymous said...

As a person who barely escaped the Holocaust and lost many relatives in that horrific happening, I deplore the attacks on Sherri Lightner. Along with me and many of my Jewish friends, she ooposed the Hillel project because it does not fit into a residential neighborhood, will occupy part of an adjoining street, and includes only 40 parking spaces to serve an auditorium for 200 people.

Anonymous said...

"These groups vote to support or oppose projects proposed within their area of oversight."

So what? I can form a group and hold elections too. What power did she actually have back then? Now she is advocating that she deserves to represent Jews in La Jolla and D1 on the City Council. Truly scary.

Also, why did she remove her FOUNDING and PRESIDENCY of the Anti-Hillel group TRLU from her website? I think it's because she is embarrassed and hoping it won't come to light now. Most Jews probably don't care about eruvs. But ALL Jews care about of the best organizations on campuses around the country.

Every single synagogue president in District 1, most of whom are staunch and proud Dems, are supporting Phil via a signed petition sent out this week. They are urging their neighbors, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, religious and secular Jews alike, to vote against the dangerous, dishonest, and divisive Sherri Lightner.