Sunday, January 11, 2009

CDP Chairman Race Over, so what about the Vice-Chairs?

Last week, Alex Rooker dropped out of the race for Chair leaving John Burton unopposed for the top position.

She, like Eric Bauman, decided against taking on Burton and is running for Vice Chair where she is the favorite to win.

It looks like we shall have Vice Chairs Bauman and Rooker who have both expressed an interest in the top position. The question then becomes can they work together without undermining Burton's agenda while positioning themselves as the heir apparent?

This is not an academic question. It is unknown if Burton can, or will, pull the CDP away from Sacramento enough to make a difference in races that are not Assembly or State Senate based. Torres has built up enough frustration through his 14 years as chair that it would be difficult for anyone to resolve this in a single term.

The Vice Chairs under Torres have been little more than window dressing, only trotted out for party functions and photo ops. This is unfortunate because both Bauman and Rooker bring skills (organizational, fundraising, etc.) to the table. It is hoped that Burton can utilize them in a positive manner. After all, the role of the Vice Chair is defined by the Chair the serve.

A little friendly competition can make all the difference four years from now when the next Chairman will be chosen.

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StateNative said...

What the H is wrong with CD that they leave a schmuck like Torres in office for 14 and then go for Burton? Do you realize you have lost the center of the party? I am a registered Demo who's been voting R due to the Bleeding heart agenda and picking my shrinking pocket one to many times? Someone needs to reclaim the center. I hope the D's do...but I am not impressed with party leaders..